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Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #84 Leaving Ponta Para & returning to Campo Grande

Hey everyone  thanks again for the emails and the pictures that you sent and for your accounts of the weeks, I always enjoy hearing about whats going on back at home so that I'm not completely lost. Well we got transfers last night finally haha it took forever they assistants didnt call us until almost 11 at night, well I'm leaving my beloved city of Ponta Porã!  Its such a bitter sweet thing I loved everything here but I know that it was time to move on, also I'm free!! haha I was released as a zone leader which made me happy, during this week I thought about it a lot and came to the conclusion that it would be more likely that I would be released, I looked at who was currently Zone leader and looked at who would probably be leaving and who would be called, and it was pretty easy to see that it would be much easier just released, that made me happy there was an area of zone leaders in campo grande that I wanted to go to before but then I thought well I will be getting released so my chances are gone of going there, but then I we got the transfer and they are putting a new companionship in the ward there, and guess what I'm going there to reopen part of the area there! whoohoo, that made me super happy, I will actually be going there with Elder Heidt who is from my group and is actually living with us right now in Ponta we were in the same ward he was our district leader. We will be in a co senhor companionship, it looks like it will be a short term companionship though, maximum it will be a transfer, or not who knows, he needs a little help and was a little bummed out with his area so hopefully we can get him hyped up again for the work. Elder Heidt is from Idaho we are great friends so this should be a good transfer.  SO this week was great we had a lot of family home evenings and I was able to take pictures and visit and say goodbye to most of the members, this really is being hard on me though leaving this area I love this city and I love the members so much. I'm leaving behind family, it feels like I'm going to the mtc again knowing that I'm leaving so much behind, friends and family, its hard and I'm having to fight back some tears cause I don't know if I will ever be able to come back during my lifetime. I know if I come back to the mission this will be the first place I visit for sure. This week we took a ton of pictures, Tuesday one of my favorite families here made tacos for us, that was the first time I had eaten real tacos on the mission, it almost brought tears to my eyes when I took the first bite, it tasted just like the tacos mom makes, the only thing it needs was la vitoria hot sauce, we did alot of visits with members and the young men, we did several divisions as well, all in all it was a good week, it was a dang cold week probably the coldest so far but it was good, it feels so much like Halloween time here, its cold but the sun is still out, Friday we had our July party  its called festa julina I guess there was tons of people there but it didn't get started till late and we had to leave early to get back home on time that night so we didn't get to enjoy it too much but there was alot of food and dessert so I took my fair share of cake, they also made some sort of wassail cider which was super strong but I actually liked it. Saturday we had another division and I took some pictures on the boarder of Paraguay with the Brasil and Paraguay divider we were with the young men, then on Sunday we went on visits with the young men presidents Train on wheels and visited a ton of less active and recent convert young men, then we had to family home evenings, the last one was at Irmã Cynthias, al beloved sister here in the ward she made us a huge bbq, it was wonderful, I will miss them so much. Theres too many pictures that I took this week so I guess I will just have to put them all on facebook after the mission. That's sure nice that we have the Internet and facebook to keep in touch after the mission that makes things alot nicer. well I'm excited to be able to go to the new ward in campo Grande, its called Bandeirantes, it shares the same chapel as my last area Marechal Deadoro so I will be able to see the members on Sundays and hopefully I will be able to go on a division there in my old area and visit the people there, that makes me excited and makes me feel more excited about leaving. Well we have little time I have everything packed up already to go, but still we need to stop by a few places, I withdrew some money today I will by a few souvenirs hear from Ponta. Well pray for me I am going to miss this place, it was great being with Elder Yezzi this transfer it shot by super quick and he taught me many things, I'm going to miss him. Thanks for your prayers back at home, these last for months of the mission I will need them, well I am closing a huge chapter of my mission and will be opening up what may be the last. Whatever it may be we will make it the best. I love you all so much sorry I cant write more thanks for the pictures mom it looks like the reunion was fantastic wish I could have been there but luckily I can say that this will be the last reunion that I will miss. Before we know it next summer will be here already the time shoots by like nobodies business. Well again I love you much and will fill you all in the next week.  Amo Vocês Muito!!!!! 
Com Amor - Elder Kennington

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