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Monday, January 6, 2014

Brazil Week #55

Woohoo p-day again, a new day a new transfer and more news for you all. So We got transfers last night finally after like 10:30 because the assistants were at the church doing the transfer and our lone leaders didn't call us so we didn't find out what would happen till late. So yeah I ill be staying here in my area here in Campo Grande, and Elder Campos will be going to another city here in the south call Maracaju, and I will be training another American again here. An American named Elder Tibbits who is also a visa waiter. Also i was called to be the district leader here, cause the other district leader is going to be a zone leader in another area. So yeah changes again, I kinda was expecting to train again but I wasn't expecting to be called as district leader, I was district leader in the mtc but that doesn't mean anything at all haha. I don't know the I guess it will be cool, Now its my responsibility to call and follow up with the other missionaries and see how their days were and stuff, I will also have to do the baptismal interviews when someone in our district has baptisms, and Ill have to give trainings every week at district meeting. So that will be fun, not really but it will be a good experience to learn and  grow. So yeah It will probably take a while for my new companion to get here, so I will probably be in a trio for a bit or maybe I will stay with one of the zone leaders because one got transferred so we shall see. But as for this week it wasn't too great. I met alot of cool people we taught some new investigators, all of which said they would go to church on Sunday. But no one showed up. But we had several less actives that we had been working with that came to church that made me happy. It rained quite a bit as well this week which kinda screwed up alot of our plans. We have a young man that we have been working with named Jairo, that has already been to church a few times but its being hard to find him at home and plus him mom was telling him that he needs to wait longer to be baptized even though he is already 14 years old, but I have been looking for families to baptize this last while, its been harder than I thought though, some people are kinda jerks to us especially people that are a little better off financially. I'm on the hunt though, I have a goal of visiting every less active member in the ward this transfer and get references and baptize them. It should be good though this transfer and I am excited. Oh we also found out Monday night last week that new years day would be like Christmas and we wouldn't have to work. So we played soccer and then I just slept cause Ive been pretty dead these last several weeks, and I just needed to catch up on some sleep. No news on our house I called the financial secretary yesterday and he said that he had sent the contract and all that stuff to the people and he was just waiting for them to send some stuff back to him, he said he would call today to see what's going on. I'm getting sick of living so far away from our area. Its cutting out on alot of good work time that we could have. Saturday it rained a ton, but I was sick of just finding refuge a some members house and waiting out the rain so we both had our umbrellas so we went to a less actives house that have been wanting us to come and visit them and teach their daughter that isn't a member, so we finally found their house and her daughter wasn't even their which kinda bummed me out, but they wanted us to dedicate their house so i dedicated their house and we talked for a while the couple had alot of crazy stories about stuff that had happened to them over their life. The lady had some pretty crazy experiences where she had died and had all of her blood already sucked out and they were about ready to cut here open and do an autopsy and all of the sudden she woke up and so she was living without blood, so they put more blood into her and she stayed in the hospital for like three months and then she was able to leave. She said that while she was "dead" she visited with the Savior and he told her that she was going to go back to earth and that she had alot more work to do. So then she found the church and was baptized a year ago, but went less active but she had the desire to come back to church cause she was reading the book of Mormon, so her and her husband have been coming to church the last 4 weeks. she had some funny stories of before she really got to know the church because she had been told that there were images of the devil painted on every tile of the floor in the church, and that there was a person under the sacrament cloth that was sacrificed and stuff like that. People make up the craziest lies and stories about the church. But its just another proof of the truthfulness of the church because Satan works so hard against the church. But yeah I'm glad that I know that the Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true. I got the letters that everyone had written me on thanksgiving thanks for that i really enjoyed the letters from everyone. happy Birthday to Grandma farm today as well I hope its good and also that Grandma and Grandpa have a nice vacation trip. I also got a letter from the huffs in our ward so tell them thanks. So yeah we don't have much time cause my companion leaves at 6 tonight and we have alot to do still and he still needs to get packed. But yeah happy new year,we just  hung out at the house and watched fireworks which was cool but that was about it and we had a bbq at a members house, it was good I liked it. But yeah thanks for the letters from everyone. I love you all and am grateful to be here on a mission! Everyone have a good week
-Elder Kennington

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