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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brazil Week #97

Hey everyone, its good to be p-day day again. its been a normal week. I was in a trio from Sunday until Wednesday, my companion got here in Wednesday. It was funny waiting for him in the airport, its a super small airport, that has one plane that arrives and leaves everyday. It arrives at about 1 and leaves a little after 2. While waiting for my companion to get off the plane an English speaking couple arrived, because I saw their brazilian guide welcome them in English, i never actually heard any of them speak English so I don't know if they were Americans or from Australian or England or something. But I remember as we waited the lady walked up in front of us and took a picture of us with her phone, she didn't even look at us squarely in the eye or say anything she just walked up took a picture and left. I said rather loudly in Portuguese look guys we´re famous! She obviously didn't understand what I said though. It just reminds me of how Americans are weird. My companion is Elder Freire, a Brazilian from Osasco São Paulo. He is 20 and is excited to be on the mission and work, his parents were baptized when he was 2. His dad is a bishop. Hes pretty dang solid and know why he is here on the mission, he has a very strong desire to serve The Lord and help the people here in Alta Floresta. We get along great, I almost feel bad being his companion cause i have this week I will have 1 month left and he wont even have 1 month on the mission. I hope that doesn't discourage him, but we will be working alot so I hope to show him that you can still work and be excited for the mission with only a month left. This week was kinda cruddy I guess as far as work but it defiantly had its strong points. It rained so much this week, it rained almost every single day. It was really bumming me out, I hate working in the rain, I think it tricks my brain into thinking that I am in New York again. I was kinda bummed out there and I feel like I am back there again. It was nice though because it cooled things down nicely. I think Ive been in the Brazilian heat to long cause it got down to like 70 degrees and it gave me a cold haha, Ive been congested and have had a cough and sneeze since Thursday. luckily I still have some emergen-c that mom sent me back in the mtc Im finally getting a chance to use it. We taught two really special people this week, one was Marcelos sister that we baptized last week, her name is Cassia and we met her in the airport when we dropped off Elder Moraes. She was interested and said that she wanted us to stop by, so we went there this week and we were able to see how she is a very elect lady. She said she has been praying for her to know which path she should choose in life and what religion she should follow. I think she was just waiting for us to invite her to be baptized because she accepted without hesitations. She wasn't able to go to church Sunday because her and her sisters and Marcelos family all traveled. But we will go their tonight to mark a time to visit this week. Pray for her and pray for Marcelo and Aparecida and their family, I know that Satan will continue working against them, also this week we stopped at that market to buy some groceries for elder Freire, and a lady stopped us and asked what we did, we got her address and we went there Saturday, we found that she was also a very elect lady, she is active in the Lutheran church but she told us there are many things she doesn't agree with, she became very thoughtful when we invited her to be baptized, she said that she had been baptized already but she said that its something important to her and she wanted to talk to God about it and receive counsel from him, she said she is very opened minded and if God tells her to choose a different path she would be willing to do it, her name is Solde, pray for her as well so that she can receive an answer, she wanted to visit church but she had a birthday party yesterday and she said that she would only be able to go next week. We have been praying alot to know where and how the Lords want us to work, and I received the impression that we must work closer to the church and work more with a area book. I felt that we worked alot with our feet this week, though our numbers were high I was not satisfied with the way we worked this week and I feel i wasted alot of time walking than actually working and teaching. I was also a little bit down  this week, I felt alot of lack of Elder Moraes, he is one of my best friends and it was an adjustment not having him at my side, I know that he is well though and made it home safely. So tomorrow we will have a division I will go with Elder V. Alves again we will stay in my area, so I'm not quite sure but it sounds like this week I might be going to Cuiabá to renew my visa, if I do that I will probably travel to Cuiabá by bus, and come back by plane, I'm not sure yet but I will call the office tonight to see if I will be going or not. I pray that it will be a good travel if I go Cuiabá is far away. I hope that this week is better and that it doesn't rain haha, my thought seemed to return alot to home and to the family, 5 weeks seems like a long time and I don't feel at all like the mission in coming to an end, so far It seems like any other transfer, I think it will take a bit for the thought to sink in that this really is my last transfer. Pray for us to find those who are prepared and waiting, we are going to need all the help we can get from our Father in Heaven, I thought that would be cool if we did Jordans eagle scout stuff the day I reported that would be neat and there wouldnt be any problems for me if that's what you decide to do, congratulate him for his good work, but  tell him that he needs to respect mom and dad cause its a commandment. Know that I love you all so much and I love this great work, I'm saddened that its almost my time to end my mission but I know it will bring much joy seeing and being with my family again and the mission will bring me much fond memories and satisfaction for the rest of my life. Have a great week everybody and take good care!
-Elder Kennington

 Elder Freire, a Brazilian from Osasco São Paulo. 

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