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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week #19

Putz! (pronounced poots, meaning crap!) Where has the week gone?! Not a whole lot to report on this week, it was one of those blah weeks. But we did get transfer calls last night and surprisingly todo mundo está ficando aqui em Cáceres! Everyone is staying here in Cáceres! And we will be recieving two more missionaries to work only with less actives since there is over 500 in-active members here on the Church Records. I am really happy to stay here longer with Elder Reed. It seems like we get along too good somedays. I seriously am convinced that he is Cousin Dillon Tabbees long lost brother. We will be recieving an American and we think a brazilian as the two new missionaries. Well first I want to get the sad news off my chest from this week. I experienced one of the many missionary heartaches that every missionary will have on his mission. And thats having the Baptism of a perfectly good, worthy, prepared, and ready Investigator fall through. Our investigator Kelly had been investigating the church for several months and last week had finally decided to be baptized, she was excited too! We had all the Baptism paperwork filled out and her signature and the signature of her mom. But in 2 days something happened. We don't know why but Satans fear crept into her mind. And she started doubting her decision, she told us that she had already received the sure confirmation from the Spirit that The Gospel was true and that Baptism was the right decision to make. But all of the sudden she was saying that she needed to pray and receive an answer again about being baptized. We told her that she could do that so we came back the next day and the next day. This was all between Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday was the last time we could meet with her before her baptismal date, we sat down talked, read the Book of Mormon together, Mosiah 18 which talks about the Waters of Mormon and Baptism and what not. We went through it all discussed things, and asked how she was feeling, she said she still had a fear and confusion about being baptized. Nothing really made any sense about why she didn't want to be baptize And that she still hadn't received an answer to be baptized. It was kind of funny cause when she said that me and my companion both said the exact same thing at the same time Acho que você já recebeu uma resposta. (I think you have already received an answer) We just bore testimony and told her that she was ready and had been prepared to make these sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven. I had her read Ether 12:6 which talks about Faith and not receiving a witness until after the trial of her faith. I told her that this was her trial. She had already received an answer, she had already gained a strong testimony of The Book of Mormon and the Gospel. And now it was up to her to make the choice of acting and exercising her faith by being baptized. Goodness, we pulled out all the stops in this lesson. It couldn't have been better, the spirit was there testifying and putting thoughts and words into our minds and mouths. And when it came down to it, nothing would change her mind. One of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us is our own agency, and our investigator used to to choose another path. And there is nothing we can do about it. Nevertheless, as me and Elder Reed left the lesson almost ready to cry the Holy Spirit bore witness to us both that we had done our part as Messengers and Representatives of Jesus Christ. It was a rough transfer for all four of the missionaries here in Cáceres. None of us had baptisms, which was a first for everyone I guess. But I think the Lord is teaching us something and I'm glad the Lord was merciful enough to allow me to experience these sorrows in my first transfer in Brazil. So that when these things happen I will have already had experience and know how to handle these things. It just really sad having someone tell you that they know that we everything we are teaching is truth, that The Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was called of God to help restore Christs Church, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is the one and only true church on the earth. And then have them tell you 2 minutes later that they have fear and don't want to be baptized. Man that stinks! But you know what Me, and Elder Reed are gonna go out and find those elect people who are ready to hear the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Anyways we had to spend quite a bit of time finding a new house this week because we are getting two more missionaries that will be staying with me and Elder Reed in our house and the other Elders Laws and Paredes are moving two a new house on the other side of town that is more in their area, so we had to find a new house and then go to all the stores and find the best prices for fridges and beds and washing machines. It was a pain but it was a miracle that we were able to get this all done in less then a week and that everything is ready to be moved in already. Houses are cheap here! They found a really nice and almost new house that costs about 250 dollars a months, where the same things in the states would be well over 1000 dollars. But the economy here is different. Candy bars are still about 1 real here, which if I used my personal card would only cost me 50 cents. Just stuff like that is interesting. Thursday I fell on my bum cause I was dinking around on a kids skateboard, so I decided that I wont screw around with that stuff while on the mission. We had an interesting opportunity today to go to a school and talk about The United states a little bit. We were signed up by one of the recent converts in the branch with out being asked and were told yesterday that we (had) to go. We were kind of grumbling about having 2 hours of our p-day taken up by it but it was cool and all the students their were super curious and cool. It was a class of 17 and 18 years olds more or less. There was a girl our age from Germany there too that was answering questions as well, she was there to help with some social stuff or something we aren't sure, but my companion wants to find her and teach her the Gospel. So mom asked some questions and I will answer them, they have a really dusty piano here cause no one knows how to play, and so I decided yesterday that I would look at the hymns at they are singing for sacrament meeting and if I know any of them I will offer to play. For example we sang nearer my God to thee yesterday which I could have played no problems but I didn't take the time to look before, but when we have our weekly activities on Thursday me and Elder Laws like playing stuff on the piano. The Brazilians think that is super neat that we can even sort of play. They have tons and tons of Pharmacies here and yes I think my hair is still falling out little by little, I suspect that when I get back off my mission I will be able to grow a full beard but I will be forming a horse shoe on my head because of me losing my hair, Ill probably just cut it really short like dads when I get back. Whatever. Also I still haven't received the letter from New York that grandma sent, I thought they would send it back, I will email the assistants their and my old companion to see if they have it there. I have been emailing several friends on the mission, including Jetson and Kaiden and Corbin and Keith and all those guys. They seem well. The Language is coming day by day, Hopefully with a Brazilian in the house it will help alot. Its really hard to speak alot of Portuguese in the House with 3 Americans and a Chilean who wants to learn English with us. Btw we get to skype home on mothers day, and so I guess you had better get a skype account set up and ready to use, I still need by companion to help me make one cause I have never used it before, hopefully Jordan knows how but yeah in two weeks on mothers day I get to talk to you guys! I believe we are 2 hours ahead of home here so be prepared for that, Ill let you know next week more about it. But I love you guys all so much and I miss you, but as I busy myself here all pangs and longings for home disappear. But you all are sempre in my prayers. Everyone keep it real up there in the North, work hard with this last month of School. Much love and peace from down here in Brazil!
-Elder Kennington

Skyler shared this Powerful Missionary tool Video with us He also sent it to many of his missionary friends.

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