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Monday, January 28, 2013

Week #6 Provo MTC.

Hey everybody! 2 1/2 weeks left at the mtc, it's gone by so fast! Not much new this week all the days seemed to just melt together into one big blob. It's been a little rainy yesterday and today and so there has been alot of ice built up on the walks around here at the mtc. So yesterday morning they gave an announcement over the intercom for everyone to walk under the covered paths so that we would be away from the ice, but sure enough there were plenty of people slipping and falling, mostly sisters though because of their shoes that have hardly any traction. Sister Howell in our district supposedly slipped and fell in front of a bunch of people and was embarassing for her, but she is fine. Of course later in the day an elder slipped and completely broke his leg. He was supposed to be going to Spain soon but will be delayed for another four months because of the accident. One of our sisters Sister Standland from Florida was feeling pretty sick this morning and wasn't sure if she would be able to make it to the temple. We gave her a blessing and she was able to make it through the session without any problems whatsoever. On Wednesday I was able to host and was able to do Aaron Wallace right at the very end, he was one of the last cars to come in and I saw them pull out of the parking lot acrossed to the street so I kinda guaged where they were and where they would probably go and decided that they would probably drive to the end stations to drop him off. I was at the very first stations so I casually walked to to the end hoping that that's where they would end up. The Lord blessed us and I was right because I saw them pulling down to the bottom, I asked the other Elders that were at his station if they wouldn't mind letting me get the next car because it was a close friend of mine. They gladly let me host him and it was great. His residence room is only about 4 rooms down from me and our classrooms are only 3 rooms apart. It all worked out awesome. On sunday I was able to see the list of who was coming into our zone. They originally were splitting the missionaries up into the two zones with 6 in our zone. I was bummed out because they had put Aaron in the other portuguese zone. I was so convinced that he would be in our zone that I honestly couldn't believe they put him in the other zone. But I felt ok bacause he would still be on the same floor as us in our classroom building and so I would get to see him occasionally. Then on Tuesday night after District training my zoneleaders said " Hey Elder Kennington what was your friends name that was coming in tomorrow?" I said it was Aaron Wallace, and my zone leader got a big grin on his face and told him that they had combined the two new districts into one and that they were all going to be in our zone! I was so happy! That night in the shower I sang really loud about how awesome the Gospel is and I sung about going to brazil and having aaron in my zone and I sang in portuguese. I was just happy cause The Lord knows us and he will bless us with what we need. I forgot to say a while ago but every night I take a shower since the line in the morning is a joke. And me and a couple of my other Elder friends sing in the showers about whatever we want, the songs are always really dumb but it's a good way to relieve stress and just be ourselves. So yeah it was super fun hosting Aaron around. first I take him to the building and take all his luggage and meet him on the other side of the building, when they go inside they get their nametags and id cards and maps etc. After that I took him back to our residence hall and dropped off his luggage, then we go to the bookstore where they have a big sack of supplies. It has the portuguese scriptures, grammar books, daily planners, health guide pamphlet, just a bunch of stuff. After we got that I showed him to his classroom. And that's where we dropped him off. It was great though and I really hope I'll be able to host Robby and Kaiden when they come. Let me know what time they are supposed to be coming in and what vehicle they will probably be in so that I can watch for them. I also saw Kiana Eddington that entered on Wednesday too. I didn't she was coming in until Elder Braxten Neilson told me that she was coming, he was able to host her and I talked to her and her family for a minute. It was really cool. Also When we were waiting at our stations I was an Elder that looked really familiar walk by with his host, I told my friend next to me that I think I know that kid. I resolved to if I saw him again I would talk to him and see who he was. It just so happened that next morning I walked into breakfast and he was standing right in front of me. I tapped him on the shoulder and said "hey where are you from?" he looked at me funny and said "where are you from" then I just said did you live in Roosevelt for a while? he lit up and said yeah! over the summer! I remember you! So it turns out this was Brexan that lived with his family in Roosevelt over the summer, we had hung out a few times but not too much. He had told me he was just waiting till he was old enough to put in his mission papers. I hadn't heard anything since he moved to the city. We talked for a bit and he said he had got his call only two months before and was going to San diego. He was super excited and It was cool seeing him. No visas for anyone this week. There were I think 19 or so Elders that were reassigned from the other portuguese zone. All the reassignments were made to, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, or New York. My friend Elder Moon was reassigned to Alabama. He is the one that me and mom met in provo at the health clinic that was also going to Brazil. He was really emotional about it but he said he knows its the right place. I hope that if I'm reassigned the Spirit will bear witness to me as well that my reassignment is where I need to go. Not much else thats new this week, I talked to some guys from Brazil in the vending machine room the other night and I was actually able to communicate with them in portuguese a little but. It sure was cool, I'm pretty sure when I get to Brazil that it'll be completely different hearing and speaking the language all the time. Plus Native Brazilians are so much more harder to understand and they speak so fast, I'm excited though I really am. Anyway everything is great here, I'm healthy and happy. Me and Elder Saxton are getting along great and we are learning alot together. Both of our investigators committed to be baptized this week so we are progressing well with our teaching. Hope everyone is having fun on the cruise, I pray for your safety and well being everynight. I love you guys all and I'm so grateful to be out serving our Savior for the next two years. It's the best thing I can do to pay him back for my wonderful life. Espero que voces terao Muito paz, amor, saude, alegria, felicidade, ajuda, e bencaos, Amo voces muito, amo este evangelho, e amo meu Salvador, Redentor, e Mestre, Jesus Cristo. Everyone take care and be good! -Elder Kennington

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