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Monday, October 6, 2014

Week # 94

Hey everyone, thanks for your emails and pictures, it was nice seeing that you had a good General Conference, I also enjoyed it, we ended up watching it here in Alta Floresta at the group leaders home. It was just us there, because this weekend they had elections here and so they used the school where we hold church meetings, so there was no church this week here. Saturday,  the morning session started here at noon so we were at lunch with some recent converts here. We were able to watch the first session on the computer at their house, the Internet kept cutting out so it was kinda tough, but it worked out fine in the end I guess. We watched the afternoon session at the group leaders home, they have the byu channel here, so we were able to watch it clearly, we also watched that night priesthood session there, it was wonderful being able to hear the words of the Prophet and apostles, of course it was all voiced over by the Portuguese translator, but the Spirit of their words was still the same. Saturday afternoon I think, spoke Elder Gavarret, spoke. He came to our mission last December, it was neat seeing him again giving a talk in his native language. Sunday morning was the only session that we didn't get to see. The group leader and his family were invited to eat lunch somewhere, so we didn't get to see it in the morning The afternoon session was great though and I enjoyed it very much, as everyone has been saying its neat seeing the people give talks in their native language, it was neat her Elder Carlos Godoy speak in Portuguese, that will be neat for people to finally here a talk in their native language instead of just a translation. I think they must have dubbed it in English for you guys to understand or maybe there was subtitles, idk, but that was definitely neat, ad I'm sure the Brazilans appreciated and the people that speak Spanish as well since their was 2 talks in Spanish I think. One thing that brought bitter sweet feelings was knowing that this will be my last conference on the mission, next April I will watch it at home with you guys, what a thought! But then again there is something special about being a missionary and hearing the talks, they seem more personal almost, its a wonderful thing and I will miss being able to here the words of the Prophet in Brasil. This week was very uneventful I guess, my companion was a little sick during the week, he was having alot of stomach pains and head aches this week, but I think he is doing better now, We met some new people who were some of the flakiest people I have ever met, It was kinda funny we taught a guy that when we asked him if he would pray later on to know if our message was true he said, aww, but its tough for me to pray, I don't have much time during the day to do stuff like that. Sometimes I have the desire to stand up and yell well good luck for you when God asks you why you didn't pray or follow him and you tell him that you were busy and didn't have enough time to serve him or even say a little 30 second prayer. People are sad sometimes with how far their hearts are from The Lord, but they will always say that God is the number one most important thing in their lives and that he is everything and that they would do anything for God. Then we challenge them to pray or read or go to church, and then all of the sudden it becomes the hardest thing in the world and God all of the sudden takes the back seat in their lives. I guess that how the world has always been and will always be until the second coming. But yeah we ran into the usual drunks asking for money, this week was a good one a guy that was drunk as a skunk came up to us and said, ei, ei, ei ,ei , ei ,ei, and we were like what say something, than he said everyone in the street is trying to beat me up, its tense out there, so we said yeah your right you have to be careful, then he was like ei, ei ,ei ,ei, ei , then he leaned in an whispered, give me some shoes, i was using my beat up shoes that day and I showed him and said what these? he looked and said, ei, ei ,ei ,ei ,ei ,ei, and we were like speak! and he said ei buy me some shoes, and my companion said what color, and hes like doesn't  matter to me any color, and Moraes said I don't got any money, then he turned back to me and said ei, ei ,ei e,ei, ei, ei then he whispered by me some shoes, and I said i cant, those people that are tying to beat you up took my wallet yesterday so I don't have anymore money, then he realized that e wasn't going to have any luck with us and went to some other guy that was passing and asked him for his shoes. I like drunk people because usually they are the people that treat us good and wave to us and smile and say hey, I'm going to miss some of the drunk homeless people of Brazil. Anyway we are still working with this family we a family home evening last night there and we will go back today. Pray for us and them and for all the people here. So I am going to send you some pictures from last transfer when we were laying down grass for the members there, they sent me some pictures finally so I will send them to you. they were 2 different days, I was using a pole with a paint bucket full of cement to pack down the grass. Last p-day we didn't really do much of anything, we tried visiting some people at night but most were already getting ready for bed, something different is that people go to bed super early here, at 7 at night you see alot of houses completely dark, everyone is sleeping already, it makes it kinda hard sometimes. We marked a date with some other investigators as well that went to church last week, their names are Guilherme and Carol. Well Transfers are in two weeks, I want to finish this transfer strong so that I can already have a head start for my last transfer, I want to train and I asked President again in my card, so we will see he may have other plans in mind, I told him that I would do whatever he needs me to do. So yeah, I cut my hair today again, I think it will be my second to last haircut before going home. Time is short on the mission and I have to make the most out of the last 8 weeks. I love you all so much and wish you all a wonderful week!
-Elder Kennington

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