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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brazil Week #68 Ponta Para.

Boa tarde gente, sorry I'm emailing so late, we played soccer this morning and then we went to a birthday party for a member today and then we went home and cleaned up the house and stuff. So I'm hear with bro man Elder Pinõn, its been a kind of wild week, we havent been hardly able to work cause we have been running around so much with traveling and doing baptismal interviews and stuff, I'm excited though this week to start fresh and have a free week ahead of us, so yeah my companion is Elder Christopher Pinõn, from Miami Florida, but his family is currently living in Virigina, we get along great which is normal, Ive never had any problems with a companion. He is at a year and almost 7 months I think. Who is a super focused and strong missionary and he will help our zone and me alot. So he arrived on Tuesday so I just stayed in a trio for a little bit with elder w santos and his companion. We were going to have a baptism this week of Gabriele, we went to her house on Wednesday and talked with her and her mom and got her signature and it was like the easiest thing in the world, but Thursday we had to leave to go to campo grande right after lunch, cause we had a meeting for all the zone leaders in the south, the reunion was great and we learned alot, president was very pleased with our zone because we had helped triple the baptisms that the zone has been having the last several months, we were the zone that had the most number of baptisms in the south. But that's enough being prideful but the mission now has a new plan that all the zone leaders will do weekly divisions with the district leaders, hopefully it will help the entire mission as much as it has helped us. we didn't get back to Ponta Porã until about 11 Friday night, so we stayed the night at the house of the missionaries that live really close to the bus station, because the next morning we had to do baptismal interviews for them, so we did that and then we went straight to the church so we could watch general conference, we were blessed and they sent up a separate room for the Americans because there are 9 of us in the zone here, so that was nice being able to watch the talks in English, its nice to be able to actually hear their own voices, nothing against Portuguese at all but its just nice hearing the actual voice of the Prophet, Priesthood session we watched in Portuguese though. General conference was great and as I said before I appreciate it alot more now that I am here on the mission. I felt the strength and the power of the words of the speakers and I look forward to being able to study the talks more I plan on downloading them and listening to them. It was strange to think that its been a year since uncle tom passed away, I still miss him and he was in my thoughts, my thoughts were back at home with you guys as well, conference made all the Americans trunky, haha, next conference though will be my last on the mission, and then I will be going home probably. Weird to think that in 6 more months I will be entering into my last transfer of the mission. gosh tu é doido. Lets not think about those things, this week I will hit a year and 4 months, sad thing about missions is they all come to an end whether we like it or not. Oh yeah, so we were going to baptize Gabriele on Sunday but we called her mom to confirm things and she said it would be better for Gabriele to wait to be baptized, I was pretty shocked to hear that but I just told them that we would be coming by to visit them this week, so I don't know what happened but tomorrow we will find out, I hope we can still baptize her, pray for her and us so that everything can go fine so that we can baptize her still. So yeah, I'm really tired cause we were playing alot of  soccer which really tired me out, but I'm stoked up for this transfer Elder Pinõn is the man, he is 22 and we are already really good friends this transfer will be really good, it will only be a transfer of 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks though, I was excited to hear that you guys enjoyed conference and that dads companion was called as an area authority, that's cool. But I know the church is true and that Thomas S. Monson really is Gods chosen Prophet, that I know. Families can be together forever, and the mission goes by too fast. Well not much to say today sorry but pray for us so that we can find the Lords elects and baptize them, love you guys and also I hope Keeton gets feeling better, I'm miss my little cousins they have probably changed so much! take care and have a good week!
-Elder Kennington

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