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Monday, September 29, 2014

Week # 93 Baptism of Fabiola & Aline

Well this was another fast week, I wonder how time can pass by so quickly, I'm not sure if it passed by as fast for you guys though, sounds like mom has been sick this week and its been really rainy back at home, hope mom is feeling better Ill pray for her. So this week was pretty normal I guess, there's not too much to write at all, last p-day we didn't do much of anything, we just ate and bummed around the house, I think I Already mentioned, but our house is super hot inside during the day, so napping on p-day is kinda out of the question, because all you do is sweat and sweat even with the fan blowing full blast on you. So its better just laying in the hammock outside we have two here. This week one of the Elders here Elder Andrade got transferred unexpectedly, I guess there was kinda like a mini transfer in the middle of the transfer he left on Wednesday night and the other elder got here Friday afternoon, it took a while, and so we were in a trio for a couple of days. This week we worked alot with Fabiola and her sister as well, her sisters name is Aline, she has also been to church several times as well, but so far hadn't committed to a date she said she thought that after baptism we had to be perfect which is what a lot of people think we taught her more and she felt that it was right and received an answer. We worked with them and helped them with any questions or doubts that they had and they accepted to be baptized on Saturday, so we baptized them on Saturday. It was a nice hot day about 100 degrees, and we did the baptism at the group leaders pool here. Presidente Reber was also in attendance as he had arrived just a little before the baptism, it was very spiritual, Fabiola is on the left of the photo and is 18, and Aline is on the right of the photo she is the one carrying the baby, yes its her baby, we see alot of very, very young moms here in brazil, but she said she wanted to change her life and start over again with a clean slate. The baptism was very spiritual and the pool water was super nice, good thing president was there because i didn't want to get out of the pool after the baptisms cause it was so refreshing, the water  went up almost  to my nametag, but didn't get it wet so it was pretty deep. The baptism went great and I'm glad that the Lord allowed everything to go well I look forward to swimming after the mission, I decided that I really like boating and wakeboarding and wakesurfing and stuff like that, I really miss those things, the things that I most miss besides my family and friends, are snowboarding, going trail riding on the dirtbike, fishing, and driving. But hey, I can talk about stuff at home because 2 months is all I have left, and then my expiration date will be up. And then whether I want it or not, I will be sucked back up to the united states, from one day to the next, and then I think that I will enter into shock or something, I'm always talking to Kaiden and Robby and Jetson and they were asking how I'm going to cope with life at home, I just said I don't know and that I think I will probably just die, I hope not though, all I know is that it will be weird. Anyway 2 months is still along time and there is still much to do as I have said 100 times. So president got to be here on Saturday, and he watched the baptism, then he had several interviews with some members here so that they could receive the Priesthood, so we guided him around to the houses of the men who were to be interviewed, and then that night he invited us and some families to go to a pizzaria and eat dinner that night, so we ate pizza that night, it was good and there was a ton of people at this pizzaria cause its the most popular one here in alta floresta, its expensive though, like 20 bucks a pizza and he bought like ten haha, we still have some leftover pizza in the fridge back at the house. Sunday was also really neat, in the morning it started raining a bunch and I kinda got ticked because i knew that people would use it as an excuse to not to go to church, but we were blessed and somehow people went to church we had 6 investigators there, We had the daughters of that family that we have been working with alot, they went the parents didn't go because they had an emergency and had to go to their parents house which was in another city 150 miles away, we also had two more investigators that we taught for the first time on Saturday night before we ate pizza, there names are carol, and Natasha, in the lesson Carol starting cry after the first vision, she felt the spirit very strongly, she said she loved church and that she wanted to go next week as well, the only problem is that this week is general conference and so we wont be having church here and there really isn't any place to go to watch conference except using the Internet which is very unreliable. So we will see what happens, we are really wanting to go to Sinop and watch conference, but we forgot to ask president about it so we will see if we can go and watch it, I really hope we can cause I do not want to miss the last general conference of the mission. So I was saddened to here about the accident of Coy, I remember him from when I was younger going to church in Bridgeland, he had just gotten back from his mission recently, he had the nickname of Dietz and that's how most people knew him, that saddened me alot hearing his passing. I'm sure he will go right back to work as a missionary teaching the many people awaiting in spirit prison. There was 46 people at church on Sunday which is the best I have seen so far, that's far better than the original 4 people that it started with back in febuary, we will continue working with these people and these families because we want them all to be baptized and I know that they are people who were prepared by the Lord before coming to this earth to help be the pioneers here in Alta Floresta. So that's about it i don't have much more to say, thank you for your prayers and continue praying for us as always, I am always praying for you back at home and i am always concerned with how you all are. so here are some pictures of the baptism and our "baptismal font" also here is a picture of a sweet car that we found and were cruising around in, don't tell president Reber though haha. anyway thats it, I love you all and wish you all a wonderful week, take good care and know that I love this wonderful Gospel and I love my Savior            Jesus Christ. A big hug for everyone!
-Elder Kennington

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