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Monday, January 27, 2014

Brazil Week #58 Good Week in Campo Grande

Good morning dearest family, This has been one of the fastest weeks I have had so far on the mission, last week was one of the slowest I have had on the mission. That was  hard week for me, for me it was one of those refining fires, and I am very happy and grateful to Heavenly Father that he gave me a tough week like that one. Satan worked alot on me that week, not with normal temptations, but just with thoughts of self worthlessness and self pity. He knows that it's a weakness of mine, One of my biggest fears is to disappoint someone, and it seemed like that entire week, he only told me that I was a disappointment to everyone. He even got me to believe for  it for a few moments. I am glad to know that I am not a disappointment to any of you or my Heavenly Father. And I am grateful that my Good Father in Heaven brought me low so that he could take me higher. Its kinda funny how Satan makes our problems seem alot bigger and alot more difficult, because now I'm looking back and everything turned out fine. I really was worrying and stressed out for nothing, but I'm glad the The Lord showed me how good I really have it right now. The Lord blessed us abundantly this week, I prayed alot this last week asking what the Lord wanted me to do different or what he wanted me to change. And the answer was always the same. Just keep going and moving on and don't look back, have faith and the blessing will come. So this week that's what we did we endured and persevered, we continued  and the Lord blessed us with much success. The week didn't start out too great, Tuesday we just went out looking for a lot of less actives. We didn't have any success though with that and we didn't find anyone at home We ended up just getting burnt in the sun and making various contacts. We had our first activity in the church that night, there was about 25 people that went, the bishop gave a message and then it was the missionaries job to have a little game with everyone there, we played  game called I have never... which is where we start in  circle and everyone has ten tokens which we used little macaroni's and then every person has to say something they have never done, for example I have never ridden an airplane. And then everyone that has already ridden an airplane has to give up a token, and the last four people that still had tokens at the end won and got a prize, (oreos) yes I found oreos finally here in Brazil which made me really happy. So that was fun and went well. Wednesday was a special day, it started off bad as well we went and finally got a hold of a reference that had been taught by the missionaries and was supposed to be an elect, and was going to be baptized, but that was back 6 months ago when they had pulled out the missionaries from our area because of some things with the ward. So  this lady named suzanna hadn't been in contact with the missionaries for 5 or 6 months. But we got there and she was like well my sister is living with me now and shes catholic and so I have started going back to church with her and I think I am going to baptize my kids who are 3 years old and another that is 4 months old. I was thinking the whole time about how messed up it is to baptize perfect children. But we talked for a while and I nicely told her that she will never have full happiness in life if she continues in the catholic church and baptizes her children in that church. I just told her why we are baptized and what is required in a baptism.  So I just kinda let the spirit give her a bit of a burning. So I left there a little bummed out cause we were hoping that she would still be excited about baptism and stuff, but it sounds like she lost most of that desire. I couldn't get a hold of her after that to invite her to church and set up another lesson. After that we were walking and made a contact at the house of  a really fat gay guy that was dying to have us come into his house and have a drink of water or something. I was just like naw we´ll come back another day cause we are busy right now. So we left we were looking for houses and making contacts with lots of people. We met alot of good people as well that I look forward to going back and teaching this week. So I don't know why, but I called  sister in our ward to ask her about a house that she said is for rent, I don't know why I called her honestly, but it was like all of the sudden I was on the phone with her and I mentioned the name of a road called Marinha.  After a second a  guy came up and started talking to my companion but, my companion didn't really know what he was talking about, he was pointing out a road and was saying this is the road marinha, I already knew that, but I felt the strong feeling that The Lord had just delivered one of his special children into our hands, so I knew that I had to make a contact with him and get his information, so I was talking with the sister on the phone and making a contact with the guy at the same time. We talked for a bit his name is Max and attends the Spirit Church, which is a church that believes in reincarnation and stuff like that. He almost made it sound like it would be a bad idea if we went and visited him. But I got his info and then we went about our day. We went back Friday with a member and taught him the first lesson, he understood it well and was very interested in the Book of Mormon. He said that he would go to church on Sunday, because he wanted to see how it was. We went back the next day with another member and taught him again and he said he was dead set on going to church the next day. So I called him Sunday morning and he said that he was already heading to the bus stop to go to church. That made me super happy we got to church and he was already there and had already had  tour with one of the member that showed him the church and introduced him to the members. The Lord was so good to us yesterday, Josíe came to church, but his wife didn't, because she is pregnant and was going through alot of pain. I called him in the morning and said that he would go, we also had  another couple go to church that we had taught during the week that our the daughter and son in law of a family that we helped reactivate here. There names our Junior and Adrielly. Adrielly was really superstitious before she went to church, because all her family had told her that our church is horrible and is of the devil and stuff like that, but they went to church and they payed alot of attention and I think they liked it. Its hard to teach them during the week, but we will teach them again this week, hopefully we can baptize them as well because they re married legally. So after church we taught max again in the church with a member we taught him about baptism and he accepted to be baptized.  We asked him if he would accept our help to be baptized on the 8th of February and he accepted. He said he felt a peace and happiness at church and he felt that he was in the right place. He is 19 years old and is really tall. That made me so happy and I know that the Lord blessed us and it was really a miracle from Him. Please pray for max this week because he will be visiting his mom this week until Friday so I don't want anything to happen that will dissuade him from being baptized. I was so happy that the Lord heard my pleadings and blessed us with investigators to church and a date. It has been a while since we have had such a special investigator. And please pray for our other investigators as well, so they can have the desire to be baptized. Well this week was great and we worked  tons  with members, we had 17 lessons  with members present this week, hopefully we can do the same this week right now. Thanks for your letters and lectures of consolation haha I needed them. Today we are supposedly going hiking on  trail somewhere. Well I love you all and I am grateful for you all and for the many wonderful blessings the Lord gives us. And I am grateful that he humbles us and shows us our weaknesses.  Well this computer has alot of problems with the a button. So mom might have to do some correcting for me. Here is  picture of a nice house for rent that we found. If you look hard you can see the house in the background haha. Love you guys so much! Have a great week!
-Love Elder Kennington

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