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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ponta Pora Brazil Week #74

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is well this week, not much to count this week really at all. We were both kinda sick this week and so we weren't hardly able to work at all, we were able to visit some less actives though and yesterday almost all of them were at church, that made us happy, also we have a baptismal date for a young man name Matheus, we could have baptized him yesterday technically but he said in sacrament meeting that he wanted to get baptized that day, we already had his moms signature and baptismal form filled out but we didn't have the font cleaned or filled, we didn't have our towels he stilled needed to be interviewed and the ward hadn't been advised about the baptism, it would have been way too last minute so we scheduled for next week. The only problem is that we think that it he is going to have alot of temptations and people try to dissuade him from being baptized and going to church, he pretty young and is only 12 but he is a good kid, we have been teaching him and his sister for a little while, they were investigators of the other elders but now that they took a pair of elders out of our ward we took over their area and investigators. Please please pray for Matheus and his sister Jennifer so that they can be baptized this Saturday and that nothing goes wrong, they have been coming to church for a while now but they just weren't sure if they wanted to be baptized or not. But now they have decided that they are ready so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  So yeah this week was pretty chilly and rainy and our entire zone was sick, I think there was only was companionship that didn't have anyone sick so it was rough for everyone, I went to the pharmacy and bought some cold and flu medication because I was really stuffed up but it seems to be getting better now. Oh yeah so funny thing this week we were walking back home through the favela in our area which is just a super poor area where people live in houses made out of trash bags and the road was all muddy and what do you know? I slipped haha luckily i caught myself with my arm and my leg otherwise I would have landed on my back and it would have been a huge mess, but still it got my pants all muddy haha, Elder Piñon couldn't stop laughing, I took some pictures to remember it, the first time I have slipped and fallen on the mission in the mud.Part of it was cause my shoes don't have any grip left on the sole so now they are just super slippery. But yeah so today we played some soccer but I just laid in the grass and slept cause I was just in flip flops, plus I don't really like soccer haha, then I think we will make some pancakes, we had just a little bit of mapeline that someone left in our fridge so I made some maple syrup last night so hopefully it goes well, well we still haven't moved out yet, we are going to try and leave today but I honestly don't know if we will have time cause we would still have to pack everything up but we will see I just want to leave our house. So yeah that's about it I'm pretty tired today but I'm glad its p-day, Thanks for your letters I really enjoy them, Grandma Dale said she also sent me some Easter stuff but I haven't got it yet, its probably still in Cuiabá, and that's 18 hours from  my current area, so its rare that we receive mail on a regular basis. So yeah I love you guys and am grateful for the Holy Ghost that comforts our hearts when they are down and enlightens our minds, may we always be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Spirit. Love you guys!
-Elder Kennington

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