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Monday, December 23, 2013

Brazil, Campo Grande Week #53 New Area & a Walmart Store

Feliz Natal Minha Família!  what´s up everybody, I hope you are enjoying the holidays, I would like to be spending Christmas with my family right now but not till next year haha. Strange thought next Christmas I will be home. So yeah I was transferred :(  I've missed my area in Cuiabá alot. Seems like we never realize how good we have something until we don't have it anymore. But I'll go where the Lord wants me to go, and so now I'm here in Campo Grande, in the state of Mato Grosso do sul. Translation. I'm in the city of big field in the state of thick forest of the south. Its pretty original I know. So yeah, We had alot of complications getting here, we were supposed to leave Tuesday night after our mission Christmas conference which was sweet. We had a good time, we had to each recite a memorized scriptures to president and sister Reber in front of everyone at the pulpit. I recite Ether 12:12  Pois se não houver fé entre os filhos dos homens Deus não pode fazer milagres entre eles, portanto ele não apareceu senão depois que tiveram fé.  Yeah really impressive I know haha jk. But we had a good time we did some skits, and ate and had a good ol' time, we were blessed and a member named Gustavo gave me and Elder Payne a ride to the center with all of our luggage, I was kinda stressed cause we were having a hard time finding someone that could give us a ride to the center with all of our suitcases cause the mission wasn't going to send us van to pick us up. But it all worked out and I am happy for that, I was sad cause I didn't get to say goodbye to alot of members cause we were so pressed with time last p-day and also it rained a ton so it made it really hard to be able to visit anyone. But I hope that one day I can at least pay a visit to industriário one day. I'm sure I will go back to Cuiabá eventually, we will see. So we were supposed to leave Cuiabá at 8 o clock Tuesday night, we got to the bus station late at like 7:50 and we went to get our tickets, but they only had a bus ticket marked for Elder Moraes, and for some reason me and Elder Payne didn't have tickets already booked in our name. Things were kinda crazy after that cause we were trying frantically to get a hold of the office elders but we didn't have their numbers, so I had to dig into my suitcases to find a folder that I have that has all of the numbers for the office Elders, meanwhile our bus left so we had already missed the bus, but now we were stuck in the Cuiabá bus station without cell phones or anything, so Elder Moraes had to use payphones that they had and so we got a hold of the guys in the office finally and they sent a taxi to pick us up again, Elder Moraes could have taken the bus since he had his ticket marked  already, but he stayed with us which was good of him. They didn't have anymore buses going to campo grande that night and so we went back to the office elders apartments, the next day they said that they couldn't find any buses with seats still, cause its the holidays so everyone was traveling, so they said that we would have to wait until Thursday morning till we would be able to leave from Cuiabá.  We would just have to bum in the office all day Wednesday, so we went to the office and Elder Kay, one of the office Elders, found us some seats on a bus that would leave at 7 that night, so we could leave alot earlier and get there Thursday morning instead of Thursday night. So that's what we did we almost missed our bus again cause we only had one really small taxi so we had to make 2 trips so I went first with most of the baggage and with the everybodys identitie,s so that when I got to the bus station I could give the workers their our information so that they could get our tickets printed off and ready as soon as possible. But, the lady took foreverrrrrrrrrr! I don't know why but she took forever with our stuff, the other guys arrived and we got all our luggage moved to where the bus was but we couldn't board yet cause the lady still didn't have our stuff ready, so we were getting anxious I was running back and forth Elder Moraes was staying with the worker lady that was printing off our tickets, finally she got them printed off and I grabbed them and ran back to the bus and we got all our stuff loaded, we had a bunch of extra stuff that we had to bring we had all the Christmas packages that families had sent, so we had to take it all to the missionaries in the south it was kind of a pain, but it worked out. It was me and Elder Payne and Elder Moraes on the bus, we didn't sleep a whole lot. I wish we could have gone during the day cause I wanted to see all the lush greenery and trees and wildlife, its supposed to be really pretty. Elder Payne had some sleeping pills that he let me take which helped me sleep, we got to the halfway point and we stopped at a bus station to take a bathroom break and get some food if we wanted, it was about 3 in the morning and by this time the sleeping pills had kicked in and I was walking around all woosily and drunk looking, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open and I was slurring my words really bad. I bought some food and the lady was asking me some weird questions about if I wanted a discount on the food cause we were missionaries. I was like no, no.  