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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ponta Para Brazil Week #83

Hey everyone, again I´m really tired today we worked like crazy again this week. I feel more tired mentally and spiritually than physically. That's good though Its good being able to get home at night tired in the head and not the body. That means that we worked effectively and with our brains instead of just working with our feet. Thanks for your letters I enjoyed them sounds like mom had a great birthday, I was thinking about her alot on Friday and I was happy to see that mom had a great day, so yeah this week was good we were blessed to have one more baptism yesterday. We finally baptized Jennifer yesterday, after almost 4 months of working with her. She is only 8 but is very smart and has been going to church every week for the last 4 months. Me and Elder Piñon baptized her brother Mateus last transfer and we were finally able to baptize her. Her mom let her and she felt that she was ready to be baptized. I know she had alot of neighbors that told her that our church only taught bad things and stuff like that so she was kinda scared for a while, but finally she said she prayed and she said that Heavenly Father told her that she had to get baptized, so that was cool. The water was super cold though yesterday more than normal. I know it would be cold though and I just asked Heavenly Father that she wouldn't feel the coldness of the water and that I could take her part of the coldness and that she wouldn't feel i,t because that was a concern she had always had since day one she always asked "but what if the water is cold?" And yes the water was indeed cold, it only went up to just a few inches above my knees but it went up to her chest. She didn't complain though and after the baptism she said that the water wasn't cold and that she felt warm. That made me happy hearing that. So this week I think I dreamt that I was at home or heading home almost every night, I'm not thinking very much about home, but I think every night my mind just starts thinking about home and my dreams are filled with friends and family and stuff and then I wake up and think "well that dream stunk"   It made me remember mom when she said that on her mission she dreamt alot about home and it tormented her alot. Life is good though here, its hot during the day and it cools down like crazy at night. Me and Elder Yezzi are doing well though here, this transfer has been the fastest so far only one week left in the transfer I'm excited to see what happens. Ive been taking pictures with alot of my friends who are the members here I included a picture of some of my good friends that I have made here the older balding one I just call grandpa they are great friends and I have many many more that I have made here that i will miss, its hard knowing that my time with them is short and that in a week I will be saying good bye to Ponta Porã, perhaps for the last time.  Who knows for sure if I come back to my mission one day I will visit Ponta.  Anyway this week I forgot to say that we have been doing a service project the entire week, so basically what we are doing is digging a septic tank, its pretty much a whole that's about 5 feet wide and about 10 feet deep. We are digging for a member that we have been helping reactivate here. All we have are a couple of shovels and hoes so it takes a while, we are about half way done now, and soon we will have to start using buckets to take out the dirt because its too much to throw dirt out of a ten foot hole, also we will have to start using a ladder to get out. I will get some picture to you guys when we get done. Its been good though and I have enjoyed the exercise. The other week I forgot to mention that I went two weeks where almost everyday I stepped in dog poop, it was really ticking me off and my shoes were getting really smelly and my patience was getting thin. But this week was better except for the fact that I got bit by a flipping dog of an inactive member as I left there house, it was a Dalmatian that always barks at me and that i have never liked, as I was leaving their house it ran behind me and bit me on the calf  veeesh that made me mad I was lucky though because my skin was untouched but it put several good sized holes in my pants that I had just gotten re tailored and fitted the day before, that's what really made me mad. Its alright though the holes are mendable and I will see what i can do to sew them up, because they were one of the pairs of pants that I planned on taking back home with me. I was with the Uruguayin Elder on a division, so I joked with him and told him that he brought bad luck upon me, he is funny though we were walking in an area that is extremely poor in my area where people live in houses made out of garbage bags and pieces of wood and there was a stuffed bear on the ground which was obviously some kids toy, he picked it up and dusted it off. Then he said a new stuffed bear for me and put it in his backpack and took it with him, I thought that was kinda funny haha I told him that there was going to be some kid that will cry because you took his stuffed bear, he just said "nope, its mine now". I think he is kind of a hoarder because he has a big collection and a random rock collection that he is making I guess that's cool though. Funny how everyone has little things that we do that are kind of odd, we all have them though. So yeah transfers next week im anxious to see what will happen, like I have said, I will probably be leaving here, I'm not sure if I will go one more as a zone leader or if I will be released, I kinda hinted to President that I would like to be released, so that I can train at the end of my mission, but  I still have another 3 transfers after this one and that assistants said its very possible that I will stay zone leader for one more in another area. We will see what happens though and I will inform you next week. I would like to go back to Campo Grande if I could that would be my choice if I could choose, so yeah tell Jordan to get his rear into gear with his scout stuff so that he can get his eagle, that would be very embarrassing for him if he didn't get it after all the work he has already put into scouts. Well, I love you guys and I will talk to you all next week but pray for President to know what to do for transfers so that he can be inspired by the Holy Ghost.  Have a great week and be careful!
-Elder Kennington

Jennifer Age 8 and her Baptism.

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