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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Brazil Letter #24 Transfer to Sorriso

Hey everyone I don't really have anytime at all to email today. I am in the mission office in Cuiabá. I we received a call last night at about 9 pm that said I was being emergency transferred to a new area because one of the Elders here was having heart problems and that I had to be on the bus at 8 am the next morning. So I had to pack for a while last night and now I am in the office. I will be leaving in about 20 minutes to catch our bus to my new area. My new area is called Sorriso which means smile in Portuguese. Its way up in the north of the mission 6 hours from Cuiabá. My companion will be a Brazilian named Elder Cordeiro. He has almost a year and a half on the mission. We will both be going to the area together at the same time. So we will be starting fresh with both of us not having any knowledge of the area. I am sad to have to have left Cáceres and Elder Reed one week early. Regular transfers is a week from yesterday and one of us ws probably going to be transferred anyway so its alright but I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to anyone so I was kinda sad because of that. But we had a good week I don't have my journal with me to recount the highlights of the week but the week went by super fast. It rained a ton yesterday and the days before as well. I gave my first blessing on Tuesday to one of the members in our ward that was having some problems with his back. That was a neat experience. It was kinda weird on the bus ride to Cuiabá today cause I was all alone for 4 hours. It was strange getting off at a pit stop and buying lunch by myself and eating by myself. So I really don't have much to say or recount this week I need to get going super quick. But thanks for all your guys's letters and pictures and stories. I enjoyed them I couldn't believe that Kloee was getting baptized already! Crazy time flies by!  So I forwarded you one of our mission letters that we get every week that has the letter from the president and all that stuff. It also had a picture of Elder Reed cause it was his birthday and also our names to because we met all of the expected numbers this week. That was pretty cool I thought being able to see that. I hope you guys enjoy it. So I am going to run but tell Jordan to get his eagle scout done quick and to not be lazy! Also what were you talking about the new white car? So anyway I love you guys so much and I pray that you are all doing super well. I'm doing great and am excited to start a new chapter of my mission in a new area it should be super cool. I will have alot more to relate to you guys next week. Kinda stinks that I'm missing out on all of my p day today. Ten hours of sitting on a bus is awesome! Not really but you guys take care and I love you all! 
-Elder Kennington

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