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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ponta Pora Brazil Week #73 Mothers Day Skype

Elder Skyler Kennington Skyping with his Family.
Hello everyone, happy Mothers day again to everyone!!! Hope it was good for all you guys. Not a whole lot to really say today, it was great skyping yesterday I enjoyed alot I didn't want to stop talking to you guys but whatever. That was my last call home so Ill have to wait another 6 months or so haha, not much time it goes by too fast. Well today is May 12th. Today I have 1 year and 5 months on the mission, I still dont feel old yet, maybe after I have a year and 8 months I will start feeling old. I still feel like I just got here on the mission I have plenty of stuff to do still plenty of work to be done. So unfortunately elder Piñon was pretty sick this week we think he got the flu and part of it was from the house we think, we weren't able to hardly work at all, especially since on Friday we had the leadership meeting in Campo Grande, so we left on Thursday at 2 o clock and got to campo grande at a little after 8. we stayed the night at the assistants house, that had a ton of Elders in it, I think we had 10 elders in one house, luckily they had gotten enough mattresses for everyone to sleep on it was kind of wild but the meeting was great and we lot learned alot and we had a lot of changes that we will have to pass to the rest of the missionaries. So we didn't have hardly anyone at church on Sunday all the members were traveling and it looked like our investigators were as well. Hopefully we will able to makeup for lost progress this last week. Its slowly cooling down here in Ponta Porã we are needing to use our jackets usually most every night it was nice our recent convert Gabrieles grandma is always spoiling us and we got to their house this week and she had gotten us sweaters cause my companion did have one, so she got us both some sweet jackets and they got me some hotsauce. We need to do something special for them they treat us too good. Some of the most generous people I have ever met are here in Ponta Porã its definitely been one of my favorite areas for sure, hopefully I can stay here for another 3 months. I leave here with about a year and 8. So I thought it was pretty funny that Jordan sold my car and the jeep and bought a mustang, but I'm pretty proud of him I think that's pretty dang cool and I've been imagining driving around in his mustang today that will be fun taking a spin in it when I get home, I liked the videos that he sent as well it was pretty cool haha. Just tell him not to be dumb and to be careful especially when hes driving with other people he is going to have to use alot of caution cause its going to be a temptation to drive fast and crazy just always be careful and don't speed. So yeah I'm excited for this transfer it will be good and hopefully we have a good week and can find some elects pray for us and thank you for all your prayers and thoughts and letters and tell grandma and grandpa thanks for the money as well, mom had said that she had given me some money. Well I guess that's about it I need to get going I wrote some emails this morning and then we went and played soccer so I came back now to finish up the letter but I love you guys so much and hope you are all well and happy again it was great talking to you guys and then next time we will see each other will be at the airport, but don't think like that though that's trunky thoughts, I miss you guys but there is too much to enjoy here on the mission and I don't want it to go by so fast but that's life I guess always going by faster and faster there's not much we can do about it, but  I love being a missionary and I love being able to serve the Lord and I know that I still have much to do and I hope the Lord will be pleased with me but I am grateful to know that we aren't alone in this work, we have the Help of The Lord every step of the way and we have the support of our families and friends that's something that I am very grateful to have and I know that there are many missionaries who don't have the family support that I have. Thanks again for all your love and letters and prayers I hope you all have a great week and thanks again for everything. Amo Vocês!
-Elder Kennington

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