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Friday, December 21, 2012

#1 letter From Provo MTC 12/21/2012

Oi Familia! Tudo bem??? The Mtc is an awesome place! The Sprit is so powerful here! It was pretty crazy right after my host showed me to my room he took me up to my language building and they just started going crazy talking in nothing but Portuguese! Luckily I was able to understand some of what they were saying and I was able to watch all the mtc training videos that I was required to watch. I was the first in my district to arrive and I also had first pick of the bunk I wanted (bottom cause it's ten times easier to make in the morning. I was soon introduced to my MTC Companion Elder Brady Saxton from Evanston, Wyoming. He's taller and more lurpy than me! But he has a superb work ethic. He is also going to the Brazil, Cuiaba mission. It took a little while for us to get used to eachother because our personalities were totally on the other side of the spectrum, he wants to be an accountant one day. he's not into any sports or anything outdoorsy. But that's alright the Lord has taught me patience and the miracles of being obedient. Portuguese is a kick to the face cause it's super tough but I've been learning it well and the Lord has blessed me everyday with it. I'm still ahead of my class in the language but I've been trying to take it easy so they don't feel like they are way behind or something. Elder Saxton is having a rough time with the language and gets a little frustrated if I quiz him at random times on it during the day. But he's getting better especially with help from the Sister missionaries in our district because he really clicks with the sisters well. It's pretty rare when there is more sisters in a district than elders, we have 6 sisters and 5 elders. Their names are Elder Cameron-Sao Pualo do Sol, Elder Martineau-Sao Paulo do sol,-Elder Merrill-Sau Paulo do sol,- Sister Schwitters-Sao Paulo do sol, Sister Davis-Sao Paulo do sol, Sister Standland-Sau Paulo do Sol, Sister Littell-Campinas, Sister Howell- Campinas, and Sister Clark-Cuiaba, Elder Saxton, and me.They are all awesome and I have became good friends with all of them and they have been great examples to me. The sisters are work animals! They don't stop studying for 6 hours straight! I can't do that no way, I have to take breaks and go stretch my legs and talk to the other Elders from other Districts. Everyone is so nice and funny especially all the Elders waiting to go to Brazil which is probably close to 80 or so. Also that yellow fever proof card is what I need not my imuniaztions cards I have plenty of those. It's a little yellow booklet that has lots of foldouts that pretty much is proof that I have gotten the yellow fever shot. without it I can't enter Brazil. I remember them giving it to mom and I when we went to provo to get those shots. It's about 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide and is yellow. I could probably use those push up bars that I have in the coner of my room cause alot of guys use them here and I don't want to buy new ones in the book store. Maybe a hoodie or something wouldn't hurt either though. Doesn't matter though I can handle it all. Anyway I got all your letters from everyone and emails. I was super stoked hearing about Corbins call last night! Calgary Canada is the place!!! I plan on writing him but let him know I love him and that I'm proud of him. Anyway I'm past my alloted time for e-mails so I'll talk to you next week. I love this work and I love how it changes us. 9 days and already the mtc has changed me in ways I would have never thought. btw Me and Elder Saxton committed our first investigator to Baptism yesterday! Seu nome e mike and he liked playing xbox and sitting around at his house. But now he really has something to live for. Anyway love all you guys I'm getting fat from eating and sitting and studying (jk) food is good though. A Igreja e verdadeira! ate logo :)


  1. That reminds me of when I went to the MTC because I had a companion that was the total opposite of me too. But it's good because you learn a lot from it. He actually became one of my last companions in the mission field. Even though you have totally different interests you still have one purpose and goal while your in the mission field, but it sounds like he already has that figured out. Sounds like he is really enjoying the work and is learning so much. He is going to be such a good missionary!

    1. He is...Such good experiences for him to start out with. One thing that he has never had a problem with, is brothers and sisters that are different from ourselves. He has always taken them and made them his friend. So much like, what Jesus would have done. That makes me proud, that he is so Christ Like. Thanks for your input.