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Monday, April 28, 2014

Week #71 Ponta Pora. Brazil

Hey Everyone, I'm pretty tired today, cause we had a zone activity this morning and we played some water balloon games and soccer and stuff, it was fun, we took some pictures, we did that thing where each companionship had a towel and we had to toss the water balloons to each other over and imaginary volleyball net, which was fun and we got some fun pictures, and then we had alot of water balloons left over so we just had a water balloon dodgeball game at the end which was fun. It tired us all out but everyone in our zone came, which was cool. Its important to have a united zone. The zone has been working well and has been baptizing every week, so we have been happy with that, but next week is transfers already, this transfer was only a transfer of 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks so it has been extra quick and short. We will see what happens with transfers I am really interested. Its probably because there will be a ton of changes, I think that about half of the zone will get transferred, I'm pretty sure that I will be staying but nobody knows, transfers are always a shot in the dark, I have been liking this area alot though even though it has been one of the most challenging areas that I have had, the members here have been really good and I have made alot of good friends and have had alot of good experiences here. We had some splits again this week so I spent them in my area it was good, we just looked for new people to teach we went after alot of names on our members list but most of the addresses didn't even exist, it was kinda frustrating and we got called to do a random service project which kinda blew cause our day was already planned out so we had to switch stuff around but it ended up getting a good reference from a member so that's good, I guess. We started teaching some new people and we also found some elect people that wasn't planned, we went to a road looking for some houses that didn't exist anymore so we just decided to knock a door, so we knocked the door and it was a lady without much interest, but we asked if she knew someone that might be interested in hearing the Gospel and she said that maybe her neighbors on the corner so she gave us her name and we went there and taught a lesson to a lady named rita and her grandaughter bruna, it was good and we ended up just talking alot about baptism, we went back later the next day and nobody was home so I went back again the next day after during the division, and they weren't there again, but they said that bruna might be in an office that was located next to the house so we went there and found brunas mom there, she looked familiar and I asked if she had already talked with the missionaries before and she was like yeah you actually came to my house last month and talked to us, then I remembered about a division when I knocked on their door, they were out front cleaning but they said we could come back another day, we never got the chance to go back even though that family crossed my mind every once in a while, so The Lord gave us a second chance to find this family again and teach them, so we went to their house Saturday night and taught bruna again and marked her baptismal date for the middle of may, then she went to church on Sunday and she seemed to like it alot, I think she has 18 years or so, she is really cool and I really think we will be able to baptize her, and hopefully her family as well, another cool thing is that she lives on the same road as Israel and Gabrielle who were our last two baptisms, they are both staying firm and our integrating well with all of the members in the ward. So this week passed by quick and it was good, I will be sad because one of my best friends from the mission Elder W. Santos will be going home next week, he is finishing his mission. I will miss him alot, when I got to Brazil, he was my first zone leader and I did my first division with him, he taught me alot of things and is an excellent example of diligence and service, even though he is almost going home he has still given his all and has been baptizing alot in his area, I want to be like him when I get close to finishing my mission, I want to keep working strong and giving my best effort, his attitude his he came to work for 2 years on a mission, not 1 year or 1 year and 11 months, but 2 years. He was my first zone leader and I have the privilege to be his last zone leader, that was something cool for me. So it sounds like it was pretty chilly for you guys at home, this week was actually alot hotter than the week before but still it sounds like its going to keep cooling down, I would kinda like to see the really cold side of Ponta PorĂ£. So as you can see are zone is a bunch of goofs as you can see in the attached photo, but I love them and have gotten to know them all very well, that's one thing that is cool about being a zone leader is you get to know missionaries alot better then you would normally, dad talked about how after he was a zone leader he really appreciated his time as a trainer, I can say I feel the same way, I know that's how I want to end my mission is training if I can. We will see though. So yeah mission is going by quick I have found myself thinking about the great things at home, after I hit a year and 4 months I was just like whoa, I don't have much time left. By the end of next transfer I will have more than a year and six months, that's crazy stuff.  But so yeah the church is true and I love my friends and family. Thanks so much for your letters and for the time you guys spend to write them. pray for us so we can have a week of courage and success! Hugs for all.
-Elder Kennington

                                                                   Zone Water Balloon Activity

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