I will just pay like normal don't worry about giving us a discount, accept when I said it,  it was so slurred and garbled that it sounded like não não qewo sow iw pwa onbussse não pweswiso descweconta ablah balh bal hbal hbalh bnaha blah ad ioasgha caraca. . So yeah she didn't understand anything of what i was saying, she kept asking me if  I wanted a discount and some other stuff that I don't even remember, I was kinda getting impatient cause she wasn't understanding me and plus our bus was about to leave and I still hadn't paid for my food, so I was just like look my food cost 8 reas so here's 8 reais, then I told her I was sorry cause I was tired. I think she must have thought I was using drugs or something haha, I'll have to explain things better if I go back north one day again. So then we got back on the bus and I fell asleep until we got to campo grande. We got to campo grande at about 7:30 in the morning, and one of the first things I saw when we got into the city limits was WALMART!! I will have to go there one p-day just to see how it is.  I hear you can buy peanut butter there for like 20 bucks haha. So President Rebers counselor was there at the bus station and he gave me and Elder Moraes to our house, and he took care of Elder Payne's next bus ticket cause he would have to catch another bus to Ponta Porã which is the most southern area of our mission. The assistants said he got to Ponta porã fine, but when he got there nobody was there to pick him up, so I don't even know what happened but sounds like he should be good now. He's with an Argentinian now. So Here in Campo Grande we live in a gated community that is really nice, it has soccer fields and pavilion areas and a little track that we can run on that is right in front of our house. We live with the assistants here, Elder Hancock and Elder Moraes. Our flipping area is about a 50 minute walk from our house, so that s kind of a joke, they told us to find a house to move into that is located in our area so my first day there we found a nice green house, we checked it out, and its like brand new and a good price, so we called the finance Secretary of the mission and gave him the information and so sounds like he is already doing a contract with the owners and if everything works out, we will be moving in in a couple of weeks. yay. So we just spent these last few days getting to the know the area and some of the members, the bad things is it rained all day yesterday and Saturday and part of Friday, so it was really hard to do anything because it rains really hard, even an umbrella doesn't help much. My Companion is Elder Campos, he hit 4 months yesterday on the mission, he is 21 and is from Rio de Janeiro.  He is just as white as I am. We get along great and I look forward to getting to know him better. Campo Grande is almost as hot as Cuiabá this time of the year, but it is a little bit cooler I have noticed, the house here is full of blankets which doesn't exist in Cuiabá, I got  really burnt out on Friday our Lunch was about and hour and 45 minute walk just to get to lunch. And the sun was hot, I even burnt the scalp of my head, which just shows how thin my hair is getting. Sunday there was 74 people at church, which is better than it was. We are actually in a ward here, about a year and a half ago there was about 120 people going to church but there have been alot of people falling away from the church, I feel that, that is what Heavenly Father wants us to do here is help increase the number of people going to church. I'm excited though and I hope we can help reactivate some people and baptize here. It seems like baptisms are getting harder and harder for everybody, this week the entire mission only baptized 4 people.  That's because Satan is working alot harder he knows that before long Christ will come again and so now he is giving it all that he's got. But I'm really liking Campo Grande, its definitely a cleaner more modern city, the roads aren't nearly as bad as the roads in Cuiabá. There are alot more planted trees here and its just a different mission here. It doesn't look like what I'm used to seeing. So this letter is getting too long, but I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas. And want to thank everyone for the emails and for the presents and money from Grandma and Grandpa Fitzgerald and Grandma and Grandpa Kennington. i really appreciate the love that you all have and for the thoughts and prayers. I'm excited to skype on Christmas still not exactly sure what our plans are for the day, but I will be emailing at between 10 and 11 your time to let you know that I'm ready to skype. But it should be great and I´m excited.  Eu espero que nesta época de Natal nós possamos lembrar de Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo, e que possamos lembrar do sacrifício que ele fez por nós. Sou muito grato por ter uma família maravilhosa que me ama, oro para que nós tenhamos mais alegria em nossas vidas e que sempre sejamos seguidores de Cristo. Feliz Natal pra todos Amo Vocês com todo meu coração!!!  Use google tanslator if you need.  Love you all! until Christmas day
-Elder Kennington Picture of me an my companion and stuff from the Christmas conference

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