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Monday, September 2, 2013

Brazil Week #37

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? First of all I will announce whats going on with transfers. I´m staying here in Sorriso for another transfer and Elder Cordeiro is going off to be a zone leader in a city near Cuiabá called Rondonópolis. Thats probably where he will finish his mission. Also Elder Chaves the zone leader is being transferred to Rondonópolis as well. He only has one transfer left so he will finish his mission there as well. I will be here in Sorriso my companion will be Elder Geisler he is an American with about 11 months on the mission. The other missionary that is coming here is Elder Miguel, he will be one of the zone leaders here in Sorriso, I know that he served in Cáceres and was companions with Elder Reed as well. It looks like Elder Geisler wont arrive until about 1 in the morning, tomorrow. But I'm exited it should be a good transfer. This week was a whole lot of nothing. It felt like my first week in the mission field, when we had to go to the hospital a bunch of times with Elder Burton. This week I think we went 5 times over the week. Elder Cordeiro has been having alot of pain in his side. Last P-day we went fishing again but in an area across town in a different part it was really pretty but the fishing wasn't that great. E. Cordeiro was fine p-day and didn't have much pain but on Tuesday right as we were getting ready to go out and work for the day he started having alot of sharp pains in his side again, we thought it was his kidney, so we went to the hospital the  mission recommends, they said it would be about an hour and a half wait until they could seem him so we had to sit in the waiting room for a while, luckily the movie A knights tale was playing so that helped the time pass a little quicker, to bad the only places we can actually watch a movie is in places like a hospital that have a waiting room and a tv. But still its good that we are not allowed to watch movies whenever want, it takes our mind off the work and makes us think of home alot more. They finally attended to us at the hospital, we were in with the doctor lady for about ten minutes and we were done, she just asked some questions then looked and poked at his belly a little and then wrote down some prescription and ordered a urine and blood test for him the next day. So we left, But he was still hurting a lot, so we went to another hospital which is a public free hospital. Brazil offers hospitals that are free to the public, we went there and he was attended to quickly, I stayed in the waiting room and he was in with the doctors for about an hour and a half., when he came out he was pretty out of it, they had given him a drip bag to help kill the pain and had done some other tests, they said that he needed to gets some x-rays in the other hospital. so we went home cause it was pretty late, he was pretty out of it with the drugs but he was filling alot better. Then next day on Wednesday we went really early to the hospital lab and he did his urine and blood tests, then they told us to come back again that evening at 5:30, so after this Elder Cordeiro was still feeling pretty good so we went to Lucas and had district meeting, it went really well and they had 2 additional sisters there who are the sister trainers that go around the northern part of the mission helping all the sisters. We had a great meeting and training, then we ran back to the bus station, the buses were delayed again but we got back to the hospital in sorriso right at 5:30. We waited another hour and a half, but this time the movie of the day was snow dogs, they attended to us and we were in with the  doctor about 5 minutes this time, she said that everything was normal, and gave him some more prescriptions then she ordered some more tests. Thursday we went to lunch and then went back home, we had to go to the hospital after this to see when we could set up the next appointment for Elder Cordeiro, it couldn't be until monday cause the doctor was out of town, so after this we went back home and bummed, we got sick of sitting and the house and Elder Cordeiro was filling alright so we got ready to go out but then he started having alot of pain again, the worst he had so far. We went to the public hospital again and he was attended to pretty quick, he talked with the doctor and they did some more blood and urine tests and said to come back in a few hours to receive the results, I talked to Sister Reber and updated her on the situation, she said that she would have a doctor from São Paulo call him and talk to him, So we went to a members home nearby and waited the 2 hours there and then the member gave us a ride back to the hospital on the way there the doctor from São Paulo called and talked to Elder Cordeiro, the doctor thinks its a problem with his appendix and said to wait it out until he gets his ultrasound to confirm the problems. He said to just take it easy. The blood and urine testes showed nothing again. So we went back home and began the wait. Friday we just had to bum in the house for most of the day, we were able to get out of the house and get our hair cut and have a lesson with our recent convert but that was about it, but we did get a fish fried that day which I included a picture for you guys. Saturday we had to go to lucas again cause the sisters had a baptism and baptism interview, it was of a guy named João who looks like hes 18 but is actually 29, they had his baptism on Saturday as well it was cool getting to watch the baptism and feel the spirit. Everybody was saying goodbye to me and having me right in their journals and stuff cause they thought I would be transferred, even Elder Cordeiro was expecting me to be  transferred, but deep down I felt that I would be staying. We were going to stay in Lucas a little bit longer and have ice cream with the sisters but we got to the bus station to get our tickets and there was a bus that was late but was leaving right then to sorriso that we could get on so we got our tickets quick and said bye to the sisters  and left. We got back pretty late but Elder cordeiro was doing ok. Sunday was normal, it was a good testimony meeting, I got up and bore my testimony. Elder Cordeiro didn't sleep very well the night before cause his side was hurting alot, and at the end of church it was hurting really bad, every Sunday right after church there is a council meeting of 5 minutes where we look at who was not at church and what we need to do to get them there, I went to the meeting and Elder Cordeiro had the branch president and counselor give him a blessing in their office, he said that during the blessing it was as if there was a knife that had been stuck in his side had been removed. What a blessing it is to know that the Priesthood has been restored to the earth today, the very power of God. We went to lunch after this and then back home, we saw that President Reber had called and so Elder Cordeiro called him back, from the conversation that I heard I knew that President Reber was asking about Elder Cordeiros medical condition and when he was going to get the ultrasound done, then I heard Elder Cordeiro say well if The Lord calls me to do that then I had better do it. From that I knew that President was calling him to be a leader somewhere. After the phone call me and Elder Cordeiro talked about what President Reber had said. He said that he wanted to call Elder Cordeiro as a zone leader in Rondonópolis because its needing help there. So from that I knew that I would be staying. President didn't say who was going to come be my companion, but we found out about 7 hours earlier than everyone else that I would be staying. So I at least knew half of the transfers already haha. We got calls about 9:30 that night that I would be getting Elder Geisler as my companion. I will be staying junior comp this transfer. This will be his first transfer as Senior comp so should be interesting, he will also be the district leader. Sounds like hes a goofball like me so it should be fun haha. Im going to miss Elder Cordeiro alot. He really is one of the best missionaries in the mission, I think one day he will be the president of a mission, he is a spiritual powerhouse, and I have been extremely blessed and privelaged to have him as my teacher and companion for these last 3 months.He has truly been one of the Lords angels here on the earth. I owe alot to him. Elder Cordeiro was convinced that I was going to train the transfer, but not yet it looks like haha. Phew haha. Oh btw happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Fitzgerald last Tuesday, and Happy anniversary to mom and dad and Grandma and Grandpa Kennington on this Sunday. I want to have a family as strong as my own and my grandparents one day. Thanks for the examples and for all the blessings that you have brought me. I truly have a great heritage from my grandparents on both sides of the family. Oh also I got a letter recently from Robby Woods family. If you guys see them tell them thanks so much I enjoyed the letter very much. Also I emailed Elder Reed today and he is going to train again, another American from Utah, so now I will have a brother on the mission! ha but thanks for all your prayers this week. Elder Cordeiro will have to wait till tomorrow morning to get his ultrasound so I will be in a threesome for a bit it sounds like, he might have to get surgery if the problems is his appendix, but they will probably do it in Cuiabá if this is the case. So yeah that's about it for this week, I look forward to next week emailing you guys. Thanks for the pictures as well from moon lake looks like you guys had fun. So yeah everyone take good care and have a great week! Amo vocês muito! Tenha uma ótima semana!
-Elder Kennington

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