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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ponta Para Brazil Week #82

Good Morning again everyone, I'm pretty tired right now but all is well, this week passed by quick but there's not really too much to write,  It rained alot for a few days this week the roads were really muddy and it was pretty cold, but it was good we did our division with the Assistants on Wednesday which was the day that it rained the most, it was good, but it was a chilly day and the area that we went to was really muddy but it was good and we were able to help the companionship's in our zone that were having problems, we worked our buns off this week and now I'm really feeling it today, So haha on Tuesday was the game between Brasil and Germany and Brazil got pounded,  it was 7 to 1   that's terrible, everyone here is pretty ticked about how bad they lost. I think there was some crazy stuff that happened in Rio and São Paulo but it was pretty chill here I guess. Whatever though I was kinda disappointed that Brazil lost but it was kind of expected already especially since they had lost their best player because of injuries. Anyway, so we have been working with the nephew of a member here named Gabriel I think I already talked about him already he is 9. So anyway we baptized him on Saturday, it went well the day was clear and the sun was out but it was still pretty cold we heated up a huge pot of water on the stove and we threw it in the font but it didn't make much difference with the water, it was still pretty chilly. It was nice though the baptism and his family was their to support him, we let his uncle baptize him it was the first baptism that he did but he did it perfectly and he was way excited afterwards, he goes on a mission next year so that helped him to get even more excited. I put a picture in he wasn't smiling in the picture so I was giving him an up shag and so that why his face is like that and I have that menacing up to no good look haha, he pretty funny though Gabriel, on Saturday we went by before the baptism to make sure that he had everything ready, it was funny cause he asked me   ei Elder Kennington você vai pra meu "batisamento?"  which was funny cause he called baptism batisamento when it should be just batismo.  That would be like  a kid say hey are you going to my baptisment. haha I thought it was pretty funny, hes a good kid with a great heart and who will make a fine missionary one day. So Jennifer is the sister of our recent convert mateus who decided she wanted to be baptised now, she has been going to church every week for the last 3 months now, but she has been traveling with her family for these last 2 weeks so no one has been home there, but if all goes well we plan on having her baptism this Saturday or Sunday.  But yeah not much new here I'm grateful for the blessings of Heavenly Father and I know that he is leading and protecting us and that any success we have here on the mission is because of Him and He teaches all things and every difficulty that we have is to strengthen us and to give us experience, I'm grateful for that I'm grateful for all of you my family and friends and want you to all know that i love you all and miss you all but these last 4 and a half months will roll by, also I wanted to wish Mom a very happy birthday this week on Friday I put a reminder in the phone a few weeks ago so that I wouldn't forget about moms birthday, I hope its great and know mom how much I love you and look forward to seeing your shining face here in a few months, so eat some cake for me on your birthday. There are only 2 more weeks left in this transfer and then I will be probably leaving Ponta Porã :(  that will be hard for me because I love everyone so much here, this is my home and I love everything here. But anyway I got to get going we have lunch at a recent converts house right now so we are going to run there, love you all so much and have an awesome week!
-Elder Kennington

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