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Monday, October 14, 2013

WeeK #43 Transferred from Sorriso To Cuiaba.

My family! Good morning, bad news today and good news, bad news is that the baptism that I had been praying for so much fell through again. Good news is that they will still get baptized next week, bad news is that I wont get to see it, good news is because I'm getting transferred! other good news is that I´m going to Cuiabá, bad news is that Cuiabá is one of the hottest cities in Brazil, good news is that I will finally get to work in a ward there, bad news is its another area that still doesn't baptize very much, good news is that I'm going to be senior companion with a Brazilian that only has this transfer and then he goes home. So I will be his last companion. We will both be seniors together. President Reber called us about an hour before we received the actual transfer calls and asked to talk to me. He first told me that I was going to be transferred this transfer and that I was going to Cuiabá. He said that he was trying something a little different than what he normally does. He told me that I was going to be senior companion with another senior companion. So I would be in a companionship of two seniors. My companion was going to be a Brazilian with only one more transfer and is pretty ready to go home, sounds like he's pretty trunky. President said he wanted us to both be companions, because he doesn't want this elder to just slack off his last transfer. President said that if he were to put someone is as junior companion they would have to just do what the senior companion wants. But he said with us both as senior companion I would have more say and would be able to push him to work. He also said that I need to help him stay focused and not spend all his time talking to the young woman in the ward cause I guess he is kind of a womanizer. So I guess we will see the extent of things this week but I sure don't plan on being a slack off bum this transfer with a trunky companion. President just said if I want to work and my companion isn't willing to comply then to just call president and let him know. I sure hope I don't have to do anything like that and that it wont be that bad. I think my companions names is Elder Almeida. I met him at our last zone conference in Cuiabá. I actually did a practice with him, he seemed like a jokester but a cool guy. I remember thinking during the practice with him, "man he would be interesting to have as a companion" well what do you know now he's my companion. haha So This entire week I've been telling myself I'm staying. So that I wouldn't be disappointed if I stayed. Everyone expected me to stay accept for Elder Geisler, he said from day one that I'm leaving after this transfer, We´ve joked alot this transfer about how bad Elder Geisler wants me to leave, because If I were to leave after one transfer with him it would mean that it was more likely that he only stayed 3 transfers instead of 4. Because if I were to stay 6 months here it would be likely that he stayed 6 months as well. And Elder Geisler doesn't want to stay here 6 months haha. Ever since his first week here he has hated the area. I don't blame him. Sorriso is definitely the most difficult area in the northern part of the mission. But our prayers were answered and I'm leaving and so he will probably only stay for two more transfers. Good for him. Elder Lima was also transferred, he only has one more transfer left on the mission and he is going south again to campo grande where he will die.  When someone finishes a mission they die is what we say. And the last companion is the person that "kills them." so to speak so I will be killing Elder Almeida. So Elder lima was really happy to be transferred, we will be taking the same bus to cuiaba so at least I wont have to make the 8 hour ride alone. I´m pretty stoked for a switch up of things. I was honestly dreading that I would have to stay another transfer here. I was joking with Elder Lima that we payed for our sins here in sorriso. Veeesh, but its hot here in sorriso and Cuiabá will only be even more hot. haha Good thing sunscreen is reimbursed here. So i am bummed though because fernando and his wife will still get baptized in the next upcoming Sundays when he doesn't have church. He was stoked to get baptized he had his baptismal interview and passed with flying colors. Elder Lima did the interview and was jealous afterwards. He said wow he is super elect I wish he was our baptism. So Saturday we cleaned the font all up, and we got up early to fill it up. But I called at about 8 in the morning and fernandos wife Ryani said that he got called into work last minute and couldn't get out of it. And so like that our baptism went down the toilet. I prayed so much this week and fasted and did all 
that I could. But still it didn't work out. I wont lie yesterday was one of those days that I shed a few tears of sorrow. I wanted so much to see this baptism and now I wont be able to see it. We went and visited them after lunch because they had gotten done with work. We talked for a while and fernando was sad that he had to work but said that this Sunday it should work and and they will get baptized. But I guess the Lord is teaching me something with this but I don't know quite yet what it is. Anyway I'm pretty short on time  still have to finish up a few things I have already packed 95% of my things but I still have a few more things to take care of. This week I spent so much stinking money with my personal card. This week the mission had alot of problems. Everyone ran out of credit on their cell phones, and nobody could call each other, cause the cellphone provider was doing some weird things that kinda screwed our mission over this week. We had to spend two entire days in lucas this week doing interviews for the sisters, the sister baptize a ton in lucas and so we have to go there like every week. We went Saturday to do interviews and we got there and found out the we didn't have any passages marked and so we couldn't go to lucas so wel called the secaratries of the mission but they said the travel business that they use was closed so they couldn't put any passages in our names, so I had to pay for 4 passages. both ways for me and Elder Geisler to Lucas. It was 60 reais in total so I think it cost me like 30 bucks, luckily Ill get reimbursed but still I was kinda ticked that I had to spend so much money this week using my personal card. Elder Geisler had a personal card but it quit working our something so I had to spend a bunch of money this week traveling. But I took some pictures in Lucas that Ill send. Also we ate pizza at a Rodizio pizza place, where you pay ten bucks and then you just sit and they bring a bunch of different pizzas to you and you eat as much as you want. I ate in total 18 slices of pieces. The other Elders only at about 10. I still eat like an animal during dinner. I don't ever eat a whole lot during lunch which is the main meal here, but during dinner time I have a bottomless stomach. So yesterday after lunch we were walking to an appointment and there was a random turtle just walking on the side of the road. So we stopped and took pictures. The other day the was just a random Iguana chilling in the same place by the side of the road. Funny things here in Brazil. So I don't have anymore time, but I'm am excited to start another new chapter of the mission in Cuiabá, oh also on Saturday I hit 10 months on the mission. Good grief how the time flies. The mission is good, and hot, and hard, and sad, and joyous, and many more things, But I sure do like being a missionary. So thanks for the emails from everyone. I sure appreciate them. But I will talk to you guys next week, know how much I love all of you and am always praying for you. Have a good week!
-Elder Kennington

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