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Monday, March 17, 2014

Brazil Week #64 Ponta Pora

Good morning everyone I hope the weather is nice today at home haha cause today its raining a bunch sadly water enters our house if it rains alot so we will probably have to mop up the floor when we get back. There is alot of lightning and thunder and stuff but that's ok. Its been kinda cold this week and rainy and honestly there isnt a whole lot to report. Last Monday we didn't really do anything we played some truco which is a card game that originated in Spain that I enjoy playing, it rained alot last Monday as well so we just stayed inside we had a meeting with our ward mission leader Monday which was good. He is a great guy named Mario he served his mission in New Jersey and so he speaks English well he travels to the united states frequently. We had splits again this week and this week I stayed in my area for 3 days with the companions of the District leaders here. We didn't have hardly any investigators to teach in our area still, so I made a big list of all the less actives in our area and so during these three days we just went trying to find these less actives and try and find new people to teach, which proved to be alot harder than it sounds, many people were not home and many who were non members were not willing to accept and let us teach them. That kinda gets discouraging. But, I know that there are elects in our area, we just have to fish for them and find them. Its a good think that we have more help than just our own, we have a Heavenly Father who guides us and it is He that allows us to find and have success. I mentioned that young man named Israel last week, this week I was finally able to find him at home he lives with his mother in law. She told us that she thinks he needs to mature more and prepare more before he can be baptized, I just told her that God created the earth in 6 days and so he can prepare someone for baptism in the same time, he went to church yesterday and he even went to lunch with us at a members house, then we had a family home evening and he went there, it was really cool. Also this week I visited a family where everyone is members except for the dad so I went there and we taught them and he showed up to church yesterday. He just has to marry his wife legally before he can get baptized. Friday night we went to a pizza rodizzio, where they bring out pizza and you eat as much as you want. I ate about 20 pieces but they were just little pieces but it was super good! We visited a member that got in a motorcycle accident last week and has been back at home, but he had to go back to the hospital because the doctor forgot to take out a huge sliver of wood that had been stuck in his arm, it had started a big infection and now he had to have surgery. But now it looks like he is getting better. Friday President Reber came to Ponta PorĂ£ and did interviews with all the missionaries. It was a great experience for everyone and he said that he was pleased with the work of Elder B Souza and me. I hope we can continue working hard and helping our zone, we had some more baptisms in our zone this week and next week we are expecting more baptisms as well, please pray for us so that me and Elder Souza can also find more people to baptize and that we can baptize those who we are currently teaching. Specifically, Israel pray for his parents that their hearts may be softened. This week I ate alot of ice cream this week and I walked alot. But I am happy and this week it will be my turn to leave my area and go on splits with the District Leaders, I hope that I can be inspired to know how to  help them and their investigators. Yesterday I was taught something by the Brazilians at church, I noticed that everyone during the sacrament closes their eyes and bows their heads. I had been curious as to why they always do this, and so I tried it out I assumed everyone must have been praying and so I also prayed while the sacrament was being distributed, I felt like I was in the temple again praying and I felt close to my Heavenly Father and to my family and I felt His love that He has for all of us. From now on I plan on always praying during the Sacrament. also we had our ward conference yesterday and the bishopric was all released and now we have a whole new bishopric I was kinda bummed cause I was excited to work with the Bishop here but the new bishop seems really good and so I am really looking forward to having the new Bishopric, so yeah I will send some pictures of my last week in Campo Grande when it was raining alot there and we were being crazy in the rain haha. But that's about it its been kinda chilly and rainy this week and it looks like this week will be the same. But all is well, also I got the valentine from Grandma Fitzgerald which I much enjoyed she also included a thought from the Ensign that I appreciated, also I got letters from Justin and Jessica and the girls they sent me an envelope with letters which I much enjoyed as well. Thank you for taking the time to write me letters :)  it made me happy. Let Cousin Dillon know that i love him and that I hope he is well and congratulate Jordan for being a stud and going to Prom twice, I though that was really cool and it will be super fun for him. But next year i will be at home to see him at prom. i guess that Wednesday I will hit 15 months, pretty crazy! Its probable that I will leave Ponta PorĂ£ in July or August, its weird to think that this could be my second to last area. But i wont think like that because those are trunky thoughts and I still have much work to do and many things to learn on the mission. Some days I wish it would end already and other days I wish it would never end. This mission is too good. Well I need t to get off and take care of other stuff. But know how much I love you all and am grateful for you! Have a wonderful week!
-com amor
-Elder Kennington 

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