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Monday, January 13, 2014

Brazil Week #56 with New Companion Elder Tibbitts from Mesa Arizona

Hey everyone, I hope your all doing well, sounds like it has been a wild week for everyone, I was surprised to hear the dad was sick cause that's pretty rare that that happens. I hope he gets feeling better and I will be praying for him. I want to thank everyone for the emails that they sent me and for the time and care that you all take to write me emails, they are greatly appreciated and I do not take them for granted. Thanks for the pictures that mom sent me and for her letter, she thought she was boring me but I always enjoy reading everything that you guys write me. Thank you and thanks grandma dale as well for her quotes and for her thought that she shared today. This week has been pretty wild and alot of different things happened. I feel very humbled, and I have been reminded of how strong Gods hand is in our lives, and how much we rely on Him. I'm grateful to know that we are never alone. So all of Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed with the assistants in a trio. It was pretty hectic cause of transfers so we had to go to the bus station to help missionaries that were being transferred, there was alot of problems this transfer alot of people missed their buses so it put alot of stress on the office elders and the assistants. Last Monday my companion left at about 5 cause his bus was leaving at 6.  Tuesday night we had to go to the bus station at about 10 at night to wait for a missionary that has missed his bus and would be arriving at the bus station at about midnight, the only problem was that his next bus wouldn't arrive until almost 6 in the morning. So we had to wait with him the entire night cause they didn't want him staying alone in the bus station for  6 hours. We finally left the bus station at about 6 in the morning to go back to the house. I had slept about 20 minutes in the bus station just cause the seats were so bad there, so  we just ended up  playing a card game called truco for most of the night. We got back to our house at exactly 6:30 the time that we are supposed to wake up, but instead of waking up we went to bed. We didn't have lunch so We slept till about 1 in the afternoon. Then the assistants had to take care of some other things at the lan house so we went to the lan house so they could do their stuff. The mission office called and told me that my companion would arrive at 8 in the morning on Thursday. So we went to the bus station again really early and we had the missions first counselor, President Oliveira, give us a ride back. So, I will tell you all about what I know about my newest companion and son, Elder Tibbitts,  He is from Mesa Arizona. he is 19 and graduated in 2013. He has 3 sisters one of which is serving a mission in Indiana. Elder Tibbitts served in the Georgia Macon mission for 3 months. Right now he has just over 4 months total on his mission. He goes home September or August of 2015. He was trained well in Georgia and we are both learning alot together, we get along great, but its weird speaking alot of English again, but he is learning quick and I am letting him teach and speak alot with members and investigators. I will send you a picture of us. So we lost Tuesday and Wednesday of our days, but we worked our tails off the rest of the days, we made alot of contacts and found alot of new people and taught alot of lessons. In particular we found 2 couples this week that I feel were answers to our prayers and were put into our paths. The first was on Thursday me and Elder Tibbitts first work day together, we were looking for a members house because the next day we would have lunch there, so I wanted to find it ahead of time, so that the day after i wouldn't be lost looking for their house and show up late.
So on the way there we a man crossed the street and was walking parallel with us, so I took advantage of the situation and made a contact with the guy, we started talking and he asked where we were going and I said we are looking for a certain road, and he said oh yeah that's where we I'm going right now, so I just said cool we will just follow you to the road, cause we don't know where it is, so we chatted for a while and we got to his father in laws house, so I took down his address and the address of his father in laws house. Then we planned on going back to teach them on Saturday, so Saturday we were walking to lunch, and we were crossing a street and a guy randomly stopped and took off his helmet and was like hey guys its me Josíe, it was the guy that we talked to on Thursday he said that he had moved the day before and the he was now living in a different house and so he gave us his new address, he said that he would be at his father in laws house after lunch and said we could go and teach him and his wife. So we went their after lunch and taught them. They didn't understand a whole lot of what Elder Tibbitts said but they felt the Spirit. They said they would go to church the next day, so after that we left and we passed by a bus stop that had a couple waiting, it was raining but I stopped and made a contact with them, he said that they weren't attending any churches currently because he didn't like the way the churches have changed and how its all about money and people yelling at church and stuff like that. I told him that our church is very different and that we would stop by to teach them this week. I don't know but with these two couples I have just felt something different and I have felt that it wasn't a coincidence that we had ran into them when we had. So on Sunday I called at about 8:30 to see if the one couple was still going to church, I called and Josìe said that they were heading to the  church already and would get their soon, I told them that church doesn't start until 9:20 but there would be others people already at church. But we got to church and we searched the church cause there was already 2 other wards going on but we couldn't find our investigators, I tried to call them a million times but their phone was all of the sudden turned off. That made me sad I don't know what happened. We will go this week to see why they didn't make it to church. Also right before sacrament meeting a crazy guy entered the church and saw the picture of Christ and started telling everyone we were going to hell because we worshipped images, and then he started handing out papers that had the ten commandments, he was saying terrible things though and told everyone that we were in the church of the devil and that were were all the worst of sinners, we kinda messed with him a little bit and i told him that to be inside of our church you had to be baptized so I told him come on lets get baptized right now the baptismal font is full and ready already, he got the biggest eyes and a scared look on his face and he said no no no I'm already baptized, and then he called me a demon and told me to get my hand off him, we just let him finish giving out his 10 commandment cards and then he finally left. But he kinda scared alot of people so maybe it was good that our investigators weren't there. Who knows? Well yeah so love you guys but we are heading out right now. Thanks for everything and thanks so much for all of your prayers. Love you all and I hope you all have  a great week!  Com Amor.
-Elder Kennington
Elder Kennington & Elder Tibbits

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