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Friday, February 1, 2013

Wk #7 Provo MTC

Oi minha grande familia! Como estao voces? Another week has shot by here at the mtc. It will be our last week here on our normal schedule. We have had the same schedule the last 7 weeks and next week will be a little bit different. We will have some in field training next thursday which I have no idea what it constists of. not sure what the other differences are but I do know it's different. I'll let you know next week on more of what will happen. So it was a fun week this last week. On Sunday they released our Branch president, President Braithwaite. What a great man, he is given me much advice and has given me some great counsel on how to be a great missionary. Him and his wife had served in our portuguse branch for the last 4 years, so they knew that their time was soon up. They actually got lucky and have been asked to be be a counseler in a new English speaking branch that they are making. There are so many Sisters and Elders here. And this is just the start! The new MTC presidency (we got a new president 2 weeks ago, President Nally, he replaced President Brown) they said that by July there would be almost 8000 misionaries at the mtc! It will be crazy! I have no idea how they will be able to do it! but the Lord always provides a way so that his work can move forward and I know that it will all work out fine. That sure will be alot of food that is going to be needed for the missionaries, every wednesday me and the other 4 Elders in my district have a service project where we were at the food loading docks. It's alot like working at Paragon, they bring in tons and tons of food and juice off trucks and we get to help unload it and count it all out and then put it all where it belongs. it's pretty cool being able to see first hand where all the food is and the massive mtc kitchen and all the workers that they have tirelessly preparing the food. The Lord definatly blessed us with and awesome service project because almost all of the mtc gets stuck cleaning up bathrooms and residence hall. Our work is actually fun and in a way relaxing. I'm just glad I won't be working when there is triple the amount of missionaries than there is now. That will be alot of food! Anyway, last Sunday I was asked to pass the sacrament in our meeting, that was a cool experience especially how it is completely silent in the chapel since there are no kids or other distractions. The new mtc president presided at our meeting because they released President Braithwaite. Our new President is President Radebaugh who was formerly the 1st counselor and our new 1st counseeor is Brother Christofferson who was formerly the 2nd counseler. Our new second counselers name is Brother Jackson. He was just release as a stake president and was a mission president in the Brazil, Campinas mission several years ago. They are all great men and I'm sad that we only have another week and a hald with them. So yesterday the brazil group that is a week ahead of us all got their reassigments. there is 24 of them in total, and their reassignments comprise of going to Missouri, Louisianna, Florida, California, Montana, Texas, Iowa and here in utah. One was assigned to the Provo mission and the mission home is only about 3 miles from the mtc, another was assigned to SLC central mission. Everyone is super excited about their reassignments. Most companionships were split up. I think that only one companionship is going together to the independance missouri mission. They way reassignments work is that we are reassigned for one transfer, which is six weeks. Even ifd your visa comes the day after you arrive to you new area you still stay the entire six weeks. If you six weeks goes by and you still don't have your visa then you stay another six weeks. there is no limit on how long you will stay and its very rare that you are reassigned permanantly. Last week there were three Elder in our zone that were to be reassigned. One was reassigned to Alabama and the other two were reassigned to texas. When they went to the travel office to pick up their reassignments they gave two of them the reassignments and they told the other that he needed to wait a minute. She went back into the office for a minute and then came back and told the Elder (Elder Crook) that his visa had randomly showed up just an hour before. So they canceled his reassignment to texas which had just barely been made. And told him he was leaving to Sao Paulo on tuesday. It just shows that if The Lord needs visas he will get visas. So I had to quite writing this letter so I could go get lunch and then I went to the health clinic to talk to them, I had been having some weird feelings in one of my molars in the left side of my mouth and it looked a little funny to me cause I could have sworn there used to be a filling in that tooth but now it was just kinda empty and weird looking. I had been prompted for several days to go to the health clinic and ask about it so on monday I went in and told them about it and they said that the mtc dentist was coming in on thursday and if I could wait till then he could check out my teeth. So I waited till yesterday cause the pain wasn't bad at all and I barely noticed it, he was this really Old Doctor Dickerson. He said that he lived and Roosevelt and had gone to Union and graduated in like 58 or something. It was cool talking to him and he checked me for less than five minutes and confirmed that I was missing most of a filling. He said that he couldn't do any work on it but he would have the receptionist schedule me an appointment. He said they would put more information in my mailbox. So that evening I got a note in the mailbox that said to go back to the health clinic and talk to one of the ladies. I went at about 12:15 today because the health clinic was closed by the time I got my note. They had me feel out a waiver sheet that allowed me to go off the mtc campus. Then they called dad and told him that I was at the health clinic. I was listening and could hear dads voice through the phone. I thought it was funny cause they didn't explain what the problem was right away, they just told dad that I was at the health clinic. I hope he didn't worry for the brief few seconds before they explained things. I doubt he did. So they got my insurance stuff and then they scheduled an appointment with a dentist at 1:00 the same day. We had a miscommunication on times and we missed the first shuttle so we had to scramble around and get another one arranged. The health receptinoist lady wasn't very happy with me cause I missed my shuttle, I felt pretty bad but it all worked out ok. We got to the Dentist after many wrong turns and they got me into the chair pretty quick. The doctor was pretty young and his name was dr. jones. He started looking at my tooth and then the next thing I knew he had pulled out a big needle and gave me two shots. I thought to myself "that escalated quickly" he said that I had a channel going through my tooth that was decayed and had to all be drilled out. So much for there not being any decay. They got it drilled out and filled in fairly quickly and there wasn't any problems with it. We did have to wait at the dentists office for another 45 mins after though because the shuttle took a while to show. But now all is well. We just got done having dinner and I don't have any time to write anything more. So yeah I didn't get to host on wednesday cause I guess there was too many first time Elders that got to host but I will host this wednesday for sure and hopefully I will see Kaiden. I saw Robby today for just a second and on wednesday me and Sister Allred sat down and talked to him for a while. He seems to be doing great. Anyway love you guys all, the church is so true and Jesus Christ himself is at the head of it. I testify of that. So glad everyone had fun on the cruise thanks for the pictures and tell Grandma Dale thanks so much for the care package! Love you all and I am doing great! When we get our reassignments they will let me call home for 5 minutes so it will probably be between wednesday and friday that I call you. Amo voces tao muito! -Elder Kennington

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