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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brazil Week #42

 Note: This was last Weeks letter. Sorry I forgot to post it.

Bom Dia Família! I love you all so very much and want to thank you all for your letters and your support. Its is such a good feeling to know that I have a wonderful family that gives me all their support and love as a missionary. We had a good week this week and seemed to pass quickly. Last p-day was good we had a zone p-day and so everyone came from Lucas and Sinop to here in sorriso. We didn't really do much but it was good to enjoy each others company. We played ping pong and ate ice cream and just chatted. We had a good time. Miqueis randomly showed up at the church and so he stayed with us during the day he had his guitar so we played guitar a little bit as well. Miquies really likes the missionaries. I just wish his parents gave him more support sometimes. Not a whole lot exciting happened during the first part of the week, we made alot of contacts and tried out a new neighborhood. We met some cool people and families that of course weren't married legally. Wednesday we taught some cool people and taught some elects who soaked everything up during the lesson. They said they were married but I had my doubts so I carefully asked a little bit more about them and of course found out they they were only living together and not legally married. Then I learned that the husband his like 23 and that his "wife" is 15 years old! I was like what!? Man there is some weird stuff going on in the world today.  It was kinda weird teaching this week because there wasn't going to have church on Sunday because of general conference. Sorriso doesn't have a satelite and the Internet is horrible so all the members had to travel to Lucas or Sinop. So I did end up having splits with the Assistants this week. They came Wednesday night at like 3 in the morning. I went with Elder Hancock who was called as an assistant this transfer so he is pretty new as an assistant. We had a really good day. I planned our day the night before. We had a sweet day all of our lessons worked out, we taught 6 lessons. It was good. We even marked a date with that couple Fernando and Ryani that me and Elder Cordeiro have worked with so much. I am praying day and night that it will work out so that they can be baptized this Sunday. Right now I just have to have faith and visit them everyday this week. I ask that you guys will pray for them as well. Friday we had to go to Lucas again to do interviews for the sisters baptisms again. This time it worked out and we were able to get both the interviews done. Even though it took all day. I ate subway again but this time I used my card from home. Cause I am out of money already. Between going to Lucas 2 times and having to pay taxi and lunch and dinner, me and Elder Geisler have no money. He has zero money. And I have 5 reais. So probably today  I will have to dip into my personal money from home. I have to buy several things from the market today. I have no food at the house, and also I am out of soap and toothpaste and toilet paper haha. So I will probably have to use my card from home today. Cause we wont receive more money until next week. So since there isn't a way to show general conference here in sorriso we got permission to travel to Sinop to watch it because they have a chapel there with satellite. So we took the bus there Saturday morning, we were going to go at 8:30 but all the seats had already been sold so we had to go at 11:30 instead. Elder Geisler already served in sinop so he knew where the church was. Sinop is about an hour from Sorriso. So we got there and watched conference in Portuguese. We wanted to watch it in English in the bishops office but nobody knew the password. IT was ok though cause this time I could actually understand the translation unlike 6 months ago haha, the second session the branch president came and entered the password so we were able to watch in English. Its just alot better when we can actually here the voices of the prophet and the apostles. Conference saturday was really good and priesthood session as weel. Even though I had a hard time staying awake, I was super tired and here the session went from 8 till 10. We stayed in one of the Elders houses there. There are 2 duplas there and they have two houses, we stayed in the house closest to the church. IT was also the only house that had mattresses. Even though it was only three, so Elder Lima got his own mattress and me and Elder Geisler and Elder Miguel put to crappy mattresses together and we slept on the two mattresses. We stuck a fan by us and just slept. We actually slept pretty good, but it was cause we were so tired. I took my smallest suitcase with me that is used for carryon. Cause I brought my pillow and towel and stuff and my backpack cant fit all of that. I regretted it though and I had to tow my suitcase around everywhere. Sunday was great though. General conference was inspiring and I received much personal revalation and I had prayers answered. I especially enjoyed the talk that President Monson gave Sunday morning. He talked about some things at the end