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Monday, October 28, 2013

Brazil Week #45

Bom Dia my marvelous family! We had a normal week here in Cuiabá. My area is super good but its different than I thought it would be before I arrived. I thought it would be all skyscrapers and stuff, but luckily its not like that. We work in an area that's about 45 or 50 minutes from the cuiabá center. SO really, my area is alot like my other areas before. Its not a super poor area but there's not really any nice houses or buildings. The church house here is by far the nicest building for miles. But I like it like that, its alot easier working in a humble area, because it means that it has humble people. The people here have a different vibe about them compared to Sorriso. Here there are alot more of the typical Brazilian looking people. With darkish skin. Sorriso has alot of white people from the south and are a closed, cold people, but not so much here. It's alot easier making contacts and talking to people here. It is hard though too, cause its a pretty small area and almost everyone knows the missionaries. There are people that are like yeah, I have already had the missionaries here like 5 times but you can come in if you want. That kinda stinks sometimes. But it's alright. There are always just random people that are like hey Elders what's up! and we talk to them and they have received alot of visits from the missionaries already but don't want to change churches. There's alot of that but the attitude of the people here is completely different. Sometimes,  I think I´ve died and gone to heaven haha. But it's good here. We had been working alot with a young women this week and named Mayara. We met her during the week last week because she is the friend of a member, we invited her to church and she went and so right after church we taught her the restoration. It was a powerful lesson and we had two members with us during the lesson. I thought she was going to pass out at the end of the lesson, because she couldn't breathe cause she was feeling the spirit so strongly. It was a neat experience. She accepted to be baptized without hesitation, but after, she had some questions, because she was already baptized in a church that her parents go to. She said that her mom told her that it's a sin to be baptized more than once, we explained about authority and showed her and example in the Bible when there were people who were baptized again, she also said that she didn't know how her parents would react with her desire to join another church. She said both her parents are very active in their church and that her mom is even an evangelizer, which means she does missionary work too and walks in the streets and makes visits and stuff. We said that we would talk to her parents during the week and explain everything. So during the week we tried to do that, we went there several times but mayaras parents weren't home or were busy and couldn't talk. We finally were able to talk to her mom for like 2 mins, but she just said to come back later when she wasn't busy. So we came back later but she had already left. Mayara said she talked to her parents, but they didn't agree with her being baptized again and told her that she is denying Christ of she were to get baptized again. We still explained that we want to talk directly with her parents to explain things. Finally on Friday we went and her dad was there, but he didn't want to talk, so we just talked with Mayara for a little while and finally her dad poked his head out the door and then went back into his house, then he came aback out again a little later and actually talked too. But the first thing he said was our daughter wont be joining your church because she already has her own church and she wont be changing. He said that she hasn't said anything about joining another church. We explained that's why we were there to talk to her parents and explain things. He didn't know what to say after that, I just told him that we will come back to talk to him another day. He just tried making excuses saying that he is never home and stuff like that. He was kinda rude and it didn't sit to well with me, but the Spirit told me to keep my mouth shut, so I didn't say anything to provoke him. We will wait for another day when we can actually sit down and talk, and if they still are hard headed, we will just bear testimony and let the Spirit burn him. I feel bad cause Mayara really wants to get baptized, but she's only 15 and so she has to have permission from the parents. Whatever though, it will work out as the Lords wants it to work out. So on Wednesday, we had district meeting and also President Reber came and interviewed all of us. It was good, he just said to keep praying for the visas because there are over 1,000 Americans waiting for visas to go to Brazil. He said that I will probably be training as soon as the visas arrive so he said be ready. So we ate more bbq this week and we had another service project in the house of a member, we picked a bunch of weeds and cleaned up his yard. Then he made us bbq again, it was really good, but my necked burned alot we had a good time though. Tomorrow I am going to go on splits with our district leader Elder Cardon, he's from La Paz, Bolivia. He works in another area, but he will come here and Elder Almeida will go to his area and work with his companion, which is Elder Linton who is from my group. SO it should be a good day tomorrow, I think we will end up doing alot of contacts and looking for new investigators, our teaching pool is a little small right now so we need to fill it with some fishes. I don't know if we have any plans for p-day today, I know that we will get fed lunch today and that there will be family home evening as well at the house of a member. I enjoyed all the letters and the pictures, looks like Jordan should have had a good time at the dance. Yesterday church was stake conference and so there was several wards there. I think the stake president said there was about 500 people that came. It was good and I got to see all the missionaries from our zone. Right now I am in the same zone as Elder Linton, Spencer, and sister Clark who are from my group and sister Clark is from my district at the mtc, the other 2 we just arrived the same day to the mtc and were from a different district but we are still good friends. Sounds like you guys had a warm week back at home. We had a warm week too, it was about 90 degrees the entire week, it was supposed to rain this week, but we didn't really get anything, except for last week it rained like crazy for about an hour! the main avenue turned into a river literally, I was expecting to see a bum rowing down the road on a wood door or something. Time is passing really quick, I'm getting closer and closer to hitting a year. Strange to think about that. Well, I'm gonna try to load some more pictures for you guys before we go, but i think that's about it for this week. I think mom will have to do alot of spell checking. There isn't spell checking on this computer cause its programmed for Portuguese and so it just says that all of my words are incorrectly spelled. plus there's a problem with the a button and so it keeps pressing "a" without me wanting to. So I hope everyone has a good week this week and that you all stay safe and happy. I love you guys all so much and thanks for everything from you guys!  Com amor
-Elder Kennington

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