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Monday, August 26, 2013

Brazil Week #35 The Prophet Kennington

Hey my wonderful family! Sounds like everyone had a good, but busy week. This has been a tough week for me, I won't lie. Not much has gone right. But I am grateful that My Father in Heaven gives us these difficult weeks at times. Because it reminds us of how blessed we are, and also we are humbled and reminded of how much we rely on the Lord. So this week kinda stunk a little. But I'm grateful that I had it, because its been a while since I experienced a spiritually tough week. Every week of the mission is hard, there is no doubt about that, but some weeks nothing seems to go right, and that Satan works extra hard  on us and our investigators. Last p-day we just kinda bummed in the house, one of the Elders in the house has that movie called "courageous". I remember I watched it a while ago with mom. Its not made by the church but it is a really good uplifting movie and I enjoyed it alot. The movie was in Portuguese but it wasn't really too much of a problem. I was able to understand about 85% of the movie.  We were pretty excited for this week because we were preparing a boy named David to be baptized. He is 11 years old and will be 12 soon. He came to church with one of our investigators 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure why he came to church but we met him at church and instantly felt something different in him. He is only 11 but he has an air of maturity and responsibility about him. We taught him once the week before, about the restoration, his mom was there with him too. It was a really good lesson and after we asked his mom if she would support her son in being baptized if he wanted.  She said, "Oh of course I will support him in being baptized!" So we asked him if he wanted to be baptized, he said that yes he wanted to be. So we were excited for that. But we went back on Tuesday this week to teach him more. We got to his house but he was still at school so we waited at a members house that lives right across the street. Before long David arrived at his house on his bike, we called him over to us and started talking to him. Something seemed a little off about him he seemed a little down, so we asked him if he was excited for church this Sunday. He said oh, kind of. We asked why is was only kind of excited? He paused for a minute and said that his parents weren't going to let him get baptized anymore. We were just kind of like "what?"  So went over to his house to talk to his mom, we waited outside for a minute and she came out and said in a kinda snappy tone, "what do you guys want?" It was kinda funny cause Elder Cordeiro was like we are here to see how you guys are doing, what's new this week? We talked for a minute then suddenly the mom said we have decided that David wont get baptized. We are from the assembly of God and he will baptize in that church as well. We were kinda shocked, both Elder Cordeiro and me had the desire to ask her when the last time was that she took her family to church. But whatever. We left a powerful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of the importance of being baptized by one who has authority given from God. I think the Spirit burned her pretty good. But at the end she still said she wouldn't let her son be baptized. So we said thanks for your time, closed with a prayer and left. I was pretty bummed during the week because of this. I know that satan was working hard to discourage me. I feel that Satan has robbed us of so many baptisms, I get sick if I think of it too much. But I know that Heavenly Father is still testing me. I just wish we didn't face so much opposition sometimes. But I know that as I face these obstacles in the path I will gain knowledge and strength. And that by facing these obstacles I will grow and be able to be made strong. the next day on Wednesday we had district meeting here on Sorriso, then we went and tried to find some less actives in a part of our area that we don't usually work in, everyone had moved so on the way back to our other area we passed through a park and made a contact with a guy. He seemed pretty open and I felt good about this guy, he started asking us about the "founder" of our church and about the Book of Mormon and stuff. I guess he already knew someone that had given him a Book of Mormon a while back and he had "searched" about our church on the internet as well. We sat down in the park to teach they guy and everything went down the drain from that point on. He didn't want us to give an opening prayer and he didnt accept the baptismal invitation either. So I started teaching about the importance of families and prophets and then he started asking questions and blabbing on about non-sensical stuff. We didnt really bible bash but for an hour we sat there trying to explain prophets and the priesthood and stuff. But the dude was a fool, he dug a pretty big hole for himself with his words and trying to find scriptures to prove us wrong but he was searching for scriptures that don't exist. We got pretty sick of listening to him talk apostasy to us. We stood up and said "sir,  we are wasting our time here arguing with you". But we both bore simple testimonies that today God does call prophets and that the Priesthood has been restored on the earth. At this point the guy almost desperately said no, no there are no prophets! There is no more Priesthood. It was kinda cool, at the same time me and Elder Cordeiro said, "No, there is!" Then we shook his hand and left, and the guy just stood there with his mouth open but with nothing coming out. It was kinda a joke after that in the house because this guy was saying there are no more prophets, but then he would say that we al are prophets. It was funny during the so called "lesson" because the guys was like there are no more prophets, but then he pointed and me and was like but you are a prophet. I just looked and Elder Cordeiro gave him a look of this guy is crazy! So the rest of the week Elder Cordeiro called me Elder Kennington the prophet. it was our joke. I don't think I have ever heard so many lies thrown at me before, by anyone. Oh well I hope that guy changes one day before its too late. Thursday we didn't have much to do, so we went to a park near the church and just made contacts with people, me and E. Cordeiro split up but stayed within about 50 feet of each other and we made a grundle of contacts. We found one elect lady but she lives in a city about 50 miles from sorriso that doesnt have the church there. We gave her a Book of Mormon and all the lesson pamphlets. We both felt strongly that she will baptize on day. Friday President Reber and Sister Reber came to Sorriso and held interviews with all the Elders, we had a good conversation, he said that there is almost 30 Americans waiting to recieve visas that will be coming to this mission, and so he said to be ready. That's all he said but pretty much that was code for you will probably be training when the visas arrive. The next day we had to go to Lucas to give a baptismal interview for the Sisters, we got lucky and President Reber gave us a ride there because he was going back to Cuiabá. We spent a long time at the interview the lady had alot of fears and questions. I think Elder Cordeiro was with her for over an hour interviewing her. That bad part it that she didnt even show up to church the next day, so we spent all that time there for nothing, hopefully will still get baptized in the upcoming weeks. Sunday was normal, I always enjoy Sundays I think I like Sundays even more than p-days. Like I said though it was a tough week, but It good to know that we are never alone. Well I need to start on my next letter to you guys, I had to write 2 letters today since I didn't finish this letter last week. Any way love you guys so much and thanks for the letters!
-Elder Kennington

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