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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week #23 Brazil

E aí todo mundo! Que está acontecendo lá nos Estados Unidos? Espero que vocês estejam bom demais! This week shot by super fast as usual. I brought my journal to the lan house with me today so that I could remember the highlights of what went on during the week. Not the greatest week ever but we worked hard and The Good Lord blessed us. I found a quote last week that I wanted to share with you. It was given by President Boyd K Packer at the last conference April 2013 this is his quote" I have come to know that faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief." This  is something that I really need to work on. One of the things I learned in New York is when we have faith great things happen.  And thats something I am trying to apply now in  Brazil. Faith is more than just a belief, it as an actual power. Some of my favorite scriptures on faith are found in Ether chapter 12 verses 12-16. This illustrates exactly what happens when we don't have faith and when we do haev faith. When we have no faith nothing happens. But as well we must act on our faith and work. Faith without works is dead. I copied these scriptures down for you guys because they have  a much stronger significance to me now.  12 For if there be no afaith among the children of men God can do no bmiracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.
 13 Behold, it was the faith of Alma and Amulek that caused theaprison to tumble to the earth.
 14 Behold, it was the faith of Nephi and Lehi that wrought theachange upon the Lamanites, that they were baptized with fire and with the bHoly Ghost.
 15 Behold, it was the faith of aAmmon and his brethren whichbwrought so great a miracle among the Lamanites.
 16 Yea, and even all they who wrought amiracles wrought them by bfaith, even those who were before Christ and also those who were after.
These are powerful scriptures especially for missionaries. 
When we go out and work we must go out with faith believing that miracles will happen and when we press forward in faith amazing things happen. So anyway on with the week, we got haircuts again this week which felt really good even though my hair didnt need to get cut super bad everyone else needed theirs cut so I had mine done too. We taught a family this week the restoration but it was kinda weird cause the mom was just breast feeding her baby the whole time. Elder Reed said you just get used to it and we are lucky to have not had it happen to much these last few transfers. Just another reminder that Im not in the states anymore. We had some graham cracker and marshamallows in the house that one of the Elders hadrecieved from home and so we bought some chocolate and then that night we had family home evening with a less active family in the branch and so we showed them how to makes smores. It was a hit among the Brazilians. It brought back good times of camping back at home. I think thats one of the things I miss most is camping and going on family reunions with the family. I went on splits with Elder Combs this Wednesday, he is from California and only has two transfers left on this mission. He is one of the Elders that only works with the less actives and so we went and met with alot of less actives. Its cool working with different Elders and being able to see the different ways they teach and interact with people. We also visited the parents of an active member that night, they are not members but they say they know the church and book of mormon is true, they jsut say they are waiting for the right time to arrive to be baptized, I think they have been saying that for years by the sound of things. Ww think alot of people dont want to commit to be baptized because being a member of the church is a lifetime commitment and is not easy and I think alot of people realize this and would rather not become a member cause it means that they actually have to do stuff. But wow they are missing out on so many blessings! funny thing on thursday we had all of our appointments fall through so we were just out trying to teach people lessons but no one was accepting for some reason, which is a little odd cause usually we can get into most peoples homes and teach them, so we are just going along knocking doors and making contacts and we get to this house and I made the contact with this old lady and I just said we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ, and before I could finish she was like a hey me to I'm a Catholic, but the way she said it kinda was rude but we were just like whatever but her daughter was right behind her who is in her twenties and we were talking to her and she commented on my tie bar and shes like "oh I havent ever seen one like that before with the Angel Moroni and stuff" and we were like what!? you know who The Angel Moroni is and then she explained that she was an inactive member. So we talked to her for an hour or so and she explained all the problems and harships she had gone through. She hadnt been to church in about 5 years and at that times the branch was quite a bit weaker here but she said that in her hard times nobody  from the church came and helped her. So we spent time explaining that the church is a perfect church, but the members are not. We talked about the scriptures and challenged her to open her Book of Mormon back up and start reading again. She accepted. Im glad we ran into her because we feel that we will be able to reactivate her back into the church. Im glad that the Lord didnt let us teach in people before her because then we wouldnt have found her that night. Funny how the Lord knows whats in front of us and what will and can happen.  