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Monday, June 2, 2014

Week #76 Mattheus gets Baptized

Hey Everybody, I'm pretty cut on time today we went to a bbq to celebrate a missionaries birthday here in the zone Elder Geisler who was my companion for a transfer in Sorriso, we marked to play soccer at the church at later this evening, I'm not even going to play though, I rarely do I really don't like soccer that much whatever though. So yeah, this week was good the weather was alot better and it was warm enough so that we could baptize Mattheus, we were also going to baptize Bruna but she texted us Sunday morning and said that she had gotten sick the night before and that she wouldn't be able to make it to church, so I guess we will have to baptize her next week she has been keeping all of her commitments and doesn't have any problems with the commandments, but all went well with the baptism yesterday and the other elders in our ward also had two baptisms, the water was super cold but they said after they were in the water it felt warm to them, Mattheus said he didn't even feel the water when he was submerged, I was worried that the water would be too cold but the weather was actually reasonable yesterday even though it was supposed to be alot colder, but The Lord blessed us and was mindful. The Lord has been very good to us there has been alot of problems with us trying to teach our investigators and we were really scared that the  lack of us being able to follow up with them would cause alot of problems, but the lord has helped us much and has preserved and protected them, so like I said, the weather was alot nicer this week it was still fairly chilly, but it wasn't raining or blowing alot so that made it better, we did divisions as well and I went to another area and we marked some baptismal dates for their investigators there, so hopefully they stay firm for this week, so last p-day we bought a hamburger called arca de Noé, which means Noah´s arc, which is a huge burger that I have alot of pictures of but I forgot my camera and so I will have to come back later today or maybe tomorrow or next week to get you the pictures of the baptism and of the burger, it  was 30 reais which is about 15 bucks or so but it contains, 10 hamburger patties, 10 hot weiners, 10 slices of ham, ten slices of cheese, and a bunch of bacon and sausage and lettuce and corn and peas, it had a load of stuff and we all ate ( us 4 missionaries) and we were filled it was really good and I was pleased with it, so we have been working alot with some amazing less actives in our ward to reactivate them, we have been having some success and have so far we have been able to get 2 families coming back to church, which has made us happy we were working alot with our feet before and now we are trying to focus more on helping take care of the Lords fold of sheep, and the Lord has blessed us with some baptisms and the satisfaction of seeing alot of reactivations. I always love the feeling of when we are guided by the Spirit, we visited a young man that had been to church several times but had gotten wishy-washy and didn't really want to be baptized any more even though his family all supported him getting baptized we went in and we had a very spiritual lesson, and after that,  he accepted to be baptized this week so hopefully he will stay firm. I always know when I was being led by the spirit during lessons because afterwords I can never remember what I said after the lesson, sometimes we leave lessons and I have no recollection of what I said during the entire lesson, its interesting how the Spirit works he brings things to our minds, but alot of time when we are under his experience we have no idea what we are doing and we are just being an instrument in the Lords hands. So I forgot to comment last week that we had finally moved out of our old house and we are now living with the other missionaries, so now its 4 of us again, its not the best house in the world but at least its free of mold and we have room to hang up our clothes, Ive been trying  to practice my Spanish with Elder Garay who is a greenie from Chile, he is helping me out and I try to learn as much with him as I can. Dad was wondering about when transfers are going to be so they will be on the 16th I think, of this month, 2 more weeks is all, whats mostly likely going to happen is that Elder Piñon will leave since he only will have 2 transfers left after this transfer and usually zone leaders are released in their last 2  or 3 transfers, I will most likely be staying one more here in Ponta Porã which is fine with me that will give me a total of almost 6 months here. Then hopefully I will be released and I can go train somewhere i guess we will see though. I wanted to thank mom for the pictures it looks like you guys had a nice memorial day.  I'm glad the weather was decent for you guys, but everyone says its just going to get colder here, its normal here for this part of Brazil because we are so far south, its like the basin kindof its hot in the summer and cold in the winter, Cuiabá on the other hand is just hot all year round cause its close to the equator, But I'm 18 hours south of Cuiabá, so that's why its so cold here I'm alot closer to the south poles. We are doing fine though and we are in good health, pray for Bruna so that we can still baptize her this week, she is very elect and I don't want her to fall through, I'm grateful that we were blessed to baptized Matheus this  week that was a blessing from our Heavenly Father. I love the Lord and am so grateful to be a a missionary at this time, its so hard sometimes and I know that I fall short alot but I am grateful for the Lords mercy and wish to please him, I know he is blessing you all at home as he is indeed blessing me. So yesterday will probably be 6 months to the day of when I go home, as far as we know we will be catching our plane back to the states the 1st of December, so its definitely coming up. Btw please do some spell check on this the computer is junk and I have been typing super fast, I love you all and wish you all a wonderful week!!!
-Elder Kennington

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