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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brazil Ponta Para Week #66

E aí gente, man I am super tired today we worked super hard this week. The week went by in a blur. We knocked lots of doors taught lots of people met alot of great people and alot of not so great people. Contacted some good references and had 6 investigators at church. The Lord was good to us this week and he poured out his blessings upon us. So as a result of our work this week we have two baptismal dates set for next Sunday on the 30th. We set another date with Israel who is 15 and his neighbor who is the niece of a less active that is returning to church, her name is Gabriele she is 11 years old. Then we worked alot with them this week. It was my turn this week to stay in the area and Elder B Souza went to the district leaders areas and did divisions with them. So Yeah we spent alot of time knocking doors this week but we actually met some cool people, we are working in a different area than before. It is actually the area of another pair of missionaries, but they said we could work in it because it is right on the division of our areas. So yeah we just went crazy knocking doors spreading the fire of the Gospel. We taught Gabriele for the first time and her aunt, Gabriele went to church, but her aunt is only 17 slept in, yesterday at church My first son on the mission Elder Payne had his first baptism in Brazil, Gabriele saw the baptism and I asked her if she wanted to be baptized the same way next week, she said yes but she wasn't sure if her parents would let her. SO this week we will talk to them and I hope that we don't have any problems getting their signature, its the same thing with Israel his dad is in town  which is good, because he really likes the church and even expressed that he thinks it would be cool if his son served a mission in the united states. So this week we had a great lesson with Israel, because he was kinda wishy washy and didn't go to church last week but we had a great lesson where we watched the restoration then we bore our testimonies and just told him that he needs to be baptized and that he knows and feels that he also needs to be baptized, we then gave him two dates, this week the 23rd or march 30th, he said the 30th. Yesterday he was at church and he had been going to all the seminaries. So tonight we are going to his house and we will pray and hope that his father will give his signature so that he can be baptized. I hope that all will go fine and that he wont have any problems with him getting baptized and also with Gabrieles parents so please pray for us so that these two baptisms happen this week. We have worked a ton this transfer and I just want to see some of these fruits. So also we got a reference from a member of a couple that they had met in the hospital so we contacted this couple during this week and they are super cool people and were super stoked about going to church, the only problems is that they are engaged about not yet married, they are on parole haha, and they are addicted to marijuana. They confessed this all in my first visit there, I thought it was kinda funny but it was cool how they were open about it and they expressed their great desire to stop so we will help them, their names are Anna and Marcelo. They went to church yesterday and loved i I think it might take a while to baptize them though because they have a history of crimes and drug trafficking which they also admitted. But there a super chic family and I look forward to working more with them. It rained quite a bit this week as well but it wasn't as bad as the weeks before. I went on another split with Elder Payne on Friday that was cool, and Saturday we had a family home evening with a member here name Cynthia, she is from Paraguay, but lives in Brazil she is helping relearn and learn more Spanish, she has a car store in Paraguay that she owns and so she is a very wealthy lady, but has a heart of gold and they have a huge tv that is bigger than my bed. But we had a fun family night and we played some games with them and gave a message and we had some investigators there and then we ate pizza there, they had some Mexican pizza there that had calebresa peppers and bacon that I thought was perfect, but everyone thought it was too hot, I've gained quite a taste for spicy food on the mission. Also on Thursday I had a family home evening at a members home that was about the armor of God, we had a good time and ate popcorn and stuff, we also have been running early in the morning to help get our bodies in shape, we walk all day but it doesn't seem to do much for our bodies it just puts calluses on our feet so it was good to run and sweat out some fat cells and toxins and stuff haha. We have been having to resolve some problems in the zone this week there are some members that like calling us for every little thing that happens that doesn't seem right to them, but its alright though we are helping our zone to be more obedient and to not do stupid things, we ha vent had any major problems but transfers is next week and there will be a few missionaries that will efinatly have to leave the zone, because the members are complaning alot about them. Me and Elder B Souza always joke and say that we´re not the zone leaders because we are the best missionaries in the mission or the smartest or the missionaries the baptize the most or work the hardest, but we are the zone leaders because we don't do stupid things! Me and Elder B Souza and getting along great and working great together, yesterday when we were reporting the zone numbers to the assistants we told the assistants to tell president that we want to stay 5 transfers together haha, it is possible that we will stay together 3 but 2 is most likely, also like I said transfers is next week and I hope we stay together but who knows what can happen at transfers, yesterday was cold and I decided to where a sweater that I bought from Elder Almeida before he went home back in November, so I took some sweet pictures but after lunch I got hot and so I took it off. But yeah please pray for these baptisms to happen, we are worried but we have faith. Im Grateful for the Gospel and the sacrament and the Book of Mormon. There is no greater peace than that that comes from living the principles of the Gospel. We´ve been tired this week our bodies and minds have been heavy with exhaustion but it is good because I know that we are serving the Lord well. The Church is true, the Book is blue, and Moroni is on the ball. Paz e amor seja com vocês. 
-Elder Kennington
Elder B Souza & Elder Skyler Kennington

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