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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brazil Ponta Para Week #77

Hey everybody, thanks for the emails from you guys they were much appreciated, so yeah not a whole lot at all this week, we spent alot of time in Campo Grande this week the assistants wanted to do a division there so we had to travel there this week, it was good though and we had a good time, it was just terrible staying on the bus for so long, these buses are built for short people and not tall people, and my legs are always cramped and achy. We had some good laughs though and it was good going back to the house that I lived in in Campo Grande, its kinda weird cause that area I had alot of stress because of the difficulty of the work and the little success that we were having, and so being in that house brought back alot of memories and I started getting feelings of stress again while I was there just because of the smell and memories of the house, weird huh. But we had a good time even though I didn't see a huge point to the division other than it being something to be marked off the checklist for the assistants. It didn't give us much time to visit our own investigators this week, Bruna had to work on Sunday unfortunately but she is still doing good, I think her baptism will have to wait for next transfer, keep praying for her though and for us to be able to find the Lords elects. So this week on Thursday the opening of the World Cup will start we will be required to stay in our house after 3 in the afternoon and we wont be able to leave, there will be 2 more games in the following weeks where we will be required to stay inside, it wont be too crazy here though we are in a more relaxed part of Brasil. But that will kinda blow having to stay in all day the day that I finish my sisters mission! That's right Thursday I will hit a year and 6 months.  Its weird cause I'm getting emails from the sisters that were in my district from the mtc and they are all going home today, some went home last week and another that served here in Cuiabá went home several weeks ago. Right now its just the Elders, man that's super weird to think about. after this transfer I will only have 4 more transfers remaining. So yeah this Sunday we will be having transfers, its like a 95% probability that Elder Piñon will be being transferred and I will be staying. Normally I would be the one leaving since I have the most time in the area but he will only have 2 transfers left after this transfer and so its most likely that he will be released as a zone leader. But who knows transfers are always super random, its possible that I could be the one to leave or we could both leave, but that's very unlikely. We will see, just pray so that president can be inspired to know what to do with this transfer. I'm excited to stay one more here in Ponta, its honestly the only area that I would be fine staying 6 months in, the members here are wonderful. But yeah that's about it we have to get running to go open up the church house for soccer but I might come back later cause I still need to send some more emails. But I love you guys and also I got a card from mom for Easter thanks for the lovely card haha have a great week I hope you enjoyed the pictures, this is of Matheus´s baptism his good friend Jackson baptized him. Paz e amor.
-Elder Kennington
The Noahs Ark Brazilian Hamburger.

Elder Kennington & Elder Pinon with Matheus and his friend Jackson who baptized him

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