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Friday, December 28, 2012

Week #2

Boa Tarde! So did it end up sending you all the picture ok? There was about 24 of them. After I sent them all i sent me a message that said it didn't send them for some reason. But if you got them great! I was super bummed out cause I didn't think they sent. Any way we are only supposed to have 30 mins on p-day to email and after that it notifies your branch president if you stay on much longer. My emails have been really cut down the last two weeks cause of problems with my account lettting me on. But I think we got it all figuered out. Even today I'm cut down to only 20 mins. So I'll try to fill in as much as possible. I have a super hard time typing and spelling because all the portuguese makes it hard to do stuff in english so sorry plus the computer I'm on is a joke cause it's s laggy and slow. Christmas was awesome. Russel M. Nelson was the apostle that came and talked to us. It was really cool when he walked into the gym because everyone stood up and the spirit testified that a man of great power and faith was in the room. We didn't do a whole bunch on Christmas. We had breakfast, then personal sudy time, and then we went and got ready for the two choir number we were supposed to sing during the Christmas devotional. Me and Elder Saxton are in the Choir and we sang two pieces. One was a beautiful song called where shepards lately knelt. And then we sang a tough rendition of The first Noel. But it was also very beautiful and it went great. Elder Nelson spoke to us about the atonement and how me must all take advantage of the great miracle that it is. He also dispelled the rumor that there were missionaries getting calls to learn chinese for 1 year and then go to china for another two years. He said it was competely and utterly false and to cease spreading that rumor. Anyway Everything is still going great here at the mtc. We got two more roomates on the 19th Elder Williams and Elder Thayne. They are great Elders and they are both going to Portugal. Elder Saxton doesn't like them speaking portuguese since it sounds different than brazilian portuguese. He likes to try and correct them. He also gets a little irritated with me if I talk too much portuguese. He's doing alot better though and has been able to start speaking and picking up the language better. Our class is doing great with everything. I think we have the hardest working portuguese district here. Our distict leade,r Elder Cameron is super great and helpful. He's really chilled and relaxed but he makes sure we work hard and get stuff done. A typical day here starts with waking up at 6:30 going to breakfast at 7 then personal study from 7:30 till 8:30 then our teacher teaches us unil 11:30, then we have lunch and gym after that. I usually play knockout basketball and foursquare but we can also play volleyball or run on the track above. I ran 2 miles on monday and I almost killed over and died cause I was so tired. It felt good after, though. After gym we usually go back for more language study and computer language study. then at 4:30 we have dinner and then we do more study and our teacher teaches till 9:30 and then we go back to the dorms and pass out on our bed and repeat again the next day. It's great though and there is nothing I love more than being here and learning more about the gospel. The days seem long but the week just melt together. Btw tell Kaden happy birthday yesterday. I thought of him several times throughout the day. Also tell grandma thanks so much for the goodies it was such a relief to finally get a package full of goodies. Thanks for the emails and the hoodie and pushup bars. I got them today. Yesterday 43 people got sick from eating this beef casserole for lunch that I ate too and was fine, but 3 got sick and threw up during gym time. Also another one from our zone dislocated his finger playing basketball yesterday but he's doing ok. It's snowed a good foot here in the last week and everybody is having fun throwing snowballs around and stuff. Every sunday and on christmas we go walk around the temple. The provo temple has been closed the last 2 weeks and doesnt open until january second so I haven't been able to go and do a session yet which stinks super bad but this next friday I'll be able to go again so I'm super excited for that. We did that white elephant gift giving on christmas and I got 5 bucks worth of peach rings to give as my present. I ended up with a random piece of paper with portuguese words and 2 mechanical pencils. But thats alright we were also super happy to spend Christmas together. I'm so jealous you guys get to go on the sweet vacation next month!!! What the heck! you guys have fun though cause I'll have more fun than you guys in Brazil anyway :) Sorry my email is all over the place I dont remember what I was going to say. Email me the questions you still need answered or whatever your curioous on. I'm super late for dinner so I have to get running. Let everyone know I love them. A IGREJA E VERDADEIRA!

Love you all. - Elder Kennington

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