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Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #44 Cuiaba, Brazil is Great!

Fernandos Baptism Day. October 19, 2013

Yeahhhhhhhhh, Cuiabá is the best!!! So not much time today its pretty late but I´ll try to write what I can. SO yeah, got transferred to what seems like paradise haha compared to my last area. Transfers went good we got to Cuiabá at about 1 in the morning, the bus was slow again. We got there and the secretaries weren't waiting like we expected them to, it turns out they had waited till midnight and then finally went home, nobody had cell phones so we had to find a phone booth and to make a charged call to the assistants, they said to take a taxi to the secretaries house and they would reimburse us. The problem was we had so many suitcases that it would take at least 2 taxis to carry us and all of our baggage. There were 3 of us in total that took the same bus to Cuiabá, me, Elder Lima and Elder Molina, they were both going to Campo Grande but would have to wait till the next day to take their bus, so we talked to all the taxi dudes and they wanted to charge like 40 reais for two taxis. But then there was a taxi guy that also had a truck and said that it would fit all of our baggage and us without problems. He said that he would charge 30 reais which is still outrageously expensive but it was the best that we could do because there was no way we could haul all of our suitcases to the secretaries house by hand, its less then a mile away but we had a ton of suitcases that were super heavy. So we got a ride with this dude, it was pretty funny when he started up his truck to drive toward us and pick up our luggage he ran into a pole. I just laughed. Luckily we he got us to the secretaries house without any problems. Flip, every ones leaving already so next week I will fill you in on the rest. But my companion is great, he doesn't seem too trunky and he is willing to work, Fernando was baptized yesterday and I think his wife will be getting baptized probably within the next while. That made me super happy. So our street that we live on, also has the stake president, the bishop, the old bishop, the member that takes care of our lunch schedule and several other members.  I feel like I'm in Utah again. We have already had several activities. The members are really excited here we have ward missionaries that actually have the calling of going out with the missionaries on visits. I'm stoked about that. This week I think we have had dinner every night in the house of a member and also we have had bbq 3 times this week. That's alot! Im living with 3 Brazilians again. Its me Elder Almeida, ELder Moraes and Elder Moura. They are the bomb we joke alot and have a good time. they are great missionaries and are good examples of how to work. SO today we went fishing already, ahaha we went with some members to the river Cuiabá. We sat on this barge thing that is tied to the shore and fished. I bought a huge straw hat for 5 bucks that kept me from burning. We still used a ton of sun screen. I kept 5 or 6 fish I think but they were all pretty good sized. We had a blast. We are already planning on taking a trip this transfer to the chapada which is the most famous tourist attraction in mato grosso. its a huge bowl thing with a waterfall I don't know how to describe it. But the members here are more than willing to give rides. Ohh , it's only peace and happiness here. I'm super excited to be here and I'm super excited that Fernando got baptized yesterday. To bad I didn't get to see it. They sent a picture though. I worked  4 and a half months with him visiting him every week and the first Sunday that I am transferred he got baptized. Oh well I will always think of him as one of my baptisms because we got so close in the 4 and a half months I was in sorriso. This week we spent alot of time visiting members and getting to know them. So yeah have to go for real but I'm super stoked. Love you all sorry for the short letter, next week will be alot better and I will have alot more pictuers! I
love you all so much!!
-Elder Kennington

Fisher Man Kennington in his 10 Gallon, $5 Hat.

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