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Monday, March 31, 2014

Week #67 Elder B. Souza gets transferred.

Good morning family and friends, I´m a little sad today cause my companion Elder B Souza is being transferred. That's something that neither of us were expecting. We were expecting to stay at least one more together but I guess that The Lord has other plans in mind. This was only his second transfer here but I guess that's how life is, full of surprises, bumps in the road, rivers to cross, barriers to jump, and burdens to be carried. But that's ok. All I know is that I'm grateful to be able to have had many companions on the mission to teach me many different things. Including the mtc Elder B Souza has been my 12th companion. This last transfer has gone by super fast for me and I have learned many many things, I´ve learned how to deal with and help dissobeident and problematic missionaries and I have been strengthened my the many burdens and stresses and tasks of being a zone leader. And I still have a lot more to learn. So I know that my companion will be Elder Piñon. I don't know much about him because I only met him once and talked with him for about 5 minutes at the Christmas mission conference. I know that he is American but has a Spanish name and that he is from the same group as my companion that I had in Sorriso Elder Geisler. So I think he has about a  year and six months. He was a zone leader in the north in a city called Rondonopolis, which is where Elder B Souza will be going to be zone leader. But everybody says he is a great missionary that works hard and is fun to be around. So I think it will be good. There were relatively few changes in the zone, I know that there will be two Americans from my group that will be coming here to our zone so hopefully they are good. I was super on edge yesterday because everyone was convinced that Elder B Souza was going to be called as an assistant to the presidente, and so I didn't want him to be assistant because that would mean he would leave, usually the president calls beforehand during the day of transfer calls to ask if the except the call, but the president never called so at night I was alot more relaxed and then we got transfer calls and he got transferred anyway! Flip haha, so yeah but the Lord blessed us this week and we baptized Israel yesterday so we were happy to end the transfer on a good note. Heavenly Father has been so good to us, this week I was away from my area doing divisions with the district leaders, it was good and resulted in a baptism that was unexpected  for them I did 2 more baptismal interviews for them of some young men that were baptized on Saturday. I remember on Tuesday we went to Israels house because his dad was home which is rare because he lives in campo grande and it is rare that he is here, so we prayed and went to get his signature so that Israel could be baptized, which was actually super easy we talked a bunch about how much baptism will bless Israel and he will even be a better young man that he already is, then we just said hey but he needs your signature so that he can get baptized and he was like well that I can do and he just signed it with no problems, it was cool and we weren't able to visit gabriele and get her moms signature but she was excited and was at church yesterday and saw israels baptism and was super happy and excited to be baptized I just hope her parents wont have any objections. So we just found out that elder b souzas bus leaves at 2:30 today and he still has to pack and take care of a bunch of stuff so I think this email will be cut short but I will try and get some pictures to you guys, but yeah so this week was good and tiring but we were blessed with a baptism, also mom asked who was in the picture of the baptism of last week, I was with Elder Payne that missionary that I trained in Cuiabá, he had his first baptism in Brazil last week. But yeah so I am excited for this transfer I hope everything goes fine with transfers its going to be a pain having to find rides for everyone to pick them up from the bus station but it will work out fine, I'm glad that Jordan had a good time at prom this week and last week as well, I enjoyed the pictures and thanks for sending them to me. So yeah pray for us so that everything can be fine and dandy this transfer and I look forward to emailing you this next week. But know how much I love you guys and hope you all have a wonderful general conference weekend!
-Elder Kennington

Israels Baptism

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