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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brazil Week #31 Skyler Finds Worm in FOOD.

Hey everyone! Sheesh this week flew by it seems like yesterday that I was emailing you guys. We had a good week this week nothing too special but we were able to see the hand of the Lord. Not a whole ton to write though this week. SO we had transfer calls last night and surprisingly everyone is staying. We only had one change in our zone and Elder that has been in the same area for 6 months is being transferred, but other than him everything else is staying the same. Nothing changed with the Sisters and nothing with us in our house. This was surprising because Elder Chaves who already had 4 and a half months here will be staying another transfer. We were positive that he was going to be transferred but he will be staying. I feel bad for him cause I know he is ready to leave this area. He only has two more transfers left on the mission and then he goes home. He is getting pretty tired. I think it will be a long transfer for him. I'm glad to be staying one more transfer here with Elder Cordeiro. He is by far one of the best missionaries in the mission and I think President Reber wants me to learn all that I can from him. The only drawback is that since I'm staying here this transfer it looks like I will probably be here the next transfer too and possibly the next after that. I have a feeling that I might be staying here in Sorriso for 4 transfers or 6 months! We will see though. I just have to remember that I am here to fulfill the will of the Lord and not my own. That's something that is pretty important to know if you want to be a good missionary. We aren't here to do what we want to do. We are here to do what our Heavenly Father wants. Unfortunately alot of times what we want isn't what The Lord wants. Alot of times what the Lord wants is difficult. But He always promises us a way to fulfill his will. I like that quote that says "I never said it would be easy, but I said it would be worth it" Those are true words from our Savior that always sound in my mind when I ask him why it´s so difficult sometimes. It would be pretty easy to complain to our Heavenly Father about our difficulties and always ask him why missionary work is so hard. To often we forget that all the hardships we face in life are given to us to build us up and give us experience. We should be grateful for every hard thing that we have to face in this life. Because we face these things and then we are stronger after. This week we worked alot with the couple we are preparing for baptism. They know it is all true and are ready and willing to be baptized. But the sneeky serpant satan has put it into their heads that they need to wait and get to know the people in the branch and go to church more. We explained that baptism is the entryway to so many blessings. We were actually pretty set on having their baptism yesterday, they were planning on having their baptismal interviews but we got a call in the morning that Fernando the husband had gotten really sick during the night and that they wouldn't be able to make it to church this week. We were bummed I was especially bummed cause I was thinking that I was going to be transferred and that I wouldn't get the chance to see them get baptized but now that I will be staying another 6 weeks with Elder Cordeiro we should be able to baptize them with no problems. Saturday we had a ward activity that turned out really good. We had a spiritual message and then everyone ate and talked and had a good time there was music and decorations and tons of food and drink. It was at the church. It was tough cause I was fasting that day and there was sooooo much good food there. But I was able to stay true to the fast and didn't eat or drink anything. There was a ton of rice pudding there though and so I took a lot of that back to the house and so I will eat that over the week. It was cool seeing several less actives that we had been working with at the activity as well. Saturday we were at the church cleaning the baptismal font and when we walked out Elder Cordeiro paused. He said we need to wait here for a second and talk to this kid that is walking towards us. Sure enough there was a young man walking in our direction so we waited a second until he walked passed us and then we made a contact with him. He is a young man named Miques. He is 15 years old. We talked to him for a bit and invited him to the activity that we were having later that night. He said he would go if his mom let him. So later that night he showed up to the activity and he enjoyed it alot. I talked to him for a while that night. He said dude your Portuguese is different but really cool. I said that's cause I'm from the united states. After this he got excited and asked me tons of questions, it was really neat. The next day he showed up to church 30 minutes early. We taught him a lesson before church started and he accepted to be baptized. We will keep working with him during the week and hopefully be able to baptize him next Sunday. We went to the neighboring city of Lucas where the Sisters are. We spent all day there again because lunch was really far and by the time we got back to the bus station it was almost dark. Lunch there was interesting, I found a full sized worm in my food. The kind that we use to fish with night crawler is the word. I didn't say anything though to anybody, I didn't want to embarrass the member who had mad us lunch, but I can say that after I found the worm in my food I lost most of my appetite. This week we were asked if we were anti-Christs. We explained that we are the complete opposite, the lady wasn't very interested in hearing our messages though. We kinda got the vibe that she was hoping we were anti-Christs cause she is into that kinda stuff. Some people are strange, we also saw a man that we had taught in the street that lives close to the church but said he cant go because he cant walk. But we saw him the other day riding his bike around like it was nothing. He is one of those people that when you tell them about the restoration and book of Mormon they are like, just so you know I will be comparing what you have said with the bible and that I will be looking for faults in your religion and Prophets. There isn't very many people like that here but there is a few. And I'm not a huge fan of those people. Im including a picture of me and E Cordeiro in Lucas when we went there this week, there is a really pretty lake there that we got some pictures of. Well that's about it for this week. Im feeling better I still have a little cough but I have more strength and am feeling good. I'm glad to here that Jordan is doing better. Oh I almost forgot I did remember moms birthday, I have that calendar that mom made hung up in the house and I remembered at the first of the week and throughout the week moms birthday, I forgot about last p-day though so sorry that I didn't wish you a happy Birthday. I enjoyed the pictures though and it looks like it was alot of fun. So happy BIrthdy mom! I hope everyone has a good time at the family reunion I'm a little jealous but let everyone know I said hi and that I love them. Take care everyone! -Elder Kennington

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