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Monday, September 9, 2013

Brazil Week #38 New Companion ElderGeisler

Bom dia gente! First of all thanks for the letters from everyone and the pictures and all that good stuff its always really exciting every Monday when I get to read the emails from everyone sends. Looks like you guys had alot of fun with the camping the weekend. ParabĂ©ns pra mom and dad and grandma and grandpa for their anniversaries yesterday. I cant believe that it has already been 24 years that mom an dad have been married. I just want to again thank mom and dad for everything, I'm having a bit of a hard time not crying right now thinking about all that mom and dad and my family have done for me. Its an overwhelming amount of good feelings & memories. I will always value my family as the greatest gift my Heavenly Father has given me. Know that I love you mom and dad so much and that I owe so much to you both. Without you both I would be nothing. Thank you for raising me in the truth, I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing if it weren't for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this is the Lords True Church, and that it is the way, I have already said this many times, its not the simplest way or the easiest way but it is the way. The Savior never said that it would be easy, but He did say that it would be worth it. I know that God the Father and His son Jesus Christ appeared to the boy Joseph in the sacred grove almost 200 years ago. I´m so grateful to know these things and to have a wonderful family that always taught me these sacred truths. So thank you again for everything. I´m grateful to know that one day I can be together forever with my family. Anyway, we had a good week here in Sorriso. Last p-day was a normal p-day with Elder Cordeiro. We went and did emails and then we went and bought some shorts at a store here, I was wanting to get some different shorts that look a little less American haha. We kinda bummed at the house and rested a little bit, Elder Cordeiro still had to pack some stuff up so I helped him with that a little. We just kinda chilled that day, we went and said goodbye to some members which is a luxury that missionaries normally don't have cause normally we get transfers and we have to leave our areas early the next day, but since Elder Cordeiro has his ultra sound scheduled for Tuesday morning he had a little extra time. So not much on p-day, Elder Cordeiro gave me some of his last advice on how to be a strong missionary. Elder Chaves had to go the bus station at about midnight so Elder Lima was going to go with him to drop him off and then wait there until my new companion Elder Geisler arrived. Elder Geisler arrived at about 2 in the morning but, I was dead asleep and didn't wake up when they got to the house. I got to meet him in the morning, he is just a little shorter than me, but he is a little more built than I am. There was 4 of us on Tuesday me, elder cordeiro, elder geisler, and elder lima. We all joked around during the day and everyone got to know each other, I went early with Elder Cordeiro to the doctor so he could get his ultrasound on his appendix. It was pretty quick but still nothing showed up on the x-ray. It was kinda quiet when we were walking, we were both a little sad knowing that in a few hours our companionship would officially end our companionship. We were both kinda bummed but we knew that a new chapter of our mission was starting. For Elder Cordeiro it will probably be the last chapter of his mission. He only has 2 transfers left and will probably end his mission in the area where he is at right now. But I'm excited to start a new chapter with Elder Geisler. We had lunch at a members house and then we went back home, Elder Geisler needed to go to the lan house to email his family cause he didn't get the chance to email the day before on p-day. I didn't really get a proper chance to say goodbye to Elder Cordeiro cause a member came and picked them up real quick to take them somewhere really fast I don't even know. But Before I knew it he was gone and we were going to the lan house to email. But its ok I will see Elder Cordeiro again someday, it might not be on the mission but I plan on returning to Brazil one day to visit and he will be the first person that I visit, it should be easy cause he lives in a city which is easy access and is a good place for tourists. But yeah, so Tuesday we just did emails again and then went to the market and then went home and Elder Geisler got his stuff unpacked. Elder Geisler is pretty excited to get to work here. This is his first transfer as senior companion and so its a lot of new things for him as well. Wednesday we went to work, we worked alot this week in just trying to find knew people to teach and find the elects of God. Wednesday we picked a few neighborhoods and just went out and made contacts with whoever was in the streets and with people at their houses. It was kinda funny cause we walked by a house and as I looked at I house I saw a woman opening up her fridge right in front of an open  big window, then I realized that she was naked we made eye contact for just a second I quickly looked away and just kept walking and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary, I looked back and saw that Elder Geisler was stopped in front of the house just staring at it, I yelled in english "dude there's a naked chick in that house lets get out of here!" He was like