that are included in my patriarchal blessing that before I didn't understand too much. But he cited a poem that makes it perfectly clear. That made me happy and I'm glad that the Lord answered my prayers. We had lunch at a members home in Sinop and then we went back for the last session which was great as well. We got our passage secured for 8 that night so we had to wait for 2 hours after the last session. Here the sessions started at noon went till 2, and then had intermission between 2 and 4 and then went from 4 to 6. Conference was great though. That sounds like fun that you guys got to listen to it while camping, even though the brothers were being bums and wanted to go home. They should be happy that they have time to spend with mom and dad. Those are times that I took for granted.  I would have loved to been together with the family watching general conference. I really would like to be able to go to conference with the family when I get back from my mission. I think that would be an amazing experience. I hope we can all give ear to the prophets words. He really is the Lords mouthpiece and we would be wise to listen to him and all who spoke at general conference. Something that I always took for granted is that we an actual living Prophet that speaks with Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is the head of this church, he is the one that guides and directs it through a living prophet. I know that Thomas Monson is the Lords chosen prophet here on the earth at this time. Of that I have no doubt. One of the things I liked about Sinop is that next door to the elders house is an ice cream cone shop. I hope I don't go to sinop because I will get fat from the ice cream there. Sinop seems alot better than here in Sorriso as far as the city itself, its alot greener and has alot more trees and more people in the street. But from what I heard from the Elders there it still has its problems with the branch. One of the things I don't like about these small ramos is there is always alot of drama and people that say and do things that drive alot of people away from the church. BUt I guess that is any branch or ward. Satan tries hard to destroy members. Just do everything to avoid gossip and talking bad about other people. Pride is a terrible sin, I know that the pride of many people here has hurt the Sorriso branch alot. Never let the things of the world or our own desires to look good blind us to what is really important. So we left Sinop and got back to the bus station in sorriso at 9:45 because the bus was late and really slow, it was also raining alot. So nobody had money to pay for a taxi and also it was sunday so we just decide to walk home. Which stunk for me cause I had to drag my suitcase for about 2 miles till we got back to the house. Plus it was still raining and I had my scriptures and camera in my backpack. I just remember praying that the Lord would hold back the rain till we got back to the house. So finally we got back home and sure enough the heavens started letting out all their rain. Good things we were in the house. I was pretty  dead and just took a shower and passed out on my bed. But it was a good week. I felt close to you all during conference. We had our little room of three americans when we watched general conference. It brought back good memories of home. I remember when the session were all over I said well lets return to Brazil now haha. But it was good. We talked alot of English which was weird but nice. So this is the last week of this transfer. Wow it passed fast, I think the fastest transfer so far for me. Its been really good with Elder Geisler. I have more self confidence and more confidence in the language. So I am really wanting to get transferred, I'm pretty burnt out with this area. But seriously,  I think that I will be staying one more here. I don't want to but I have a gut feeling that I will be staying again. I am ready to move up and be the senior companion but that is unlikely for anyone because there are so few missionaries coming into this mission. We will receive one Brazilian Elder this transfer. There is still a bunch of Americans waiting on their visas. But as I always ask pray for transfers that all will go well. But I know that everything is according to the will of the Lord. I will do what he wants me to do. He is my Master and I am His servant. I will do what he asks and what he desires. This is his mission not mine. But I think that's about it for this week. I want you to know how much I love you all and am so grateful for everyone of you. I hope you all have a good week, sounds like its cooling down there and you guys are getting snow. We got a little rain here but its still hot as heck! But yes love you all have a good week. So here is picture of last weeks p-day with the zone, and also a bug that is everywhere here in sorriso, this one was flying around in our room when the assistants were here so I smacked out of the air with my flip flop. and then we took pictures of it. It looks like a frog with wings and they aren't afraid to attack. Anyways Paz e amor daqui no Brasil! Amo vocês muito! Fiquem firmes na fé!
-Elder Kennington

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