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Monday, September 16, 2013

Brazil Week #39

Hey good morning everyone. I hope you are all well seems like everyone is doing well. This week was pretty average kinda disappointing as well at certain times. Last p-day we played the game risk at a members house and had dinner there and stuff. Also I got quite a few pictures developed at a store and I put together a little photo album of the photos mom sent me from home and also photos from the mission. Its pretty expensive here about 50 American cents per photo so it wasn't very cheap but It was worth it. Tuesday we taught some lessons on the other side of our area. It was pretty normal. Had  funny experience when we were walking back home for the night we passed  a lady that was walking to church with her 2 children, she was in a skirt and had a bible so it was obvious they were going to church. So I asked her the obvious question if she was going to church. We chatted for a few minutes and I explained what we do and what our purpose as missionaries is and I explained a little bit of what we believe, then I did the normal routine of oh is there another day that we could come by your house when your entire family is at home and teach this message to your families? After I said that she was like oh I´ll have to ask my pasture. I was like what? so I explained a little more of our purpose and then asked her again if I could write down her address and information, this time she was like oh sure of course. After that Elder Geisler was laughing a little bit so I asked him whats up? and he said that during the contact I asked her If we could go to her church and give a message about families and Jesus Christ instead of her house. After that it all made sense why she said she has do ask her pasture. Kinda interesting talking to people in a different language now. Before it was think about what you want to say and then say it but now you just say it without thinking. Maybe I need to stop and slow it down a little and think about what I'm saying haha. Wednesday we had Ricardo our recent convert went with us to teach a friend of his from work. We walked forever to get to the guys house and the guy was kinda lame. He didn't accept the first baptismal invite or anything so we just sat and talked and gave the first lesson. It was kinda funny cause Ricardo was wanting to teach and would randomly come in and start teaching about Christs Church when he was on the earth or about Joseph smith. It was kinda funny. We finally finished the lesson and walked all the way back home. We got back at almost 10 at night because it was such a long walk. Also I forgot on Tuesday we had zone meeting here in sorriso we had a good training on teaching techniques and some other things. Its always good getting our zone together we have a really good zone. Right now there is 3 Americans, me a sister named sister fenn from Arizona, and Elder Mayolo from Washington. We have a good zone. Thursday we didn't have any lessons marked so we spent the entire day knocking doors and making contacts and trying to teach lessons. We found a neighborhood that we wanted to work and then prayed and we each selected four streets that we wanted to tract, after we selected we saw that 3 were matching streets so we decided to go knock all the doors and these streets so that what we did. The first street we got nothing. Everyone had excuses. We ran into a Jehovah witness lady and we talked for a while and shared some of our beliefs. I don't know much about the Jehovah witness church but I know that they remind me alot of our church, they have pretty strict codes of health and values, which is good. She wouldn't even accept a church pamphlet. We knocked more doors met some more ornery  people, met a lady that didn't want to talk to us cause we weren't Catholics. And then we ran into another Jehovah witness lady. This time it was E. Geislers turn to make the contact and he kinda hesitated before he said anything and the lady was like well hurry up with it. That annoyed me, I don't like when people have that attitude towards us. I don't get annoyed or angry very easily but this lady tested me. She asked about if we use the bible and asked about the book of Mormon and I explained that it was written by prophets this side of the world. She was like after Christ there were no more prophets, I took advantage of that and said yes and that's what our message explains is how the same church that Christ organized was brought back to the earth with a Prophet 12 apostles and the priesthood authority of God. I was talking in a calm voice the entire time, and I after I said that she was like whoa I'm not here to argue with you! Christ forbade arguing. I said exactly. We thanked her for her time and left. I think its funny how sometimes people try to snare us or make us look like we are the bad guy. The Spirit taught me something after this. He taught me that deep down inside all these people know in one way or another know that we are doing is right and is the truth. But most won't acknowledge or accept that until The Savior comes again. We tracted more after this we taught alot in the street and at the gates of the peoples homes. We were in a neighborhood very close to the church but it was a rich neighborhood, and almost nobody wanted to give us 15 minutes to teach a full lesson. We did find an inactive knocking doors. He was like oh ya I'm a member of your church, we taught him a lesson and he said he would try to go to church on Sunday, he says he has a hard time waking up on Sundays. We knocked more doors after this and finally taught a full lesson. Then we finally went and had a meeting with our ward mission leader. Friday was like the Friday before My head starting hurting the night before and was still hurting during the day, we have a member in the branch the was sick so we had to stay in the hospital all during the morning cause they have to always have someone watching him in case something happens I don't even know. I still had a bad headache after lunch so I drank a bunch of water and took some pain medicine, then I went and laid down for a while I still didn't feel very good but I told Elder Geisler that I wanted to get out of the house and teach some people, we went to a lesson that we had set up we got there but they said they weren't interested. We knocked more doors after this and just had more people that didn't want to hear anything. On the way back we met a guy named Giomarley that wanted to speak English with us even though his English wasn't too great. We said we would come back the next day. So Saturday we had lunch along way from the house and it was super super hot. I was feeling better though. We went to this guy giomarleys house and he just wanted to talk forever about the us and movies and a bunch of other stuff. When finally we got to the point where we were going to teach him the restoration he was like I i have to go the the store right now, so we started to leave but I was like no I'm not leaving here without giving him an invite to church, so I said hey lets go to church tomorrow he hesitated and I explained a little more about our church eventually he said that he would go if we met him at his house in the morning to take him to church. SO Sunday morning we picked him up and took him to church. Here in sorriso we have a member that always jumps on our investigators when they get to church and goes on talking a bunch of stuff about our church it kinda overwhelms our investigators. But whatever it always happens. Church was good but with 15 minutes left of church our investigator was like well I'M tired I'm hungry I'm going home. I said dude there's 15 more minutes but he said no I'm going home. Don't know what happened there but he just got up and left. we will visit him this week to see what he thought. Sunday lunch was way into our area but luckily a member gave us a ride along with some other members that lived in our area. But there wasn't enough seats so they somebody could stay in the trunk area so that's where I stayed luckily there was plenty of room for me there, I will include a picture for you. We visited some investigators after lunch and then we put together our baggage because we are traveling to cuiabá today because there will be conference there tomorrow and we will stay till Wednesday because there will be a training on Wednesday as well so it looks like we will spend alot of time in cuiabá this week. We will leave in about 2 hours. I was hoping that I would get to see Elder Cordeiro at the conference but his zone wont be there. I think he is doing fine, I will ask President Reber tomorrow how hes doing but I thinks he is doing fine. So that's about it for this week, it was kinda tough we faced alot of rejection and ignorance from the people but I learned alot and for that I am grateful. Thanks for the emails from everyone I hope you all have a good week The Church is true!
Abraço pra vocês
-Elder Kennington

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