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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ponta Pora Brazil Week # 72.

Bom dia  todos!  preparation day again,  all is well here in Ponta Porã. We had transfers last night lots and lots of changes in the zone except for me and Elder Piñon, we will be staying together another 6 weeks :)  that was good I didn't really want to leave ponta porã, I like this city and the members alot. So every single companionship that had a change are going way up north to Cuiabá in Mato Grosso. I was excited because Elder Payne my "son" was called as a zone leader in Cuiabá, that made me happy to see him moving up already, I sure trained him well haha jk also Elder Geisler one of my old companions from Sorriso will be coming here to the zone that will be fun having him in the zone again. I'm sad to see so many good friends leave, it was a blessing to be able to get to know so many missionaries well and be able to learn together with them. One of the other big switch ups is they closed an area in our ward here. There were 6 missionaries here when I got here, but now it will go back down in 4, there is a shortage of missionaries in the mission again, there are tons of missionaries finishing and going home these last several transfers and not quite enough arriving, so they shut down an area here of our ward so now me and Elder Piñon will be taking over this area which made me happy,  because this new area isn't just a bunch of mansions so hopefully we will be able to have much success this transfer, This week was interesting, Sunday was kinda disappointing as none of our investigators went to church yesterday. Hopefully they are alright though we will be visiting them this week, We worked alot on just trying to find new people to teach this week, it was good, but we didn't have much success, we taught some pretty interesting people and lessons. We just decided to knock some doors cause we didn't have anyone else to teach so, the first door we knocked on we taught a lesson to 2 women pastures, one didn't really say much but the other thought she already knew everything about everything, and so we taught the lesson the spirit was strong and since we have a goal of doing the baptismal invite at every first lesson we made the invite, but they didn't even answer or respond to our invite the one just went off on how it´s only Jesus that saves us and a bunch of other stuff that had nothing to do with nothing, she was trying to tell us that we worship Joseph Smith and that we put him before God and Christ, so we explained how that was the opposite of what we believed and we explained the Book of Mormon, and then they gave us cookies and we left haha, then we knocked some more doors met some more flaky people that didn't want to commit to anything. But this week me and Elder Piñon had a good laugh, we went to a return appointment and the daughter of one of our investigators came out, I think she was about 5 or 6, we asked if her parents were there so she ran back in and then came back out and told us "My mom said that she isn´t here,"  haha so we looked at each other, like what?  then we asked if she could go ask her mom when we could come back, she got a funny look on her face and then she realized what she had said, so she kinda looked at us for a second and then ran back into the house and she came and and said we could come back tomorrow, and then we asked what time so she ran back again and then came back and said 6 o clock, haha we thought it was kinda funny, children our so innocent I wish everyone was as loving and innocent as little children, no wonder the Savior loves them so much. So yeah this week I think I got the trunkiest that I have ever been on the mission, cause these last 3 months I have been watching one of my mission heros Elder W Santos get ready to go home, Saturday afternoon he finally got on the bus to go to cuiabá, he had to leave early so he could go to campo grande and watch sacrament meeting there and then to cuiabá. Its an 18 hour bus ride. I was saddened seeing him go because he was one of my best friends on the mission, he was a valient missionary until the end and worked until his last hour, it made me think a ton of my family and friends and of everything that I left back home, it made me trunky simply, i kinda wished it was me getting on the bus to go back to Cuiabá to then get on a plane. And then he left and that feeling passed pretty quickly haha. Really though not even when I was with Elder Almeida did it effect me very much, because I was his last companion but watching Elder W Santos go was tough, whatever though I got another 7 months so Ill just forget everything else and just work. Weird huh, next week I will have 1 year and 5 months and by the end of this transfer I will already have a year and six months,  strange huh. So I'm pretty sure that I will be staying here in Ponta Porã for 6 months, because I am guessing at the end of this transfer Elder Piñon will be released as a zone leader, because usually president releases zone leaders so they can have the last couple transfers to themselves and not have to worry about all the stresses, elder Piñon will only have one more transfer left after this next transfer so he will probably get transferred and I will probably stay which will put me at 4 transfers here. Who knows though transfers are always a toss up here and no one ever knows exactly what will happen. So yeah they say its supposed to start cooling down pretty soon that will be interesting I'm excited to feel more cold, instead of just face melting sun. but yeah all is well here pray for our investigators especially Bruna, not sure why she didn't go to church yesterday she was excited this entire week to go again. Israel and Gabrielle our super firm and our going to church and activities and our doing well, that makes us happy. Oh yeah so here's a picture of me flossing my teeth I have kinda gotten obsessed with brushing and flossing my teeth on the mission cause I don't want to get any cavities or get nasty teeth, but still I wont be surprised to get home and find that I have some cavities or something haha. SO yeah I just found out Saturday that this Sunday is going to be mothers day already! What so yeah I think we have a family that will let us use our computers, her name is Irmã Cynthia she is great and she is from Paraguay so you guys can speak Spanish with her probably haha, so i will notify you guys during the week for what time we will be able to do skyping, I'm guessing it will be in the afternoon probably around 3 or 4 oclock my time here or later, so I don't know maybe after 2 for you guys, I think we are pretty flexible on the time though but email me when would be the ideal time for you guys and this week I will send you and email to get everything set up, man it seems like just yesterday that I was already talking to you guys, I guess its been only about 4 and a half months, itll be the last skype home to you guys! oh louco!! I hope the brothers have a good last month of school, high school was good but it seems so long ago it almost seems like a dream, but yeah so  i think that's about it for this week, life is good I was reminded again of the importance of praying and how we need to rely on the Lord. I love the Lord and this work, I need to put my trust in him more and acknowledge him in all things, I know the Saviors lives and that he is our Savior.         A Igreja é verdadeira sem dúvida!    com amor  
-Elder Kennington

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