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Friday, December 14, 2012

Skyler Enters the MTC in Provo

December 12, 2012
Today, Skyler entered the Provo Missionary Training Center at 12:45PM. We arrived in Provo Early and spent some time taking pictures around the Provo Temple. The weather was warm and we couldn't have asked for a better day.  At around 11, we thought that we would go to the Brazillian Grill, Tuscans.  When we arrived they turned us away, because we didn't have a reservation and they had Business Christmas Parties scheduled.  Big let down.  We went next door the the Baja Mexican Grill.  It was good. You could tell that Skyler didn't have much of an appetite.  We then walked around the Mall and picked him up some new Cologne "Paris" for men at Bath and Body Works, my favorite place to go.  We still had time, so Skyler wanted to go back to the temple and wait there. We took more pictures. I didn't want to waste any time with him so I captured them on camera the best I could. It arrived time that we needed to drop him off.  We were doing really well, until then.  Our emotions took over and we were all overwhelmed that we wouldn't be able to see or be with him for 2 years.  I think this was the hardest thing any of our little family had to do.  We entered the gates, and the Direction Greeter, peeked in our car how many missionaries do you have dropping off? 3?? He was cute.  He put a sticker on our windshield and to head left down the hill until we can stop.  All the way down the road we were greeted by sweet young Elders waving and smiling at us and telling us Welcome. It was heartwhelming to see their love and excitement.


  1. A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
  2. Something that arouses such a feeling; an exciting incident.
We agreed to let his Dad, Kelly be the one to get out with him and help him get his luggage.  I hung out the window, taking as many last minute pictures of our son.  He was welcomed by a blond Elder who smiled the whole time and waited patiently as we said our quick goodbyes. This Elder happened to be going to Brazil as well, but to a different area.  What a coincidence or was it?  The best part of my goodbye with him, was when he came back over to the car window and leaned in and gave me one more big hug.  While we were still at the drop off curb, an Elder went by and I heard him say he was from Roosevelt.  I piped up and said "we're from Roosevelt too".  When he turned around it was a classmate Braxton Nielsen.  We were excited and took more pictures.  Then he was off and I continued to take pictures until he was out of site.  Bless you my are in the Lords hands now! We're going to miss that kid! We had a great day with him.  Our son Kaden, kept commenting that he already missed Skyler.

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  1. You have a wonderful family! I've always been impressed with your boys!