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Monday, February 17, 2014

Brazil Week #61 Transfer and Zone Leader in Ponta Pora

Well good morning everyone, today is transfers and I´m really short on time, because I´m being transferred 6 more hours south to the most southern area in the mission.     I´m going to a city called Ponta Porã which has 16 missionaries there, I think and is its own zone. President also called me to be a zone leader there, that's something that I didn't expect at all. President called me at about 4 yesterday and told me that he wanted to call me as a zone leader and wanted to know if I accepted the call. That caught me off gaurd and I was lost for words for a few seconds. I just told him that if the call came from Heavenly Father then I have to accept. That was a humbling experience for me cause I can think of many missionaries that I think would be great Zone Leaders, but I´m not the one that chooses. I'm excited for the chance to be able to help more people and other missionaries, I know that the ponta porã zone has had a very few numbers of baptisms lately, so hopefully we will be able to excite everyone and strengthen the zone. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father humbles us and reminds us of our weaknesses. Elder Tibbitts will be staying here in Marechal Deadoro and will be with a Brazilian who was just released as zone leader so that will be really good for him and the area here. We have alot of great investigators and I'm sure this next transfer there will be alot of baptisms in this area. Too bad I wont be here to see them though. I was really hoping to be able to stay and see the fruits of our labors, but the Lord has other things in mind, there are many wonderful members here that I have gotten to know well and will never forget. I'm grateful for the friendships I have made here and am grateful for the time The Lord let me stay here. This was one of my toughest areas, maybe even tougher than in Sorriso, I have been really stressed out this entire transfer more than normal, but It was all to help strengthen me and I am grateful for that. I have learned many things here in this area that I will remember and use for the rest of my life. It was a quick chapter that has already closed but hopefull this next chapter will be a little bigger and more full of learning experiences and joy. This week was a little different, I let Elder Tibbitts fill the role as the senior companion, he did really well and we accomplished many things. We had meetings almost everynight which made it hard to teach alot of people, but  we had a good week, we visited celso that went to church last week he said he enjoyed church and that he would go back again this week, but Saturday he said that he had to do something in the morning and so he couldn't go to church. Everybody during the week was firm on going to church but almost all of them cancelled out on saturday and said they had to work or the had some other matters of business to take care of, that made me kind of sad, when you work so hard during the week and then everything seems to fall through at the end it kinda gest annoying cause it happens quite a bit. We had a family home evening Saturday night with a family and they invited their neighbors over. I gave the message that night from the Book of Mormon when it talks about when the Lord helped and bless Alma and his brothers cause they were in Prison and he took the weight from their backs so that they could bear patiently their hardships and difficulties. It was really good and the wife went with them to church yesterday. She was our only Investigator that went to church yesterday, We taught alot of great people this week that I was really looking forward to teaching again, but I wont be here but I know that Elder Tibbitts will be with a great Elder and I think they will be able to harvest much fruit here. Yesterday after church we had lunch with a wonderful family here named Tales and Vanessa. They made us chili which was great and they made is special for us with lots of hot sauce and spices in it. Plus yesterday was a little chilly outside so it was great. Im sad that Im going to leave cause I wont be able to say good bye to alot of people here, but I will be able to stay in contact with them on facebook after the mission. Ponta Porã should be a good experience because its right on the border of paragay and eveything is supposedly really cheap down there, We arent allowed to shop and browse around in Paragay, before the mission could but not any more, sounds like we will have a strong ward there, there strongest that I will have been in so far, yesterday there were 150 at church, there is 6 missionaries just for the ward there. Im excited but really nervous as well, I dont feel very capable at being a zone leader, but I know that The Lord will help me alot. My companion is A Brazilian named Elder B. Souza. I think he has about a year on his mission. I met him once and for some reason I had always felt that he would be my companion one day. Weird how those things happen. Another cool thing is that Elder Payne will be in my zone and so that will be great to see him again. I will include more updates next week but I wanted to thank you all for your emails and prayers. I love you guys so much and this mission is passing by super fast. I;m grateful to be here in Brazil and to be a missionary in the Lords True Church. I love the scriptures and I love the talks by the apostles and Prophets from General conference, I have been downloading and listening to alot of talks lately and it has been wonderful.  I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a wonderful week. I hope that everything goes well so that I can get to the Bus station ok, I still dont have a ride to get there because everyone is working and I have to get there at about 4. It will work out ok though. May the Good Lord bless you all this week and in everything you do.
Com Amor
-Elder Kennington

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