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Monday, November 11, 2013

Brazil Week #47 (3) Shared Baptisms





What's up my family! Good morning Dad informed today that I'm a now 4 hours ahead of you, which I was surprised to hear. So I feel really lazy today and I don't really want to write alot today but I will write instead of sleep haha, I'm tired. So we had an excellent week this week, we worked with several of our investigators, we have one named Leticia that we taught alot this week, she has been to church several times with her aunt who is a member, she has already received an answer that the church is true and stuff and she knows the book of Mormon is true, but I think she just lacks a little desire to get on the right path and stay on it. We taught her alot and were pretty straight forward with her, but she was just like idk just give it some time I'm not ready yet, so we busted out some Book of Mormon Scriptures, and showed that she's ready and that she has nothing to wait for and that the longer she waits the more time Satan will have to work against her. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating when people just don't get it. You explain in the most simple straightforward method possible. But people are still just like blah blah blah blah, everyone says that God is number 1 in their lives but really, He´s in the last place. Its like what Christ said to the prophet Joseph, that they draw near unto me with the words and their lips but their hearts are far from me. Lots of people like that in the world today. Its sad but that's how it is. This life is the time to prepare to meet God, if only everyone understood that principle of truth. So Wednesday I had a pretty sweet Division with Elder Linton a good friend of mine who entered the mtc the same day as me. He came here to Industrário, we didn´t have a whole tone of lessons already planned so we just went and knocked doors and made street contacts. We taught these two ladies who are here because their husbands(with whom they aren´t legally married) are in jail here. SO we taught them and they accepted to be baptized and it was cool and all one of them had a load of questions about the people that preach on t.v. She wanted to know if they were teaching the truth. I just said that normally they are and it is alot better to watch than most of the trash that is on t.v now days, she wondered about the preachers that preach to crowds of thousands and in the crowd there is always people going crazy that have "demons" and they are expelled by the other preacher dudes in the crowd. I told her that those things that they show on the tv is a load of rubbish and is almost always made and is just for show. The other week there was the founder of the universal church of God that was preaching in the north of Brazil to a huge crowd and he's like all who have demons i expel you! and then there's a bunch of people going crazy and acting like they are expelling spirits and stuff its a load of garbage honestly that people use the name of the Lord to get money and to lie and stuff, makes me mad sometimes. We went back to invite the ladies to church and they said they would go if the could but they had to visit their husbands in jail during church time. But we had a good day on splits we worked hard even though it was super, super hot. The next day I went on a division again with one of our zone leaders Elder Moraes, he's like my Brazilian Brother and I had already gone on splits with him back in Cáceres. It was interesting because he was supposed to go on splits with another Elder that is going home at the end of this transfer as well but this Elder is a flipping bum, he went to lunch with Moraes and got back and went and laid down and went to sleep, also my companion had a killer headache and was laying down as well. So me and Elder Moraes sat on the couch waiting for our companions. We waited and waited and waited, and finally Elder Moraes was like lets get out of here Elder Kennington we have people to visit, so we switched the division and I went with Moraes and My companion and the bum Elder stayed together. So we went and taught some of my investigators and then we took the bus and taught some of Elder Moraeses investigators that live super far away. It was good and we got back and they theother guys, were still at the house and had never left. My companion still had a headache but the other Elder just slept the whole stinking time. Good thing he's going home in 2 weeks. Elder Moraes was pretty mad cause he had gone on this division with him to make him work but the dude just slept, Moraes woke him up, but he didn't want to get up and work. I hope that Ill never be like that, it made me appreciate my companion who is going home the same day who still does a ton more. Taught some more people that were being prepared for baptism this Sunday that we were having some problems with the zone leaders, because they were also teaching as well. But the good thing is that they were all baptized on Sunday. We had 3 baptisms on Sunday. Elder Almeida called the President to see what he should do as far as numbers with how we should count the numbers when we report them, he just said to work it out with the Zone leaders,  it's kinda different having baptisms that are also the other guys baptisms as well. Whatever though, the baptisms were great and everyone was really excited. So this week has been super hot, I got burnt pretty good this week even with sunblock, it was supposed to rain but we didn't get anything which kinda stunk. I also learned today that Sorriso had a baptism from a contact that me and Elder Geisler made at a house during my last week there. It was one of those things where  you walk down the road and you see a house and you say to yourself we are going there, I remember we got to a road with a bunch of houses, I saw one house and I knew that we had to go there, so we went made a contact with a humble dude named Laerté he accepted to be baptized and after that I didn't know what happened, but I just found out that he was baptized yesterday. That made me super happy. So The baptisms from yesterday were, Cida, Enrique, and Evandro. 3 wonderful that everyone had been teaching, like I said we had that confusion but they are all great people and had already been very prepared by the Lord. It didn't take much work at all with them. Enrique is the young man and he plans on serving a mission in a few years when he is 18. We were able to get a house for that member from Haiti and the members were able to help him get a fridge and stove and stuff like that, they found him a job as well. So that's about it for this week, I'm pressed for time cause we are leaving already, but thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'm not sure if my cards have arrived at the mission office yet but I think somebody will go there this week that can maybe bring them back. It doesn't feel anything like I'm 20, I haven't thought about my birthday hardly at al.l To me its just another day. I feel and look the same as my last birthday accept now my skin is a little darker and I have even less hair. But to me this year has shot by. That is a good thing i guess haha. Mom wondered how I was doing with the Brazilian food. I'm still doing fine, I still haven't gotten sick here just a headache ever now and again but I don't even get diarrhea here. The Brazilians get sick more often than I do and have worse reactions to the food sometimes. But my body is pretty solid and I haven't missed a day of work yet. I've gained 2 pounds since I started the mission, I don't know where I gained the weight though, probably em minha bunda haha. funny joke haha. So I'm going to go now but I love you guys and hope you all have a week that is sweet! love you guys and am so grateful for you all. Take good care and be good.
-Elder Kennington

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