oh ok I didn't even notice. I asked him about it after and he was like idk I thought it would be a good house to make a contact. haha I joked with him about it after that a little it was pretty fun. Appears that some Brazilian women have no shame, haha. We met a guy making contacts that said he has wanted to make a visit to our church since 1998 but he has problems with his legs and cant walk to church. So we taught him a lesson and later that night I returned with a member and had a quick lesson but the member just stayed wanted to talk to them forever. So I sat there for almost 2 hours listening to old people bs. Elder Geisler went with the  district president and visited less actives with him. Thursday, we went and made more contacts and taught some new people. We met a really neat lady named Ana that let us in we talked for a while, and invited her to be baptized she said she had already been baptized but still we taught her the restoration after that. It was a really good lesson and I felt the spirit very strong, at the end of the lesson we asked her how she felt she said she felt a peace and comfort. I asked her where she thought those feelings come from she said the they come from God for sure. Normally when people don't accept to be baptized we don't bother much with them but I felt strongly that I needed to leave the Book of Mormon with her to have in her home. So I introduced the Book of Mormon, and gave her Alma 32 to read which talks alot about faith. I don't know if she will read it or not but I felt that that family needed to have the Book of Mormon in their home. We will drop by her house sometime and see if she read. After this we saw our recent converts and answered some questions that they had about the Book of Mormon. We taught Tainara that was going to be baptized but backed out at the last minute. She seems really changed in a not so good way. I don't know what it was but I didn't have a very good feeling during the lesson with her. we will see what happens with her. Friday it rained quite a bit we had lunch and then after that we started knocking doors nobody was home and I was feeling really weird so I told Elder Geisler that we should run to the house and grab some stuff. When I got to the house I was feeling even weirder I felt like my eyes couldn't focus on anything. So I took out my contacts and drank a bunch of water and then went and laid down. After a little bit I started feeling a  little bit better so we left and walked to the other side of the city and found some people and taught some lessons. We found alot of cool people and marked a day full of lessons on Saturday. Saturday we went and taught lessons to the people we had made contacts with the day before. We had some good lessons but the people were pretty soft and said oh we will see if we can go to church tomorrow blah blah blah, stuff like that. We made some more contacts and found some cool people. Its alot easier now for me to open my mouth and make a contact with someone when I feel inspired to do so. I am also talking alot more during the lessons as well. I am teaching alot like Elder Cordeiro now and asking the questions that he liked to ask. I'm sure glad that Presidente Reber gave me 3 months to learn from him. Now I can see better, how much I actually learned from him and how much my Portuguese has improved. Elder Geisler has almost a year on the mission and he has twice the time as me here in Brazil. But still we had alot of comments that I think made him feel kinda bad this week from people. I am the first American companion he has had since his trainer, we had lot of people that were like wow this other guy speaks better than you and he has less time in the country. I felt bad for him cause comments like only cause me to get a big head and it makes others lose self confidence. I plan on having language study and helping Elder Geisler and me improve with the language. But I like Elder Geisler alot he is defiantly different than Elder Cordeiro which is an adjustment, but we get along really well. Its weird living with an American again, As Americans we definitely have different mannerisms and attitudes. We are still speaking mostly in Portuguese. Always when we are out of the house and normally in the house. In all honesty I think its just easier speaking Portuguese, I've gotten so used to it these last 3 months that I find it a pain to speak English. Portuguese is a more simply spoken language and for me at this time takes less effort than speaking English. The other new Elder is Elder Miguel that is the new zone leader here in Sorriso, he is from Rio and has really really dark skin. He is the man and has about 10 and a half months on the mission I think, he only has one more transfer than I do. He is a worker though and will help Sorriso alot. Also, I got a postcard that grandma dale had sent of Wyoming that had a cool fish painting and design it was cool and I enjoyed  it alot. So I think that's about it for this week I was excited for church yesterday cause we had a few people that were pretty firm on going to church, but Sunday arrived and none of them showed up. I was pretty disappointed cause we had worked so hard to get investigators to church this week. Oh well, it is what it is. The Lord still loves us and will always help us. But thanks for everything from you guys I love you all so much. Everyone have a wonderful week! 
com muito amor
-Elder Kennington

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