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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Brazil Week #96 Last Transfer

Good morning everyone, I'm glad to be back on the computers emailing you guys, this has been an eventful week, and we have been very blessed. I thank you for your prayers and thoughts during this week, we felt them, and we felt the help from our Heavenly Father. As i said last week we were going to be working alot with the family of Marcelo and Aparecida. This week we visited them every week and taught them all the lessons, we knew they had problems with coffee, and Sunday we explained just a little bit about it, and Monday as we returned we found that Aparecida had already tried to abstain from coffee, we hadn't even taught her yet, we taught them that day and they accepted to live it, we taught them about something called cevada, which is that imitation coffee that used to be postum, they bought it the next day and started drinking it, We taught them everything else, they started living the commandments right away, we went there every night. 2 of their daughter Bruna and Steffanie go to school at night so we were only able to teach the parents and the youngest daughter Eduarda. I wont lie I had serious doubts that they would be baptized on Saturday, I kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I remember kneeling down one morning early in the week and asking The Lord to bless them, i asked Him to protect them to comfort their hearts and minds and to let them feel peace and know that this is the right path and the path that they must choose. After I pray, I usually pause for at least 10 seconds before opening my eyes and getting up. That morning as I paused and listened I heard clearly in my mind the voice of the Spirit, he said 4 simple words which are found in the scriptures -Doubt not, fear not. In that moment I knew that I had been doubting to much and that I hadn't been putting my faith and trust in the Lord I also felt that all would work out fine in the end. I prayed much during the week and I continued feeling the same things, I also felt that the Lord would protect them and allow everything to work out fine, being as they were his elects and he had prepared them and he would not allow them to be tempted above what they were able. Saturday we had a good conversation with them and they decided that they were ready and that this really was the path they wanted to follow. They were interviewed and that night we baptized them. It was such a simple baptismal service, there was only us the group leaders wife and Marcelo and Cida and their youngest daughter, their oldest daughters had traveled to Cuiabá. But the Spirit was very powerful and we all felt the comfort of the spirit and him testifying that what was done was right and that it was done by those having the proper authority of God. I'm grateful that the  Lord allowed us to find and baptize these wonderful people, they truly are His chosen elects. We will work with their daughters to baptize them this transfer, I'm not sure if it will be difficult as 2 of them are rather attached to the catholic church, but nothing the  Lord cant take care of. So anyway with this transfer I will be training! I have no idea who my companion is though, President will wait to meet the new missionaries first before assigning them to their trainer. he probably wont get here until Wednesday, so until them I will be in a trio with the others here, So,  Yesterday was a very good yet difficult day for me. Church was nice we confirmed Marcelo and Cida, I both baptized Aparecida and confirmed her, and Elder Moraes the same with Marcelo. Fabiola who was baptized 3 weeks ago gave her first talk, it was excellent and was about eternal families she did an excellent job and I was proud of how much she and her sister are learning in the Gospel. We had a good lunch with the Group Leaders family it was kinda rushed cause E Moraes was throwing the last of his stuff into his suitcase, Marcelo took us to the Airport and we were accompanied by the group leaders family. He took a plane to Cuiabá, cause its a 1 hour plane ride instead of 15 hours on a bus. Elder Moraes was commenting how he never cried, but as he was giving hugs and saying good bye he got to me and gave me a hug and I guess he couldn't hold it in cause he started crying, that made me cry too, I was saying goodbye to one of my best friends on the mission, not knowing when I would ever see him again. But without doubts when I come back to Brazil he will be the first one I visit, and we already have plans to do a tour of the mission and Brazil. Who knows when that will be, but its definitely on my to do list. Well, I am now officially in my last transfer. I honestly cant believe that it is here already. 6 weeks, that's no time at all,  before on the mission the transfers were like barriers separating us from the end of the mission, but I have jumped that last barrier and there is officially nothing left in front of me, just 6 more weeks of hard work. Time goes by quickly when we are lost in the service of The Lord, I am so excited to be able to train and be able to give all that I have back to The Lord. That's my desire this transfer is to give all that I have to The Lord, he has already given me so much, and I feel that I still have so much that I owe him. I have been examining our map of the city and have selected several areas that have never been worked, I ask for your prayers as I enter into this last transfer, I want to work the way the Lord wants me to work, and I want to be guided by Him. I know we will be richly blessed this transfer. I will probably be training a Brazilian this transfer because it sounds like there are no Americans arriving, that's good cause I didn't really want to have to spend time training with the language, but there will probably be some Hispanics arriving as well so maybe I will train a hispanic, we shall see I guess, pray for president to know with whom he should place me with. Well I'm excited to start this my last transfer and chapter of my wonderful mission. I'm grateful for Our Savior and it is my testimony that He lives and loves us. I wish you all a wonderful week! I love you all so much!
-Elder Kennington

Marcelo and Aparecida Baptism

Saying Good bye to Elder Moraes.

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