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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week #81 Ponta Para Brazil

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well today, today its chilllllllly, its foggy and its got that like mist in the air that gets everything wet its kind of annoying and cold but I'm getting used to it. So we will actually be doing the division with the assistants on Wednesday, they were going to come last week but they got to the bus station in Camp Grande and they found out they there weren't any more seats left and so they will be coming this week, so we did several divisions this week trying to put some life back into some of these dying missionaries, sad thing is that these elders have the same time as me on the mission but they have just kinda given up the fight to stay strong the last part of their mission. Me and Elder Yezzi has been working like crazy these last few weeks, our numbers have been high and we have a couple people we are trying to get ready for baptism. We were going to baptize Jennifer this week but she and her family traveled this week to another city and we don't know when she will be getting back, hopefully this week so we can baptize her, also we have been working with some recent converts and we are working with their family to help baptize them. Times is flying by though, the transfer is already half over as  of yesterday. So I took the opportunity to bear my last testimony here in Ponta Por√£, since there wont be anymore  testimony meetings this transfer, it was good I just told the ward that I loved them and them even they they would probably forget about me eventually I would never forget them. I kept my emotions under control luckily because beforehand I was feeling a little choked up thinking about how I only had 3 weeks left in the area. But i guess all good things must come to an end. So this week we did alot of divisions with the young men in the ward it helped us to get alot of lessons in with members which is always important, we are trying to be an example for the zone and working, always when numbers are high they will put the companionship's name in the weekly letter from the president these last two weeks me and Elder Yezzi´s name have been in the letter so that has been a boost for our zone to see that, our zone has some baptismal dates so pray for them so they can stay firm. So we will have another game tomorrow so we will have to stay at home, I think this might be brazils last game because I guess on Friday the best player for Brazil named Neymar got kneed in the back and it broke a vertebrae so hes out for the season and I think Brazil is probably toast now. Hopefully it doesn't put everybody into depression here, I'm a little worried about the side effects of Brazil losing. Whatever though I guess So not a whole lot to write this week I will go get my hair cut today so hopefully it turns out nice. Mom wanted me to say more about my companion, well hes from the northeast of Brazil where all the famous beaches are, his city is called Maceio, he is 19 and has 9 months now on the mission. He is a great missionary and will be an assistant one day he is very smart and wants to be a physics teacher one day. He is a great friend of mine already and we work great together too bad I will probably only be with him for 3 more weeks. All of his family are members and he has two older brothers that also served missions in Fortaleza, one actually trained the other. Hmm, so someone is making bbq across the street and its making me really hungry, so thanks for the pictures that mom sent me of the 4th of July and of Uncle Johns funeral I'm glad the weather was nice for you guys. So yeah about the 4th of July i completely forgot about it, it wasn't until fellow American Elder Heidt said you know what today is? And I had no idea then he was like 4 of July bro and then it totally hit me. So then I played some Mormon tabernacle choir music that I have that has a cd of USA music. It seems like yesterday when the same thing happened but it was a sister that said happy 4th of July, that was a year ago! it seems so recent.   The days are running by this week was super quick for me, I think I forgot to comment last week that I ran into an American and Australian last week while emailing, there is a big hotel in front of the lan house here and so I guess there is always alot of foreigners there, my companion pointed them out to me he said they look like Americans, i looked over and saw two blonde haired blue eyed people, that were obviously not speaking Portuguese, so I went over and asked where they were from (in Portuguese) and they just gave me a blank looking stare like most of the American greenies have when they get to Brazil and you talk to them in Portuguese so then I asked them where they were from again but this time in English and then they opened up. They said they had been in Cuiab√° to watch the cup because Australia played there, and they wanted to come down to check things out at Paraguay, they live in New York and were heading back that day, but the way they talked it sounded like they were pretty excited to go back to the states. That was weird the talking to English speaking people that weren't Americans. Yeah so thanks for all your prayers and thoughts I know they are heard and I can feel the strength that comes from your prayers. I will try and send one more picture, this picture is of when we did the final move out of our last house we went back and got the fridge and stove and a bunch of other stuff that was still there we got the keys handed over to the owner and the contract it closed I took I final picture of me leaving that house actually its more of a hole cause it was so small and musty, Glad that I can leave that headache behind. I sent a picture of me eating that delicious chicken taco that I made last week. I still have one more tortilla shell so today I will by a hamburger patty and cook it and that chop it up and make a real taco, all I need is cheese... cheese is super expensive here sadly. But yeah things are going good still just trying to keep our zone going, this next transfer will be good because there will be alot of people being transferred and hopefully they will be replaced by fresh excited missionaries. That will help alot, yeah so hope you all have a great week. Don't get trunky and don't count the days haha Love you guys take good care.
-Elder Kennington

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