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Monday, September 30, 2013

Brazil Week #41

It's p-day again! Monday sure is a good day if your a missionary haha. But for everyone else its still the worst day of the week. But not for the Lord's Servants. So this week was pretty weak. Not much to tell so sorry it won't be much of a letter. Last p-day we only did emails bought stuff at the market, took a nap at the house, then went to the house of a member and played card monopoly and risk again. It was a pretty normal p-day. I know that they had the funeral of the sister in our ward and I think it went well. We didn't get to go but it sounded like it went well. Tuesday we had a division with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Miguel from Rio and Elder Geisler went with Elder Lima. We did away with the boundaries in the city so now we can work in whatever part we want of the city, but sadly there are very few neighborhoods that are good to work. So Tuesday we worked in the same neighborhood as the other Elders. I learned some good ideas and techniques from Elder Miguel, he only has one more transfer than me but he is an excellent missionary. He reminds me alot of Elder Cordeiro. We taught several good lessons to some cool families and people but only one of them was legally married. We met a cool family that went to church yesterday. We passed by a house that I had already been prompted to stop at before. The week before I passed by two houses that are next to each other it was aready late at night and we were finishing our day. We passed by the houses and I had the distinct prompting that in one of those two houses there was someone who wants to get baptized. It was a simple prompting but I knew that I would have to return and make contacts at both those houses another day. So on Tuesday me and E. Miguel passed by and he said lets stop here. So we stopped and made a contact and were let in. The ladies name was Denise, we talked a little bit and found out that she wants to get married but she cant yet because her husband lost his documents and is having a tough time getting stuff straightened out so that they can get married. Even before we started talking alot she said that she needed to be baptized but she cant cause she's not married. It was interesting that she brought up baptism before we even mentioned it. So we taught the third lesson which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which talks Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. She enjoyed the message alot, and accepted to be baptized. We couldn't mark a date because she's not legally married yet but it was really neat teaching her and finding that there really was someone that lived in that house that wanted to be baptized, just like the Spirit told me. I´m glad the Spirit did that because now I know better of what to expect to feel the next time the spirit prompts me like that. I will be able to recognize that its really a prompting from the Spirit and not just me. Maybe it will take a while for this family to be baptized we don't know. But we know that the Lord wanted us to stop there to at least plant a seed if nothing else. Wednesday we went to teach José from last week but there wasn't anyone home and we couldn't get a hold of him so we went and visited a sister in our ward who hadn't been coming to church but it was because she has been traveling alot to the farm where her husband works. We went to the other side after and taught Ricardo our recent convert because it had been 2 weeks since he had been to church as well but it was because he was also traveling. We had a lesson with him and we had a few other things after that, Thursday we had several appointments marked but they all fell through 3 in a row. So we visited with the husband whose wife has passed away a few days before. His name is Brother Carlos and it was him that always took us fishing here in Sorriso. He was pretty sad, we talked for a while and he had alot of questions about what happens after we die and about the Resurrection and millennium and stuff. He is a member and was sealed with his wife already and stuff but still he didn't understand a whole ton on that kind of stuffed. We answered his questions and helped to comfort him. I gave a message from Mosiah 2:41 I think it was verse 41 but it talks about being blessed temporally and spiritually and that the righteous would be received into heaven. We gave him a pamphlet on the plan of Salvation that he can read and study as well. After this we visited some less actives and Miqueis as well. Friday was pretty terrible, we zeroed out on our numbers that day. I think we had like 2 contacts. The rest fell through. I think Friday was the worst day  have ever had here in Brazil as far as numbers go. We didn't teach anybody, it was pretty kaidaço. Saturday was bad too. There were t baptismal interviews in Lucas that were marked so we went to Lucas and arrived at about noon. We ate lunch at subway which was sweet! First time in close to a year that I ate there! But we walked forever with the sisters to their interview, and the guy had left cause he got called into work or something, I was like what!? We walked all this way for nothing! They ended up teaching their neighbors and we sat in and bore our testimonies, we left to go to the other side of Lucas because the other sisters had their baptismal interview. So we went to the bus station to wait for the sisters, they came and said that the baptismal candidate was still working. We had to catch the bus at 8:30 and it was already 6:30 and the person being interviewed was still working and lived 30 minutes from the bus station. So we were waiting for her to call to say she was at home, but she never called and didn't answer her phone so eventually we had to just say that it wouldn't work cause we didn't have any more time. So we had to leave and go back to sorriso, we got back to the house at about ten. We accomplished nothing and it looks like we will have to return this week to do the interviews that fell through last week. Sunday we had our Sorriso branch conference, which was pretty much the same as any other Sunday except they had a little training during the first hour. There was still only 50 people at church. The other Elders had the investigators at church, 2 were of that family of denise that me and Miguel taught, and some other guys came as well, but unfortunately Denise's husband was sick and so they left before church was over. We had lunch with the branch president at the end of the city boundaries. He gave us a ride to lunch, but we had to wait a while cause he had alot of stuff to before he could leave the church, so we had lunch at about 2 and we didn't leave til about 4 and we got home at about 5:15 because the walk was so long. So It wasn't much of a week this week. Not much success and not much exciting happened. We did have a barbecue during the night though this week, I will include a picture as well. Also I included a picture of last week of when we went with our branch mission leader. We walked down a road that is next to a little farm place which I thought was cool. Also This week I learned that the assistants will be coming here to sorriso and having a division with the zone leaders and then the next day it will be with me and Elder Geisler. I don't know why I'm nervous to have a division with the assistants but I am. So pray for me so that it will go good for me and Elder Geisler. But Im excited for general conference. We wont get to hear it hear in sorriso because they don't have a satellite hear and the Internet doesn't work in the church, so I think we will have to go to sinop or lucas to watch general conference, it will be interesting seeing what will happen, but I hope you guys enjoy the sessions. But I have to go we are having a zone -pday today so the sister from lucas and elders from sinop are here in sorriso with us. But I will talk to you all next week, love you all!
-Elder Kennington

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