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Monday, August 12, 2013

Brazil Week #33

Hey family!  Another week has come and gone. Strange how the time passes so quick on the mission. We has a busy week this last week. We opened up a new neighborhood this last week. Here in Brasil all the cities are separated into Bairros. Which I think the equivalent is neighborhood in English. So there is probably a 15 or so bairros in our part of Sorriso. We have been working in the same 4 or 5 bairros for the last 2 months and we have been getting very little results. There are tons of less actives in those areas and alot of people to teach but they all make the excuse that church is too far from their house. Most people still don't have cars just bikes and motorcycles. So this week we decided to open up a new neighborhood that is alot closer to our house and the church house. This week we searched for some of the less actives in this new neighborhood and made contacts with about everyone we came in contact with, while we were searching for these people. Unfortunately alot of the less actives had already moved but we met alot of cool people and some not so cool people as well haha. We taught a lot of lessons this week and made alot of contacts with people. Some of the more memorable lessons was we had one with a man that is missing his right eye, we made a contact at his house cause we were looking for some less actives and he came out and before we even said anything he was like whoooo! I sure like when people come to talk with me and talk about God and stuff. He was obviously a little bit drunk cause we could smell it on him. We talked to him a bit and said we would come back the next day to teach him. SO we came back and taught him the next day. He was sitting out in front of his house and said I've been waiting for you guys! I knew you would come! This time he wasn't drunk but he had a rotting pile of garbage and beer cans behind him that wreaked. We had like a 50 minute lesson and I was holding my breath the entire time. It was kinda annoying cause we would talk for 10 seconds teaching the lesson and then he would stop us and go off on some tangent that didn't make sense. It was almost comical sometimes cause he was cutting us off so much. I got a little distracted during the lesson when he was talking cause he had bugs and flies crawling all over his feet. I kept thinking to myself "man this guy needs to take a bath" eventually we were able to finish the lesson. He said that he would be baptized but he wasn't legally married and obviously had word of wisdom issues. He said he would go to church on Sunday. We convinced him to offer the closing prayer. I had a hard time not cracking up during the prayer. In the middle of the prayer he stopped and was like "hey God are you listening? I'm here talking are you listening? Then he paused for a second then said oh yeah of course your listening. The way he said it was comical though. I took a peak at elder Cordeiro and he was having a hard time not laughing as well. Funny the things that people do sometimes. As missionaries we experience alot of things that would put alot of people into depression and discourage them. But in The Lords infinite Love and mercy he allows us to find much happiness and laughter in his work. We are away from our families, friends, toys cars, regular music, games, t.v, just the normal things of the world. Most people would go crazy. But the Lord blesses his missionaries and supports and strengthens us. We are never alone in the Lords work. The other day Elder Cordeiro was saying that he has never laughed so much in a transfer. I'm glad that the Lord gave me a family with a sense of humor and that I was able to learn from them. Another funny thing happened we were at the home of a member family talking to them, they had the radio on and there was a random part where the radio was playing some random thing in English it wasn't even a song, but it randomly dropped the f-word. No one understood it except me and my companion. I just muttered to myself Caidaço, which is that word we use when something bad or not cool happened. My companion just looked at me and we started laughing. The members were like why are they laughing, we explained what happened and they thought it was funny too. Luckily they turned the radio off after this. The radio stations here play alot of songs in English and most of them are unedited. Not many people understand the swear words except for me. There is alot of cars that just drive through the city and neighborhoods blasting music and radio adds. It sure doesn't help the spirit when we are teaching a lesson and a car with speakers strapped to the top of it is blasting music and drives by right in the middle of the lesson. It is what is though. We taught several more great families that accepted to be baptized but they aren't legally married! What a curse! This week I  we had over a dozen people accept to be baptized. And Yesterday we had about 15 people that said they would be to church. But you know how it goes. We had 2 investigators show. A lady who isn't legally married and her nephew. We will keep working with them but it was kind of a disappointment yesterday at church. But that's missionary work for ya.  Miques was confirmed yesterday and that was cool. He is making friends with the young men in the ward so hopefully he will be able to build a strong relationship with them and stay active. The picture that I added was taken at a members home that just moved into the ward. We had lunch at their house, and they have this really sweet motorcycle there. One of the things I miss is riding motorcycles back at home. Here there are tons and tons of motorcycles and so its a little hard to not day dream about motorcycles sometimes. So today we are going to go fishing with a member. I am super excited for that. The last time we planned to go fishing on the mission I was emergency transferred the day before, so I was glad that I didn't receive any calls last night saying I was being transferred. We bought these bamboo rods that they sell here and we will fish with them, they only cost like 3 bucks. It should be cool and I will get some pictures to you next week. well not really a whole ton this week, we will be working our tails off this next week probably so it should be good, the time passes quick when we are staying busy. It sounded like the Brothers had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa Kenningtons over the week, wish I could have been there. Anyway love you guys all very much and hope you are all well. Thanks for all the prayers and everything. Until next week!
-Elder Kennington

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