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Monday, August 26, 2013

Brazil Week #36

Hello everybody! So sorry that I didn't get my email sent off to you guys last week. I got about half of the email written but then I saw that everyone else had finished and was waiting on me so, i had to close everything up and leave, the hike was really good and we got some good pictures. But I don't think I will be able to send them this week because the computer I'm using has a bad usb port and my camera isn't connecting to the compute,r so sorry about that. But the hike was cool, it was in the middle of the city of Lucas where they have what's called a green area. Its pretty much a large area where they have left the nature untouched and haven't built a bunch of stuff. So it makes you feel like your were in the jungle, it was pretty cool I thought. The Sisters were kinda bummed because a baptism of theirs fell through the day before so we asked President Reber if we could have p-day with them to help cheer them up and animate them. So we took the bus there and back. The problem is that the bus on the way back was more than an hour behind schedule so by the time we arrived in sorriso it was about 6:30 and we still had to walk a half hour back to our house. We went to the mall but Elder Cordeiro felt that it was a really bad idea to be here at the lan house this late. So we just went back to the house. I was super bummed cause I wanted to finish up the email to you guys. But we both agreed that it would be better to not go email at such a late hour. We don't know what would have happened but we think something would have happened if we finished up emails. Who knows, but today I finished it up and got it sent off. I don't think this email will be very long this week has been very uneventful, Elder Cordeiro has been kinda sick, he has had a migraine and also his stomach and kidney has been hurting this week. So we have taken it pretty easy this week cause he cant walk a whole ton. Tomorrow, if it still hasn't improved, we will go to the hospital and have them check it out. We called Sister Reber last week and she said to take ibuprofen and drink alot of water, and if it doesn't improve to call her back. So tomorrow we will probably go get it checked out at the doctors. Tuesday we visited with our recent convert Miqueis for a while, he didn't go to church last Sunday so we visited him to see how he was, he said that he left that morning to go to church, but his leg was hurting so bad that he turned around and went back home. A few years ago he had an accident on a motorcycle that broke his leg, so he has some screws and stuff in his hip, and sometimes it causes him alot of pain. But he is doing well and he was at church yesterday and hour early to get interviewed to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Wednesday, was kinda fun; We were up extra early to go to Lucas for district meeting, and randomly the Assistants to President Reber walked into our house. It was funny cause Elder Cordeiro was like ahhhhhhh! Robbers!  We talked to the assistants for a bit, they had come to have splits with the zone leaders. So we went to Lucas and had district meeting, and then we sat at the bus station forever cause there were some accidents on the highway, then as we got on the bus they said there had been another accident and that we would be delayed even more. We didn't get back to Sorriso until about 7, and we still had lessons that we had to get to. This week we have been preparing a young woman for baptism. Her name is Tainara and she is 16. She has had a pretty rough life, her dad died when she was young and she has already lived with a guy for  a year. But now she is living with her mom and is wanting a change in her life. We worked our tails off this week getting all the lessons taught to her, it was tough cause she lives a long ways from the house. She went to church last week and we had her baptism marked for yesterday. We had the font full of water and cleaned up and the leaks fixed, and Sunday morning we couldn't get a hold of her so we went to her house and her mom said that she had left to help a friend with something, we asked to have Tainara give us a call as soon as she got home. So we were going back to the church and she called us and was saying that she didn't want to get baptized anymore and that she had fears and stuff. She said that someone had said some stuff to her about church and her being baptized and now she didn't want to be baptized. Its hard explaining things over the phone and we tried to get things worked out over the phone but we ended up saying that we would visit her this week and get things worked out. After this we were still a ways from the church, and Elder Cordeiro was supposed to teach the adult class in 5 minutes, so we ran literally to the church, we arrived panting and sweating but we got there in time for the class. We were bummed that another baptism fell through. But we are going to work this last week to get her baptized next Sunday. Not much really the rest of the week, We spent a lot of time with members and less actives. Saturday I had a fast. That was a bad Idea, from the moment I started my fast, I was offered chocolate coconut cake, passion fruit mousse, barbecue, pizza, coke. Pretty much everything. haha but I was able to do it without eating anything. Yesterday, we visited some more people that are less actives and visited with the District President here in Sorriso, he would be the equivalent of the stake president. So yeah, its been a pretty uneventful week here. This is the last week of the transfer we will be receiving transfer calls this Sunday. Its almost a certainty that either me or Elder Cordeiro will be transferred, as well as one of the Elders from the other companionship that already had 6 months here. I'm thinking that I will be staying here in Sorriso. But I wont cry if I'm transferred, haha. We will see what happens though. Again keep the transfers in your prayers so that everything works out fine. Pretty crazy, today marks 5 months here in Brazil. Pretty crazy, its passed really fast it seems like just yesterday that I landed in Cuiabá. The language is coming fine I guess. Elder Cordeiro says I speak better than some Americans after 2 years. I don't think so, though. I can understand most things. I have to pay attention though. People speak really fast here. But yeah, that's about it. My computer will run out of time here in 3 minutes so Ill just let everyone know how much I love you all and how grateful I am to have such  wonderful family and friends. Everyone have a good week at work and school and everything. AtĂ© mais!
-Elder Kennington

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