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Friday, January 4, 2013

Wk. #3 Provo MTC

Hey Family! How have things been? It's been a crazy week here at the mtc. Tons of people have been getting sick with the flu. 4 of the 11 in our district were bed ridden at one point. Me and my companion have been fine though. Most are doing alot better now and our whole district was able to make it to the temple today. The first in our district to get sick was Sister Littell. She is doing alot better though now. We gave her a blessing at the beginning of the week. I anointed her and we had our District Leader Elder Cameron seal and bless her. It was his first time giving a blessing and he did awesome. I heard something that like one in every 15 or 20 missionaries here at the mtc got some sort of virus or flu. One of the Elders in our district was just walking back to the dorms when out of nowhere he threw up all over the sidewalk. It's more of a 24 hour thing and most everyone is feeling better now. The worst I personally got was being congested in my chest and nose. It caused me to sneeze and cough quite a bit but I feel mostly normal now. It was pretty intense for a while because there was no handshaking or hugs allowed. So everyone touched elbows instead. It was funny seeing the looks on the faces of our investigators when we would say "Da me um cotovelo." which means "give me an elbow." When all the new missionaries came in on Wednesday they baracaded them to one side of the lunchroom and we were not to converse or touch them so that they didn't get sick. Like I said today we were able to go to the Provo Temple for the first time and do an endowment session. I never realized how large of a temple it was. I loved it so much and it was a great experience. I was really bummed out when you guys told me that Aaron had been delayed to come here another 3 weeks. That stinks so bad. I think there was 26 total portuguese speaking missionaries that came in on the 3rd. 13 of them are in our zone they are all going to Brazil. I think they must have selected by last names on who would be able to come in on Wednesday. Aaron must have been bumped back just because his last name is at the end of the alphabet. Oh well though. Also thanks for all the letters, everyday Elder Cameron walks into our classroom and yells "MAIL TIME!" I get really excited when I get mail and thanks so much for emailing me on dear elder. I love getting those messages. Thanks again so much for the care packages, I got the cinnamon rolls from grandma Dale 2 days ago and me and my companion and roomates have eaten most of them already they were great. And also the candy that Grandma Farm sent me is about gone too. I'm always starving at the end of the day and it's been great to have those goodies and other delights to eat. Also I got the yellow fever card at the beginning of the week. Thanks again for sending it and the hoodie and push up bars. It's all exactly what I needed. Last week it felt like I hit a wall with the language and was having a hard time remembering new things but this week I feel alot better about the language and I feel the Lord has really opened up my mind and touched me with the spirit. We our teaching two new investiagtors and it's and awesome feeling being able to look them in the eyes and bear with conviction and knowing that I know that this message and these words which we are teaching are true. And to be able to do it in the portuguese language. You can discern alot about a person by what you can see in their eyes. I have noticed that alot this week especially when bearing witness do Livro De mormon e Jose Smith. The work is great and I'm so happy being here. Elder Saxton and I have been working hard and I have been praying for him alot. And he has been able to speak the language alot better and remember and understand alot more. Funny that the Lord paired us up because there is many things I have learned from him and I hope I have been able to teach him some good things too which will help him throughout the mission. The Lord knows us and he knows what we need and I think me and Elder Saxton needed eachother to learn and understand more of why we are here. Elder Saxton is a stickler and is perfect in being obedient which has taught me much and I hope that I can at least teach him that it's ok to fart in front of your companion. haha Anyways Happy new years to everyone it was pretty awesome here during new years night. I totally took a shower at 9:30 and then I drank some milk and ate some rice krispies. After that I brushed my teeth, wrote in my journal, said companionship and personal prayer and then went to bed at precisely 10:30. It was pretty hardcore I know. Really though it was fun being here during all the holidays. Good news today though! About ten Elder from our zone got their visas to Brazil. It was pretty random the people that got them, Some that sent their visas in the same time I did got theirs while others that have had theirs in a month longer didn't get theres. It's just whoever the Lord needs in Brazil right away. Personally I think mine will come before my mtc time is up but if I do get reassigned that would be fine with me. So far 3 Elders have been reassigned to the states for at least 6 weeks. The first was my host Elder Ferrin, he was reassigned to South Dakota. Another was assigned to ARizona and another Alabama. good times though. I can't think of other things I wanted to talk about. Anyways I'm passed time so let me know if you guys have any specific questions or are wondering anything. All is great and I'm happy and healthy and am learning alot. The Spirit changes and humbles us and I'm super grateful for that. Love you all and take good care.
-Elder Kennington

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