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Monday, March 3, 2014

Week #63 Ponta Pora, Brazil

Good morning it´s preparation day again, I'm excited that its finally p-day and I can read emails and see how everyone has been. It seems like the week has gone by slowly for me but at the same time it seems to have passed by very quickly. I have been dinking around with my camera and pen drive right now alot on the computer because in campo grande a few weeks ago I had them both plugged into the computer and I think they both got a virus, so I have been having alot of problems these last 2 weeks getting pictures onto the computer, they show up fine on the camera but when plugged into the computer it has problems and alot of times wont let me upload pictures so I have been transferring photos around because I am going to format my camera and sd card and also my pendrive, so I have to save my pictures and music in another folder or another devise because if I don't it will erase all of my stuff. Sorry I didn't send any pictures last week, my camera wasn't working with the computer, but I think today it should be ok. So last p-day we played soccer at the church and also a Brazilan card game called Truco, I think that's what we will be doing today at the other Elders house is playing truco, its  been pretty rainy these last few days and today. It rained alot yesterday and water entered our house and got a good part of the floor all wet, its kinda frustrating, our

phone charger was plugged in and got wet as well and when we got back to the house last night our phone died and the phone charger was fried, so we couldn't call anyone to get numbers, so this morning we finally found a member that had a charger that we used so we got all the zones numbers, and got them to the assistants early this morning. It all worked out fine though. So yeah last week we had our zone meeting and training, Elder Souza and I talked alot about the importance of work and how we will never see any fruits if we don't work, we talked about our love for Heavenly Father and that if we really love him will will serve him and feed His sheep. We had some trainings and practices on various techniques, it was cool for everybody and went really well, I was kinda nervous to be giving a training as a zone leader but Heavenly Father helped me alot. Before the meeting we had a training with 3 district leaders in our zone, we talked about splits that we were going to start doing every week with each one. So from now on we will be going on 3 splits per week, that's going to be tough but it should be worth it, it will help keep our district motivated and working. I ask for you prayers as we do these splits so that we may be guided and that we can be successful in helping our zone. This week I will be staying in our area for the three days, we still have few people to teach and so I think we will be doing a lot of knocking doors which will be difficult considering that most of the houses in our area are mansions. I also ask for your prayers as well I still don't know our area very well and am a little nervous as to exactly what I will be doing to find new investigators but I ask for your prayers and I know that you are always praying in my behalf. So directly after the meeting we started the splits I went with the Elder that was having some problems to his area and his companion stayed in our area with Elder B Souza. Well I got there and he already told me that he knew why we were having this division because his companion had told on him and also the members had called the president as well, I explained that yeah that's why we were doing the split and then we chatted a while during the splits, so they didn't really have anybody to teach, they have a tough area and they were just kinda stuck with nothing. Its hard when there is no one to teach and you are in a hard area where almost everyone has already met with the missionaries. But the first day it rained alot and we just ended up doing a bunch of contacts and knocking doors which stunk, there was almost nobody that agreed to let us comeback and visit them another day. The second day I went over his area book  which had lots of former investigators and addresses, I wrote alot of them down we also found a new  neighborhood that he had never worked in before that had alot of former investigators. So the next day we went after alot of these addresses alot of people werent home but we still made alot of contacts and found some good people to teach and gave him some ideas and ways to find new people to teach. The third day it also rained alot but we talked alot all of the days about the improvements that could be made, the Elder is an excellent Elder he is an amazing teacher and know everything, I think Satan has just been working alot on him because he knows his potential, but all in all it was a good 3 day division and we both learned much and the elder says that he thinks things will go alot better now, I really hope they do President Reber said he was pleased with our work and what we did. I hope it was worth it. I'm grateful for The Lord and for the help that he gave me. It sounded like Elder B Souza spent alot of time knocking doors as well without much success, he did get some references though. We have a couple that we are teaching but they aren't married. We have a young man named Israel that has gone to church 4 times and that we were going to baptize but he hasn't been at home at all during this week so we weren't able to teach him, we are also teaching another young man name João Vitor, but he didn't go to church yesterday hopefully this week the Lord will provide us some good people to teach and baptize. Well Ponta Porã is nice its way way colder here, we have to have blankets in the houses because it gets cold sometimes, its been really rainy and chilly but I have enjoyed it. Our house is about a 2 minute walk from the Paraguay Border, there is only a road that divides the border, we just see stores on one side with Portuguese words and the other side is everything in Spanish. I heard that there are 5 branches and chapels in the city next to ours.  here we have 3 wards and 2 chapels. I love being here though and the ward is great and we have an awesome Bishop. I love my companion he is great and we get along and work super well together. He reminds me of Jetsons personality a little bit. I looked through my letters and I don't think I have received grandma Fitzgeralds valentines card yet but it should be coming pretty soon.  I left my calender in my suitcase so I didn't see whose birthday is coming up I will open it up and pull out my calender so that I can stay on top up things happy birthday to Kaiden and uncle Cody, ha i hope they had a good Birthday. We ate alot this week yesterday we ate 3 different times at 3 different houses, the members are very generous here.I'm trying to learn Spanish here as well most people speak it, but its hard to understand I wont lie, it seems like a much more gurgled and mashed together language, to me it sounds like someones speaking Portuguese but they have their mouth filled with marbles. hopefully I can pick up on the language of Spanish a little bit more. But that's about it I still need to email more members, know that I love you all and am grateful for your emails and prayers. I always pray for you and know that you are all well and the The Lord will protect you all. have a great week!
-Elder Kennington

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