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Monday, April 15, 2013

Week #17

Hey everyone good morning! Not a whole lot new happened this week. It rained pretty much everyday. And when it rains it rains, it seems like it comes from all directions and an umbrella doesn´t do much. I guess it was one of those weeks that everyone has once in a while on their missions where things are a little tougher. But The Lord always lifts us up and guides us. I tried not to think about Uncle Tom and the Family too much, it was difficult but again the Savior was always there. I hope weather is better this week for us and you back at home, I thought that all the snow you got was pretty interesting! It was "cold" here too, I think it got like 70 degrees or so. I was about the only one at church that wasn't cold. The other Elders all wore their long sleeved shirts and the members showed up to church in sweaters and hoodies, I got a good laugh out of that. But they really arent used to the cold here. Satan was working hard this week. There was only 60 members to church this week which is sad compared to over 100 two weeks ago. We taught several investigators that are families but arent legally married. They need an extra push to motivate them to get married so they can be baptized, Its kinda expensive to get married here in Brazil. We were expecting several investigators to church as well but none showed. Just kinda one of those weeks where we dont feel very profitable. Satan likes to whisper things in your ears about how your work is in vain and that no one will be baptized and blah blah blah blah. But then I get on my knees and thank the Lord for my many blessings and ask him for help the quite comfort of the Holy Ghost always comes and speaks peace. We are going to work hard this week. We are gonna find the elect. We just have to have faith and work hard. We had some cool things and funny things happen this week on Wednesday I went on divisions with Elder Paredes our hilarious Chilean Elder. We were visiting a recent converts house and a bird in the tree above us pooped on my pants. I just looked up yelled Pâssaro do Diabo! Which means Devil Bird. He thought that was pretty funny and really it was I went and washed it off and we are still laughing about it. We taught a lesson with that family that we found tracting and they had two friends over that were pretty old but he kept on talking while we were teaching the lesson and finally my companion said that we were here to teach this family and if you have comments or questions he could ask us after the lesson. He argued about baptism and the holy ghost and with whatever. But once he quit talking and we were able to teach and testify I think he got a little uncomfortable cause the Spirit told him what we were teaching him was truth and he didnt like that. He just got up and looked out the front door and muttered stuff under his breath. But we committed the Daughter and the mother to be baptized in the upcoming weeks. We just need to get them to church and help them to gain a testimony of their own. It reminded me that the Spirit is the one who really teaches and we are just the vessels by which the spirit is magnified. a few days ago I saw my first wild parrot it was a big beautiful red bird flying in the air. I didnt have time to take a picture before it left but it was really cool. I did though get a picture of a toucan that was in a tree near a recent converts home, I did get a picture of it and I have it included in the email. Also i ate some fresh papaya which was terrible. Ha it smelled like throw up and it tasted like it too! Maybe I will learn to like it we will see. Jordans jeep is sweet! Is it a stick shift or an automatic? Make sure he is careful and doesnt act dumb. some days I spend too much time worrying about the safety of my family and friends. You guys be real careful in everything you do. You guys can sale my car right away if you can or do whatever with it, put it in a shed till Kaden is 16 or whatever i dont care. I plan on getting something else anyway when my 2 years are up. Seems like time is flying! I have already been out over 4 months! and by the time I am done with my training I will have been a missionary for 6 months! Everyone comments on how well I speak for not being out very long but I dont feel that way. I dont say much when we are with members or investigators cause i am listening and trying to figure out what they are saying. Thats the hardest part for me is understanding the people. I can understand my companion and the other American in our house Elder Laws and the Chilean Elder Paredes really well. But when it comes to the Brazilians its so much harder. Everything just meshes together. But I do feel like I can understand more than when I got here 3 weeks ago. Wow three weeks already thats crazy! I forget too often that the reason missionaries become fluent in languages in less then two years us because of the Help from Heavenly Father. Sometimes I get a little caught up in my own strength and forget that its our Heavenly Father that makes everything work. I need to remember to humble myself everyday. There is only 2 weeks left in this transfer, anything could happen. I guess we will see. I forgot to write down everything I wanted to put in my letter this week but I think I have everything. Sorry it wasnt very long. Last P-day we went and played ultimate frisby behind the church house. It has a volleyball area there. It was fun, Caçeres is about the size of vernal I think but there really isnt a whole ton to do here as far as recreation on p-days. Thats alright though. Mom wondered if we have maids or anything. We dont its just us. Usually we dont eat much for breakfast maybe some milk or yogurt that is really runny. we eat alot for lunch and then at dinner we might pick up a hamburger or something at one of the many resteraunt/outdoor grills. We can get a good sized burger with fried eggs and ham and hot dog and whatever else for abnouit $2.50 American money. We do all our laundry and stuff ourselves. Well I think thats about it for this week. Thanks for all your emails and prayers. Everyone be safe and ride the waves of righteousness and happiness that only come from this Gospel. May the Good Lord bless each one of you! Amo Vocês tão muito!
-Elder Kennington

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