Heavenly Father sure knows alot more than we do. I have to repent every night for ever questioning the Lord why he allows certain things to happen to us, because I am always reminded that he is the one that is in charge. He is the Master Gardener here not us. So we have been working on several of our streets that we used the "inspired tracting" to find and we found several good potencials. We found a family that when the mom came out after we knocked on the door she was just like "flip" when she saw us, but we inroduced ourselves and shes like hmmmm I dont have time right now but I have some questions about and doubts about your church that I would like to have answered. We just said hey we can answer them right now really fast and so she asked us why are Church says that we are the Church of Jesus Christ but that we really just worship some other guy whou she forgot the name, haha it was funny cause we knew exactly who she was talking, we said Joseph Smith and she said yeah! him, so we explained that he was the Prophet who helped restore the church through the Power of Jesus Christ. After that she said that she was concerned about her son who she said had read some books and said that he was an athiest now. He is only 13 years old, we said that we could help  them with that problem. So we went back the next day and taught the restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon and challenged them to read it, the mom accepted but the 13 year old son was like naw I dont really want to, we just said dude you dont have to read the whole thing just a chapter that we will leave with you. Then he was like alright I will do it. So we left them with that. They really warmed up to us though her son showed us his room and his videogames and stuff. We decided that he really isnt an athiest but that hes just a normal 13 year old kid that didnt want to go to church one sunday so he used the excuse that he doesnt believe in God. But THey were cool, and were going to go to church the next day but she texted us the next morning and said that her kids had gotten a fever during the night and wouldnt be able to make it but she said that that we could come over whenever we want cause her son would like to play videogames with us. We thought that was pretty cool even though we cant accept the invitation and play videogames. That would be cool though. So we will keep meeting with them and hopefully they are willing to accept the Gospel and see its importance, beacuse they are active baptists. Also on Sunday we had bad luck with investigators coming to church. In fact there was alot of members that didnt go to church yesterday. We think alot were sick cause it was pretty cold saturday night and sunday morning was actually kinda foggy here, I was surprised cause I didnt know it could get foggy. But we actually went to some of our investigators houses that live nearby the church to see if they were going to make it to church, we ran to their houses during the first class but they all had the excuse of being sick and stuff. Oh well though. We worked alot this week and made alot of contacts with people. In one day we made 14 contacts with people, which means we talk to them get all of their address and phone information, and their name. This is a pretty easy way to figure if it would be worth going back to these peoples homes because you can usually tell if they are going to be interested or not, and usually we listen really close to the spirit, causue usually if we are in tune with the spirit we can know wether or not to spend alot of time trying to teach them. But thats about it for this week. I think we might go try and play some soccer with some today we will have to see. It is super hot today, well actually thats everyday. Anyway I love you guys. God bless you all, keep your prayers strong, study the scriptures everyday The Book of Mormon has power to help anyone overcome any tempatation or hardship. Eu Sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias é verdadeira. Jesus Cristo vive, ele é nosso Irmão e Salvador. Ele nos ama, e Ele nos conhece. Ele quer que nós sejamos felizes em nossas vidas. Eu testifico que José Smith foi e é um Profeta de Deus. Eu sou grato por ele. O Livro de Mórmon é verdadeiro. Eu amo esse livro. Convido todos, para ler, ponderar, e orar parar saber se ele realmente é verdadeiro.  Porque como Moroni disse "pelo poder do Espirito Santo, podemos saber a verdade de todas as coisas." Eu amo minha família, meus amigos,e acima de tudo, amo meu Salvador.  Love you guys all so much. Until next week!
-Elder Kennington

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