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Monday, March 25, 2013

Skyler Receives His Visa

Sunday, March 24th, we received a phone call from Skyler, that his Visa had arrived and they had notified him Friday to let him know.  He had a dream Wednesday that he was getting his Visa.  Skyler also told us that they had his Visa for about a week now.  He said that it had been on its way the last transfere that sent him to New York.

Skyler called twice today from the Airport.  They cancelled his first flight at the New York Airport due to mechanical problems.  They were supposed to fly out at 11:00, 9:00 Mountain Standard Time.  He called again tonight at 6:30 from Atlanta, it was 8:30 PM his time.  He was doing well, but I bet tired from the waiting around.  He is traveling with 4 other missionaries.  He will probably stay in San Palo, Brazil until further clearance can be granted.

We are so happy and proud of Skyler.  He has grown so much and blessed us all through his example and strength and courage.

He appreciates everyones letters, prayers and support.

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