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Friday, February 8, 2013

Week #8 Provo MTC

Ola Todo Mundo! Big week this week! lots has happened! Yes I recieved my reassignment yesterday but I won't be able to call you until tonight because there has been so much going on and I want everyone to be home. So plan on recieveing a phone call about 9:30 tonight. it's late I know but I have class instruction from 6:30 until 9:30. I'll give you a couple hints though about it. I've never been there before, it will probably be extremely cold, and it's back east. (so go ahead and make guesses) I talked to the travel office and they said that the mtc services department would take care of getting me set up with a warm coat. I'm not sure if it will cost me any money, but it sounds like it should be a fair deal either way. So like you saw I was blessed to be able to host Kaiden on wednesday. I hosted 2 other Elders before him. One was an early arrival from Ohio going to the St. George mission. He had already arrived at the mtc a while earlier with a group of 34 other missionaries who had arrived early. For whatever reason they picked Elder Saxton and I to help host them. He seemed well and excited to serve in St. George. His name was Elder Grover. The next Elder I hosted was named Elder Corry. They were from St. George and his family had show up the night before to be able to drop him off on time. He was going to the California, Roseville mission like Kaiden, but he ended up being in a completely different district than Kaiden. When I got back to the curb from hosting him it was about 1:15 so I waited around for until it was 1:30 for Kaiden to come in. Sure enough I was their blue Durango across the street pulling out of the big parking lot. So I waited until they got into the mtc lot and then I gauged about where they would be. I decided they would be about midway down the sidewalk so I said a silent prayer and asked that things would work out, and that I would be able to host Kaiden. I casually made my way down about half way because I was stationed right at the top again. I went down and hung around for a bit. It felt like I waited forever. I finally decided that a space must have opened up at the top and they must had pulled in their. So I sadly started making my way back to the top, I think I walked back up for 5 seconds and then their durango magically came into view and pulled right up next to me in the next available spot. I couldn't believe it! I thanked the Lord for his tender mercy again. It was just like with Aaron, it all worked out perfectly. The Lord loves us so much and is always willing to help us when he sees fit. It was awesome seeing Kaiden, and his family! They seemed to do well and reminded me alot of how mom and dad and the brothers were when they dropped me off. I feel bad for some of the moms and families because they weep and wail like they were at their son or daughters funeral! We talked for just a bit and they said their last goodbyes and were off. (btw just so you know anyone can get out of the vehicle when they get to the mtc, instead of just one like mom and dad had thought) me and Elder Memmott talked the whole time and did some good catching up. I warned him of how the mtc food gives everyone gas like crazy and that he could borrow my gas-x if he wanted. We laughed the entire time and I dropped him off at his class. Luckily later that night we caught up again at dinner because all the new missionaries have dinner at 4:15 and we always have it at 4:30 so I somehow spotted him among the 1000 plus missionaries and we talked more and went and found Sister Allred and caught up. It was fun and was a great blessing. He seems to be doing great and was just so relieved to finally be here in the mtc. Yesterday was our in field orientation day from 8 until 5:30. It was long but was interesting and I learned alot of good stuff. It started getting very real for me yesterday that I will be leaving the security of the mtc and heading out into the world. I feel very inadequite as a teacher, and I'm honestly really nervous to go and and start teaching real investigators. I feel that I have been taught how to speak portuguese well, but that I am lacking alot of know how and skill on actually teaching, and inviting others to come unto Christ. But the in field orientation gave me a boost and gave me confidence. Basically we were in the 1m building all day which is the one with the cafeteria and the big rooms and we rotated every hour and a half or so to different rooms for different learning activities. We learned the importance of bringing a member or recent convert with you when teaching progressing investigators. I got the goodies you sent me and they were in perfect shape. They are delicious and thanks for sending them. Those cookie dough brownies are defiantly worth keeping the recipe around. So Aaron is doing really good, he is progressing well with the language and I get to see him everyday, it's really nice knowing that 3 of my closest friends are here in the mtc with me. Robby told me that his parents had sent something with him to give me, I never see him because his meal schedules are completely different than mine but yesterday after in field orientation we had dinner at 5:30 instead of 4:30, so again I prayed that I would find him because there was tons and tons of missionaries at dinner yesterday and I thought there was no way I could find him, I looked for a bit but didn't see him. I had to go get a fork so I stood up to go get one from the nearest table but I had the thought to walk all the way across the cafeteria and fight through a million missionaries to get a fork from a different table, just because I thought that maybe I would run into Elder Wood. And lo and behold I walk across the cafeteria and run right into Elder Wood! He said he still needed to give me that "thing" that his parents had given him to give me so I gave him my residence building and room number so that he could drop it off to me. He came by that night and dropped me off a pretty blue tie, I was in the shower so we just talked for a second but it was cool and finally gives me a switch up of ties. I where a green tie 90% of the time and everyone knows that green is my favorite color. Everyone complimented my new blue tie at the temple today, and said they didn't recognize me without a green one. If you see the Woods tell them thanks so much! Robby is doing great as well, he leaves a week after me. So I just got my hair cut and so I'll take a before and after picture so you can see. Sorry this letter is taking forever we had to leave and take care of other stuff, its 5:30 right now and I still haven't sent the rest to you. So I went to foreign missionary services and they totally gave me a brand new dual lined coat, gloves, a beanie, and a scarf. They just wrote down my last name and told me to leave the stuff at my new mission home in the states or to have them send it back to the mtc. It's super nice stuff, especially the jacket it's a mr. mac with a thick fleece/wool liner and a waterproof zip out shell that is also insulated. It's super nice stuff. I just told them I had been reassigned to a new cold area and the lady just went back and grabbed all the stuff for me. So I guess I'm set. I'm excited to call you guys, I'm only limited to 5 minutes but I bought a calling card and so I can call you when I get to the airport. So this week was great and i saw the blessings of the Lord everywhere. Thanks for everything and for mom and dad and grandma dale writing me. I love on Monday evenings when I get a dear Elder from grandma Dale. I look forward to it all day. The church is so true. I love the Book of Mormon so much. It is a book of 100% truth. It came about the way Joseph said it did. Brother Joseph saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ in the Sacred Grove. If your not sure if that event really happened then ask God. He was there. As a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ I testify those things are true. And through the power of the Holy Ghost we can all know that they are true as well. Take care everyone I'm super happy to leave the mtc but saddened as well, I have many great friends here that I have made. But I'm so excited to leave and to spread the miraculous message of the Gospel. Not sure what day I will get to write next, but I love you all! Obrigado por tudo! -Elder Kennington

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