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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brazil, Ponta Para. Week #70

Whaaaaat week 70? Tu é doido!  Wow what a quick week! Sorry I didn't write yesterday, it was a holiday here and almost the entire city was shut down which meant that there weren't any lan houses open to do emails, but today everything is open again so we are in to write emails real quick and to send in numbers and stuff. So yeah this week went by really fast, cause we had our zone conference here, and so the neighboring zone which is in the city of Dourados also came here and we had our zone conference, it was really good and we learned alot of things and we learned about the importance teaching more about repentance and helping people to have the desire to repent and to be baptized I thought it was really neat and me and Elder Piñon have already started applying what we learned and we have already seen a difference in our investigators and in our lessons. The conference was on Friday and on Thursday the assistants arrived early with the President and Sister Reber, so we did and unexpected division with them in our area which was actually pretty good and we found some new investigators. Then we ate a hamburgers that night together and we had a good time,  we had a bunch of stuff to do to help prepare for the conference, they kinda just threw it all on us the last minute, but we got everything taken care of and everything went smoothly. I'm glad to know that even in the little things like preparing for a conference Heavenly Father always has his eye on us and helps us even in the littlest of things. We also had our zone meeting during the conference where we did our zone training that also went well and I was grateful for that. We have been looking for new people to teach and baptize this week which is tough, but we found some cool people and so hopefully this week we will be able to help them and I hope they will progress, thank you for always praying and thinking about our investigators, I know that The Lord hears your prayers. So our house has been giving us problems, there is a wall full of water and the house is super small, there is no room to study, and know room to study or hang clothes, and it always has mold growing, the house just blows, so President came and gave us permission to find another house and move out, hopefully that will work out. I forgot to mention that when it rains alot water come into our house, and so yesterday it rained like crazy and what do you know half of our house got flooded, so we spent forever yesterday getting water out of our house, the owner is in the stake presidency so we will need to talk to him and get this house taken care of, because I don't want to stay in our house any longer. But whatever at least we have a house to live in. Its been cooling down quite a bit I have been using my sweater quite a bit I'm using it right now, its been rainy as well it rained all last night and its still has alot of overcast, I'm not complaining though, most of my  mission up until now I have been out in the 100 degree sun, I will take this weather any day. So Happy Easter again It sounds like it was good for you guys, it was cool here as well, we got a huge chocolate egg from our recent convert Gabrielys family, they are really generous to us and our always offering us dinner or lunch and stuff, they really like us. Our Bishop gave a really nice talk on Sunday that reminded me of the love that The Savior has for us, indeed I am grateful for the life and resurrection of the Savior, I know he loves us, and I know he lives, because I have felt His sweet spirit, I know He always watches over us. I am forever grateful to be a member of His church. And I know its true. This work is hard but it is worth it, we have good days and not so good days, but I know that I will look back at these 2 years and they will be memories of joy and happiness, I hope the Lord will give me the opportunity to work in his vineyard again, after the mission and maybe after this mortal life. But I know this work is good, and that it is true. The Savior is our Master, our Captain and Chief. As members of His church we follow Him. I know that He cares about us. I don't really have much more to write but thanks so much for the emails and letters and love and thoughts and prayers, I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!
-Elder Kennington 

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